Friday , 14 September 2018


How to Buy Themes & Scripts Online in Urdu/Hindi


Many people out there use pirated themes and scripts which results in frustration and poor user experience. I’ve been asked so many times by my readers about such themes and scripts which have destroyed their blogs/sites, in response to this, I always advise my readers to┬ápurchase┬áthe theme/template/script from the actual owner, so they will never face a problem. Today, I …

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How to Add Beautiful Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress?


Adding Beautiful Social Buttons to WordPress sites used to become a headache sometimes, because you couldn’t find a good solution for it according to your requirements, but this time I’ve brought you a great WordPress plugin “ShareaHolic” which you can use to add beautiful social sharing buttons as well as relevant content with thumbnails, this plugin lets your readers share …

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