Friday , 14 September 2018


Social Network in PHP & MySQLi in Urdu/Hindi

social network

PHP is a very powerful web programming language which you can use to create dynamic websites and web applications. I’ve been creating video tutorials on PHP since the creation of this blog in Urdu/Hindi. I have put together some projects as well such as Ecommerce website in PHP and a Complete CMS in PHP. But this time, I’ve brought you …

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PHP & MySQLi 2015 Updated Training in Urdu/Hindi


In the IT (Information Technology), things get changed more speedily then our expectations, there were times when we used to play with Windows XP, but today’s generation is playing with Windows 10 and android on their mobile phones. Same happened to PHP & MySQL, there was a time when PHP 4.0 version was ok with simple MySQL, but today you …

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