Friday , 14 September 2018

Google Adsense

YouTube Monetization & Partner Program in Urdu/Hindi


YouTube has recently added Pakistan to the list of countries which now can participate in the YouTube Partner Program where video creators can monetize their videos by displaying Google Ads to make money online. If you were someone who had so many useful videos on YouTube and were not able to make money out of it then it’s time to start …

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Boost Your Adsense Earning by Implementing Page-Level Ads


Google Adsense used to be one of the best earning resources for Bloggers and Content Marketers. But it was back in the golden days, now the earning has been decreasing day by day. However, Adsense team is trying hard to get the publishers back in order to restore its position as a giant in the display advertising industry. Adsense has …

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600 + Ways to Make Money Online in 2016


Needless to say, that Internet has become a money making machine. In my opinion, more money is made via internet than what people & companies are making physically. This is now trillions dollars industry. Thousands of companies are operating online, millions of people full-time working online and trillions of dollars are spent and earned through the internet. Addition to that, it’s …

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How to Associate Adsense Account with YouTube?


I’ve seen many people asking the question about how they can Associate Adsense Account with their YouTube channels. In other words, enabling monetization option on their YouTube videos, or enabling YouTube partner program on their channels, so they can make more money out of their YouTube videos. This is a very simple thing to do but a little tricky, because …

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How to Change Payee Name & Country in Adsense Account?

As an Adsense publisher, until a few years ago, you could not change payee name and country in your Google Adsense account, but now it’s possible to change these both. The reason is; because Google has expanded the options and features in its Adsense program over the last years and months, so that publishers can utilize all the options available to …

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Google Adsense Automatic Payment Declined Issue [Resolved]

On 23 December 2014, I just checked the Adsense account and the payment page, where payment was expected to be issued today because every year in the month of December, Adsense issues the payments before 25th Dec, and We were expecting the same this year, when I browsed to payment page today, there was a clear message something like this “Automatic …

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List of High Paying Adsense Keywords & Topics


This is a quick post to let you know about the Highest Paying Keywords & Topics for Google Adsense in 2015, You know Google Adsense is a PPC ad network which you can use to make money from your online content. Thousands of publishers use Adsense to generate lucrative income from their websites/blogs. We already have discussed about Applying for Adsense …

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Responsive Adsense Units in Urdu/Hindi


A friend of mine was recently browsing my website on his mobile phone & he was asking me for something to find, when I saw my website on his mobile phone, I observed that the Google Adsense ads were not responsive, and it was a shock for me, because Adsense has introduced responsive units a long ago. But, I forgot …

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How to Apply for Google Adsense [Video in Urdu]

Adsense program policies

I’m asked thousands of times to answer the question; How to make an Adsense account in Pakistan?, I’m tired answering this question again and again. Therefore, recently when I was creating a complete DVD course in Urdu called “4 Consistent Ways to Make Money online in Urdu”, Google Adsense was also a part of this course, therefore, I separated some of the videos to be …

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Top 5 High Earning Alternatives to BuySellAds

buysellads alternatives

If you haven’t yet heard about BSA “” then let me introduce it to you via this post. BSA is a direct banner advertising company where you can send your website for approval and then when your site is approved, you can easily insert their empty add banners to your site/blog. So advertisers will buy the empty space on your …

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