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How to withdraw Money from a limited/closed Paypal account?

Needless to say that Paypal is an ultimate online payment solution for all freelancers and marketers who work online. So when that is being said, it’s also necessary for people living in countries where Paypal still doesn’t have their operations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq etc. I’m one of the freelancers & marketers living in Pakistan myself, but I have been having difficulties while using Paypal in Pakistan because PK is not a supported country in Paypal’s list. However, whether you use Paypal from a non-supported country or a country where it has full support, but getting your account being limited or closed for any reason may have occurred to you in the past or might occur anytime in future, in that regard, I’ll be explaining in this article about withdrawing your remaining funds from Paypal. There are a few solutions to it which can be helpful for all of those who are stuck with this issue. We also had a guide over Paypal money in Pakistan previously.

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Why Your Paypal Account Got Limited?

There are many reasons when a Paypal account gets limited, the common one is fraud or security. Paypal takes very close care of every activity done by the customers. So in case, customers fails to verify the information which Paypal asks sometimes, account might get limited, and you’ll see a screen something like this when you login to your account next time:



However, there are many solutions to get rid of the above problem. In case, your account is limited, Paypal will ask you to complete few steps to resolve this issue and take your account back to normal. Paypal formally asks to verify following of your information associated with your account:

  • Confirm your Identity by uploading a Government issued Photo ID 
  • Confirm your Bank account
  • Confirm your Credit/debit car
  • Confirm your Mobile Phone

Sometimes they may ask to verify all of the above mentioned steps or less. You have to verify this information in order to get your account to normal, However, in case you’re using your Paypal from a non-supported country such as Pakistan then usually people can not by pass these steps, so all they want to get their funds which are now stuck in Paypal account.

What you can’t do when your account is limited:

  • You can’t send money
  • You can’t shop online
  • You can’t remove a bank account
  • You can’t remove a card
  • You can’t change your address
  • You can’t remove a mobile phone
  • You can’t withdraw your money
  • You can’t cancel/close your account

What you can do when your account is limited: 

  • You can add a bank account
  • You can add a debit card
  • You can receive Payments/Money from people
  • You can access your account

Now after you can’t send money and can’t withdraw money, that’s mean your money is now stuck, if you can complete the steps then it’s ok, you’ll get your account back, but if you can’t complete their steps then you have to somehow get your money back. Here is the solution how you can.

How to withdraw Paypal funds from limited account?

When your account is limited and you can’t complete the steps asked by Paypal, and still you want to get your remaining funds then there is only one step you need to do which is to close your Paypal account, normally you can close your account anytime, but when it’s limited then you can not close it, so what you have to do is; just provide wrong information to Paypal, for example they ask you for a Photo ID, you upload a Photo ID of someone else or any photo which is not correct, the second day Paypal will send you an email saying that your account has been closed for security reasons. There will be some other details for you in the email by Paypal.

Solutions to withdraw the money

In the notification email by Paypal for closing your account, they tell you that you can transfer your remaining Paypal money into your bank account but after 180 days. If you can wait up to 180 days or 6 months then it’s ok, you’ll get your money as I got when my account was closed, what you need to do is; after 180 days, Paypal will send you an email saying that you can transfer your money now, and you just need to either transfer the money to your bank account which is already added in your account or you can add a new bank account to your Paypal account and transfer the money to that. It’s very simple thing, you can add Payoneer US Bank details which is acceptable in most of the cases.

However, if you don’t want to wait for 180 days then simply go and refund the money to all people who sent it to you, you can not directly use the “Refund” option when you are in a limited or closed situation, but you can simply contact Paypal via email and tell them to “Refund” a specific transaction or all of the transactions, so Paypal will return the money back to those who sent it previously, this way, you’ll get your money from Paypal, but if you can wait for 180 days then easily you’ll get all the money in your own bank account. That’s all.

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