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Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers & Blogs

Blogging is becoming one of the most growing professions now a days. It attracts youngsters and especially students who can show their talent to the world and can make money online with their skills. Blogging is a profession which one can independently start and with some real efforts, he/she can make it successful in a short period of time. Pakistan is a country which has produced a number of professional bloggers. Despite having a number of problems and bad opinions, Pakistan is still topping the list of rising economies in the world, Let’s find the top 10 talented bloggers and minds behind the scenes in Pakistan.

top 10 Pakistani bloggers

We previously shared a list of top 12 Indian bloggers with the promise that we’d also share a list of our top Pakistani bloggers. And here we go, today is the day you’ll see the list of top 10 professional Pakistani bloggers who have really inspired the world and are working awesomely for making their future bright as well as earning a good name for their country Pakistan.

Top 10 Pakistani Blogs & Bloggers

These bloggers have literally changed the lives of many newbies including myself. I have ranked these bloggers based on their productivity and contribution for the online community. I’ve personally seen these bloggers working hard to create useful content and help people in real time. Most of these bloggers have started their blogging journey from 0, and today they have reached a position which many newbies dream at the beginning.

#1. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of


Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is without doubts a genius in blogging. He got #1 Position in our list of top bloggers in Pakistan and he is the only blogger in Pakistan who has registered his blogging company called “STC Network”. Mustafa started his blogging career at the end of 2008 using blogger platform as a part time blogger, and later he stepped into blogging as a full time entrepreneur. Now he has 5 employees working under his leadership and he has 3 successful blogs, and He has developed a number of Blogger widgets, templates and cool things for the blog-sphere community. And he is an SEO expert in Pakistan. He currently lives in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a Premium Adsense Publisher and also earns using BuySellAds and Product Reviews. Moreover, he offers blogging and SEO consultancy to his clients all over the world.

Blog Ranking & Earning: 

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 31,400
  • Alexa PK Rank: 400
  • Google Page Rank: 5
  • Alexa Backlinks: 4831
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $5000 to $10000

#2. Amir Atta of


Amir Atta is a well-known person and blogger for Pakistani bloggers, because his blog “” is a pure Pakistani telecommunication blog. His blog provides resources, tutorials, news on IT happenings in Pakistan. He is earning money with his blog by displaying Google Adsense ads and direct ads. His blog is a popular technology blog in Pakistan and has been nominated many times for different awards. He got #2 position in this list. 

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 9,159
  • Alexa PK Rank: 86
  • Google Page Rank: 4
  • Alexa Backlinks: 700
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $4000 to $8000

#3. Ali Raza of

Ali Raza is a passionate Pakistani blogger from Lahore. He writes on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, SEO and online marketing. Ali likes to call himself an internet entrepreneur who works with various companies across the globe for their digital marketing campaigns. He has officially certified from Google and Microsoft and even have a partnership with Google. The best thing I like about Ali is that I found him very humble and always ready to learn something new, that’s the best quality should be in every blogger and marketer. And that’s the main reason he got 3rd position in the top 10 bloggers of Pakistan. I wish him more success.

Blog Ranking & Earning: 

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 156,000
  • Alexa PK Rank: 25,00
  • Google Page Rank: N/A
  • Alexa Backlinks: 155
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $1000 to $2000.

#4. Hassam Ahmad Awan of


This smiling young man is called Hassam Ahmad Awan who lives in Islamabad, Pakistan and blogging for last couple of years. He has a successful blog ““. He is earning money with his blog by using Google Adsense and BuySellAds. His blog has a Good reputation and ranking world wide as well as in Pakistan, His blog mostly focuses on Blogging related tutorials such as WordPress, Blogger Widgets, Making Money Online and Search Engine Optimization. We wish him best of luck.

