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Complete Web Designing Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Freely learning web designing has it own fun, and now online resources can make you a web designer in very short time. And we’ve also tried to put our contribution in Urdu language. So here we go, A complete Web designing course in Urdu language is for you with dozens of video tutorials by Online Ustaad. On this page you will start learning complete Web designing course in Urdu language absolutely free. First of all you will learn HTML in Urdu, Then CSS in Urdu, then JavaScript in Urdu, Then Dreamweaver in Urdu and finally you will learn Blogger in Urdu. Those who want to learn free web designing in Urdu may learn this complete course by watching all video tutorials below. There are five playlist of video tutorials.
designing websites in CSS & HTML

1. HTML Video Training in Urdu

The very basic thing in web designing is HTML. Without knowing the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) you can not learn the other advance languages and tools. HTML is the basic language for showing the content of web pages on a web browser. So here is a complete video course of HTML in Urdu language. It is a playlist from my youtube channel and contains 12 video lectures. So you can play just one video and the another one will play automatically when the previous one is finished.

2. CSS  Video Training in Urdu

Having learnt HTML, CSS is the another cool language of Web designing. After getting the basic concept of HTML you must start learning CSS. CSS is the game of colors. It is used to define styles for a web page or entire website. You can define what background colors, font colors, font sizes and what styles will be used in Your website. CSS creates a fancy environment for web designers. So here is a complete video playlist of CSS training in Urdu language. You can learn it completely.

3. JavaScript Tutorials in Urdu

JavaScript is related to web development because it is a scripting language, but while making a website in within HTML+CSS we sometimes do need of JavaScript. Therefore, we should also have the basic understanding of JavaScript. JavaScript can be used to interact with web pages. Pages can dynamically be changed by using JavaScript. Here is a basic video training of Javascript in Urdu language.

4. Dreamweaver Video Course in Urdu

After learning the basic coding of web designing; there is a superb software called Dreamweaver which is used to create websites. This software has a great environment for web designers. You don’t need to write code in Dreamweaver. You will just add HTML, CSS & JavaScript elements and Dreamweaver will add codes itself. But if you have the basic knowledge of coding then it will be more beneficial for you to understand the script and structure. So here is a complete video course of Dreamweaver in Urdu language. However, till now it isn’t complete. But very soon more videos will be added to this playlist.

5. Complete Blogger Video Training in Urdu

Here is a surprise for you guys. Whenever you code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or even in Dreamweaver you then upload the files/folders to a web server and publish it online. But there are many Online free platforms for publishing your website online. is one of the best online recourse for creating and designing a blog in minutes. It has the very best web designing tools and widgets. You can use CSS, HTML and JavaScript massively while working with So take a step ahead and learn complete Blogger new interface video training in Urdu language by watching video playlist below.
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