How to Receive a Wire Transfer in Pakistan?

Paypal is something, but it’s not everything. There are many international payment options out there for Pakistani users. If you ever wanted to get a payment from an online company then you can use several options to receive your payments such as Payoneer in Pakistan and Payments Methods Explained Here. But today, I’ll be telling you a different story, which is how to get your payment via Wire Transfer in Pakistan just within 5 working days.


What’s Wire Transfer?

Instead of telling you myself about what’s Wire Transfer, I’m quoting the Wikipedia’s explanation on this here:

Wire transfer, bank transfer or credit transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another. A wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another bank account or through a transfer of cash at a cash office.

So yes, it’s that simple thing. Any bank from anywhere in the world can send you a Wire Transfer and as I mentioned in the first paragraph, you’ll receive it within 5 working days in Pakistan.

How it Works?

I recently had to receive a Wire Transfer from one of the US Banks, I wanted to receive it in my UBL bank account which is just a normal current account. The company needed my IBAN (International Bank Account Number), SWIFT Code and other details such as Bank Name, Address etc. I found the online link of UBL Bank where I converted my normal account number to IBAN, and then added that to the company website, and I got the SWIFT code from my account manager. The rest details I added were also attached with my account.

This was very simple process, and after 5 working days, I received the payment straight in my UBL account. I wanted to share this method with you so whenever you see a Wire Transfer option then don’t worry, that will arrive in your Bank Account without any hassle. Secondly, do provide the exact details of your account, because any small mistake can create delays in processing.

How Much it Cost?

The cost for an International Wire Transfer is only $20 dollars per transaction. Any amount which is less than $5000 will cost you only and only $20, if the amount is greater than that then you should receive it in separate transactions. Furthermore, the conversion rate to local currency depends on the market of that day, and the conversion rate might make you sad sometimes, but don’t worry, that’s not too much PAIN.

You can also receive your payments via eCheck, but that’s not very easy to deposit in your local currency account, that will require you to open a Bank Account either in US Dollars or Euros and then you’ll be able to deposit that eCheck into your account, and the fee is higher, also the processing time is longer.

Have you ever received Wire Transfer or eCheck from any bank around the world while you are staying in Pakistan? if so then do share your experience in the comment section, if you have any question related to this post then also post your question in the discussion below. I’ll be glad to answer your queries. Thanks for reading!

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  • Murad Khan

    Hi, Abdul Wali bro!
    Just wanted to confirm that, its only UBL in Pak, through which we can get WIRE Transfer Money. Or other banks giving this facility too?

    • Hi Murad Khan, every bank provides this facility to its customers.


    its basic serves & every bank provides it


    I am working on B2B marketing & mostly receive my wire transfer

    • That’s great to hear you receive the wire transfer, I received for the first time 🙂

  • Muhammad Usman

    i am recieving 2 cheque’s every month and getting paid by submitting them on any branch.
    my bank is HBL and there is no problem, no us account needed and tax is only 200 rupees per 200$.

    • Muhammad Usman

      but it take some time to cash.

      • That’s nice sharing, thanks for the update!

  • Rehan Nazir

    Nice Sharing..

  • Rehan Nazir

    Abdul Wali bhai, i think payoneer is the best option, recently i have received My payoneer MasterCard, Thanks for supporting us, I found information about payoneer from you, and i think i signed up from your link, and now i have activated payoneer account.

    • That’s great to hear Rehan Nazir, you should be able to receive $25 as a bonus from Payoneer if you’ve signed up from my link, that will be credited to your account when you load $100 into your card. congrats!

      • Rehan Nazir

        Thanks, yes i have 80$ on my card, i will receive INSHA ALLAH..

        • Hunbal Behzad

          rehan nazir bhai which work you are doing through which you have recieved 80$? i have payoneer but dont know the work to do,,? kindlly help me,, thank you!

        • zeeshan haider

          bhai ap kia kam krety hain net pr kindly tell me

  • FaDi JaNi

    Aslam o Alikum Adbul Wali Bhai mujhe 1 cheez ki confusion hai k Udemy se Payment pakistan mein kese receive kare kyu k pehle tu paypal k sath payoneer card link ker k receive ho jati thi lekin kyu k ab payoneer paypal k sath link nhi hota AJKAL so iska koi suggestion hai

    • Hunbal Behzad

      bhai meray sath b yah masla hay,, :p koi hal milay to btana

      • FaDi JaNi

        Abdul Wali bhai Koi reply nhi Dete yr Senior hai wo tu phi Faida


    Assalaam O Alikum Abdul Wali bhai.. How can we receive payment from udemy in pakistan ? because paypal is band in Pakistan.

  • Hasnain

    Hi, i want to adverise my website.Their payments are withdraw through paypal or wiretransfer.Since,paypal is not in pakistan so how can i withdraw money through wiretransfer.I have a visa account in hbl so it is possible to withdraw money through this card and what are charges?

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  • Awesome Post Wali Bhai.

    I was just looking for that article. Very detailed and full of information.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Sumair

  • Vicky444

    We need to give darna why paypal is not working in paki i request all IT fellows of paki to help a d raise the issue we all brothers facing