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WordPress 4.6 Release | The New Era for WordPress

Finally, WordPress 4.6 version was officially released on 16-Aug-2016. WordPress community have been waiting for this release with very high severity. At the start of June 2016, when first beta version was launched of WordPress, users, developers and website owners counted down for getting the final version.


Right now, we have WordPress CMS 4.6 in front of our screens, before we start and move on to WordPress 4.6. Let’s get an overview of the core functionality of this latest version; for getting full benefit and utilizing major parts.

Just relax, we’ll discuss both of sides (Pros and Cons), in this article, I am sharing screenshots for visual understanding along with Video review included in Urdu/Hindi.

WordPress 4.6 Review in Urdu/Hindi

WordPress 4.6 dedicated and honor of American composer and artist “Pepper Adams” (1930 – 1986) composer and saxophonist generate 46 composing. Currently, 4.6 available in 50+ languages, it is the biggest contribution by translators at the time of WordPress launch. WordPress 4.6 also includes auto-updated option instead of getting pure new copy of application.

New Features in WordPress 4.6

The highlights of the latest update for general WordPress users include;

Streamlined Updates for WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Native Fonts for WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Editor Improvements including Inline Link Checker and Content Recovery.

Single Page Application Interface

WordPress 4.6 implements single page update and install theme and plugin without refreshing the page. Single Page Application (SPA) is technique use to get and push data into server without refreshing the page on the browser.

Native System Font on WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is using ‘Open Sans’ font since Version 3.8 to maintain experience across multiple devices, But right now, WP 4.6 is using native system on WP Dashboard, it loads page faster, and have different look on multiple platforms and furthermore it saves resources.

Remember, this feature is only implemented on WordPress Admin Panel (dashboard), fonts inside the website themes are not dependent on the WordPress fonts.

Here is a list of fonts used on different OS platforms:

  • apple-system’ for Safari and Firefox on macOS and iOS
  • Helvetica Neue’ on macOS prior to 10.11
  • ‘BlinkMacSystemFont’ for Google Chrome on macOS
  • ‘Segoe UI’ for Windows
  • Roboto’ for Android and Chrome OS
  • Oxygen-Sans’ for KDE
  • Ubuntu’ for Ubuntu
  • Cantarell’ for GNOME
  • sans-serif’ the standard fallback

Auto Save (offline)

While working on live website with visual editor and if internet connection get lost, in that case we used to get the data lost in no time. But in WP 4.6, they have a backup plan, auto save feature is enabled by default and all changes are saved in the browser’s cached memory. When you re-connect with website, ‘Restore’ option will be available at the top, just click that and the changes will be restored 🙂

Point Out Broker Link

WordPress 4.6 visual editor point-out broken or unidentified links. Visual editor highlight links with red color, if any space or broken link inserted as anchor. This feature is very helpful in SEO, as you’ll avoid creating broken links.

Default Plugin

WordPress 4.6 comes with default plugin name “Hello Dolly”. This is nothing to use, exempt lyrics playing top on admin panel, it is good plugin for new plugin developers or you if want to write your first plugin. Otherwise, it doesn’t have any important part in the new revolutionary version of WordPress.


New features also added for Theme and plugin developers, to take more control on custom post & customizations with WordPress. WordPress intends to launch another version in 2016, Helen Hou-Sandí lead next project of WordPress 4.7 schedule to release in mid-December 2016. If you liked this review then share it with your friends.

Note: This is a guest post written by Zohaib Saleem who is a new crew member of Zohaib will be writing actively for onlineustaad in the coming days, and he’ll be focusing mostly on web development related topics.

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