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How to apply & withdraw money from Skrill in Pakistan?

Skrill is formally known as Moneybookers. Just like Payoneer and Paypal it is the most reliable and faster payment transaction method. It allows the users send and receive payments around the globe with the help of an online deposit account (also called e-wallet). In your personal e-wallet you can transfer or receive skrill to skrill amounts, which is by all means better than sending or receiving cheque, money order or wire transfers. we’ll be sharing every step on this page in order to make you understand about the procedure to use Skrill in Pakistan for your online payments and transactions.

skrill in Pakistan

A little about Skrill Moneybookers:

The owner of moneybookers is Skrill Limited, a registered United Kingdom company of Money Service Business. The Financial Conduct Authority is responsible to manage, regulate the processing and licensing of Skrill around the globe. With Skrill, you can send and receive amounts around the globe in more than 40 different currencies. Isn’t it amazing to operate and transact with our clients or freelance contractors around the globe in their own currencies? Yes, it definitely is, Skrill is a well supportive and quicker mode of payment, it takes only a minute to send and receive amounts using this medium.

Applying at Skrill:

Applying for a Skrill account is quite easy. You just have to follow these simple tips to ensure that your account gets activated and verified in a shorter time frame.


First you have to sign-up for an account with correct username, personal details, home address, contact number and other information inserted:


Once the singing-up process is completed, you would be taken by the system to your personal Skrill dashboard. Here let me tell you that you cannot send or receive any amount until you have verified the account.


The verification process consists of three simple ways; first they would verify your contact number by calling you or sending a verification code, which you have to insert back to the website, secondly you would have to attach either a credit card or bank account for verification, while the third process is they would send a letter with secret code to your home address.

Note: After creating an account, you must first verify your email to further edit your account.


Once you receive the letter at home, unfold it and insert the hidden code back to the site’s verification box. In case bank verification is needed, they would either ask you to send the scanned bank statement or another reference code which is likely to be accompanied with your first withdrawal.


The time all these verification processes are completed, your Skrill is ready to be used for further transfers. You are no free to receive or send the amounts to your companions or business colleagues around the globe.

Withdraw Money from Skrill to Pakistan:

It is quite easy to withdraw amounts from Skrill to any Pakistani bank. You just have to keep in mind the following simple tips.


First you have to attach your bank (Standard Chartered and Faysal bank preferred) by inserting Swift Code and bank name’s correct spelling in the My Account > My Profile > List of Bank Accounts > Bank section.


Once you have inserted this information, your bank would get attached with your profile. Keep in mind that the spelling on your bank account and Skrill should be same otherwise no payment would be transacted by them to your bank due to security reasons.


When someone has sent you amount into Skrill and funds are available then you can withdraw the amount by going to withdrawal option available in your dashboard.


Skrill usually charges from $3 to $20 for every withdrawal depending upon how much amount you are going to withdraw.


Once you have verified your date of birth to the company, they would send your money within three to five working days. This balance would be available in your bank statement and now its time for you to enjoy your Skrill withdrawals.

Alternative Method to Withdraw from Skrill:

You can use a great service in Pakistan to easily withdraw Skrill money in Pakistan to your bank, this service is personally recommended by me as I’ve used it myself. Go to this website:

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