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Website Security & Exploiting Video Course in Urdu/Hindi

Hacking attempts used to be very rare a decade ago, but since Internet has grown up and growing every single day. Therefore, Website Security has become an essential part of web development and web applications. Every web developer today needs to be aware of security challenges, and therefore, one of our new instructors “Noman Ramzan” took responsibility of it and has created a complete course on Website Security & Ethical Hacking, this course will teach you how you can secure your website from hacking attacks, how you can secure your databases, how you can secure your Facebook account and email accounts. There are also tips to secure your PC, but at the same time, this course teaches you to become a security researcher and ethical hacker. This is only for educational purpose and for doing white-hat activities in the web security field. Our instructor has explained everything with details showing you practical examples using white-hat techniques.


Why to Become a Security Researcher or Ethical Hacker?

If you know “Rafay Baloch” who is a well-known security researcher in the town, He participated in a bug-bounty program and found a bug in Paypal’s website which is the popular online transactions company on the web, He contacted Paypal about the “Bug” and in reply to him, Paypal confirmed his claim, and rewarded him $10,000 which becomes one million PKR, so just by finding a single weakness in Paypal’s website he was rewarded that prize and respect, he was also offered a JOB by Paypal which he did not accept due to his study. Visit Full story of Rafay Baloch.

There are many young guys working in the same field in Pakistan/India, and they are getting success, there are specific jobs at different companies for this title “Security Researcher“, and of course, there are numerous opportunities online for ethical hackers and security analysts. That’s why you can become a security researcher or ethical hacker. If you want to be something in security web security field then our course is for you, which is a paid course at reasonable price and with great content.

The Outline of “Web Security” Course

There are many topics discussed in this course with details, but if you want to see the outline of the course then please just visit this link to see all the outline and other details: Go Here

Introduction video of this course in Urdu/Hindi

Since this is a paid course, but you can watch the DEMO video of this course in order to get some insights about the content of the course, However, our instructors have done a great job by creating this course, because it’s very necessary for people who love ethical hacking and website security. Here is the introduction video of the course in Urdu/Hindi.

How to Buy this course in DVD?

If you want to buy this course in DVD or via link then please contact us via Email at: or SMS on our number available on Buy a DVD page. The price of this complete course is Rs.4000, but for next 10 days you’ll get Rs.1000 discount, so it will be Rs.3000 for you if you buy this course from 6th September till 16th September.
Alternatively, you can visit this link “Web Security in DVD” to read all about this course on it’s own page, where you can find contact information at the end of the page, but remember that you can get %30 discount if you buy this course from 6 Sep to 16 Sep 2014.
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