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How to Verify Payza Account in Pakistan?

With different online transaction options now it is possible for you to receive money from absolutely any part of the world with in no time. Payza, formerly known as Alertpay, is also one of the online payment platforms which, anyone with an email address can use. This not only enables you to do online transactions but also let you exchange currencies and much more. Payza is operating in over 190 countries. On this page, we’ll share the steps with you to verify your Payza account if you are using it in Pakistan, just follow the steps and use it without any difficulty in Pakistan, because it supports Pakistan and anyone can use it.

payza in Pakistan

It’s easy to get Payza account but the real problem is to get it verified. Below is given the two best ways to get your account verified.

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Method # 1. Verification through Documents

Things you will need to get your payza account verified are, a scanned copy of your national identity card, your picture and any utility bill, be it electricity or SUI gas bill, with your name and address on it. Make sure that the address on your utility bill matches the address you added while creating your payza account or your verification application might get rejected.

Now log in to your account and click on support option given at the bottom of the window.

Now you would be seeing a window having helpful information, contact us and other support channels written on it. Click on ‘send us a support ticket’ option given under ‘contact us’ heading.

The next window which you can see will have ‘select a department’ heading. Click on ‘my account support’ and then on ‘account verification inquiries’.

Now attach the scanned copy of your NIC and your picture in the next window. Below it write ‘account verification’ in the subject box and a short text explaining your need for account verification in message box. Attach your utility bill choosing ‘add file’ option given below the message box.

By following the above process you will get a verified payza account within 12 hours.

Method # 2. Verification through Visa Debit Card

Login to your account and click ‘verification’ option. Now a window having ‘Overview’ written on the top will open. Here Click on Credit Card Validation’.

A window will open now where you will have to enter all of your credit card information including your first and last name, card number, expiration date, CSV or CVV number and billing address and click next. A window of terms and condition will open now, check the option given at the bottom of the window and click submit.

Now click on ‘manage card’ option. A window, having header ‘Credit Card Summary’, will open. Click on ‘Validate card’. Now if you have money in your account click on ‘Validate by charge option’ on the next window. This will charge you less than 200 PKR. On the next window enter CSV/CVV code given at the back of your card. The last window which will appear will ask for your permission to do the transaction. Check the box at the bottom and click next.

Within 4 working days you can check your account statement and enter the exact amount, which payza charged and your account will be verified.

The Visa/Debit Card is now very easy to get in Pakistan, you can use the ATM card of UBL as “Debit Visa Card” for online transactions or online payments. And Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan also allows you to have a Debit Card if you have account with them. Moreover, You can get a World Wide Used Visa Card from any UBL franchise without having any Bank account, that card is called “UBL Wiz Card” which you can use same as “Visa Debit Card” all over the world, you can make online transactions within minutes and you can use that card anywhere in the world (Including Pakistan) to withdraw cash anytime from any ATM machine.

Go here to know about UBL Wiz Cards: UBL Visa Card (Wiz)

We’ll also guide you about withdrawing money from Payza in the future, and we’ll try our best to create video tutorials in Urdu for you to understand the procedure easily. Now let us know your views and questions in the comment section. Also share this post with all of your friends. Take Care!

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