Blog Ranking & Earning: 

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 37,415
  • Alexa PK Rank: 919
  • Google Page Rank: 4
  • Alexa Backlinks: 338
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $2000 to $4000

#5. Muhammad Ismail of


Muhammad Ismail, well-known personality in Affiliate Blogging undeniably more than what meets the eye. A dedicated and passionate man native of Swabi, KPK. He is the one to set up the base of online business for the very first time in KPK in 2012. From the childhood, he has the urge to do something incredible in his life. He has rejected more than 7 job offers from great companies because his mission was to accomplish his online business and deliver the tactics to the newbies to reach the sky in online marketing. He has initiated his journey of success by giving workshops in Institute of Management sciences and proceeded towards many of the great universities of Pakistan to deliver his ideas as a motivational speaker. He was listed Several times in row among the expert bloggers nationally & internationally and was invited by Government of United States of America for meetups with world’s greatest entrepreneurs, Founders and Startups. He was also featured in Pakistan’s top magazines as well as interviewed by many national and international televisions. He made the trend to interact the Pakistan’s successful entrepreneurs & online marketing kings with the newbies through live sessions. He has played the leading role as a Training coordinator in KP Youth employment program Powered by World Bank & KPIT Board. Currently he is the founder of ‘The Mentor’s Pakistan’, Strategical partner of ‘Entrepreneurship development center’, and coach in different institute and universities. Up till now he has taught more than 4K students all over Pakistan who are earning their lives from internet happily.

Blog Ranking & Earning: 

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 162, 463
  • Alexa PK Rank: 12094
  • Google Page Rank: 2
  • Alexa Backlinks: 379
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $3000 to $4000

#6. Abdul Wali of


Abdul Wali (the author of this blog) is also positioned in this list at #6 due to his immense efforts for Pakistan and its people, he has been running this blog and a few other blogs since 2010, and he has published thousands of video tutorials and articles on his blogs till this date and the journey continues. He is one of the most influential bloggers in Pakistan due to his video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Alexa World Wide Rank:37,00
  • Alexa PK Rank: 400
  • Google Page Rank: 2
  • Alexa Backlinks: 299
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $2000 to $4000

#7. Abdul Samad of BornBlogger.Net


Abdul Samad is probably the youngest blogger in this list. He started blogging a few years ago in a very young age and still he is less than 18 years. Abdul Samad blogs mostly about SEO, Blogging Tips and Making Money online. His blog BornBlogger.Net is very helpful for newbies, and he’s been actively updating it since its creation back in 2014. The best thing I liked about Abdul Samad is that he is very smart in creating hype on social media. He is very active on social media and helping the newbies. He is also an expert in selling blogs on Facebook without even investing on the marketing side. I wish him best of luck for his future projects.

Blog Ranking and Earning: 

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 106,116
  • Alexa PK Rank: 1175
  • Google Page Rank: N/A
  • Alexa Backlinks: 97
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $500 to $1500

#8. Mohsin Ali Waheed of


Mohsin Ali Waheed is one of the talented bloggers of Pakistan, he is young and energetic blogger, he belongs to the heart of Pakistan “Islamabad”. He’s successfully running a website called “” for last several years, and his new website is “” which is also providing valuable information related to IT & tips. He’s among the favorite bloggers of Abdul Wali (me).

Blog Ranking & Earning: 

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 166k
  • Alexa PK Rank: 18,000
  • Google Page Rank: 1
  • Alexa Backlinks: 66
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $1000

#9. Marjan Arbab of


Marjan Arbab is basically from Quetta but lives in Karachi. She is a very talented girl and blogger who has been working as a freelancer as well for last couple of years. She is very good at writing quality content and share her tips regarding online business and particularly freelancing. She is empowering women across the country through her articles and seminars.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 1,638,029
  • Alexa PK Rank: 20,000
  • Google Page Rank: 1
  • Alexa Backlinks: 14
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $1000 to $2000

#10. Mohammad Umer of


And here it comes the last champ of the list from Pakistan. Yes, Mohammad Umer is one of the youngest bloggers from Pakistan who lives in Mandi Bahauddin a city located in the central Punjab province of Pakistan. He has been helping newbies via his blog “” where he shares tips and tricks related to blogging, SEO and making money online. I included him to encourage the other youngsters to work hard and produce original work like him. We wish him best of luck in the future.

Blog Ranking & Earning:

  • Alexa World Wide Rank: 74,000
  • Alexa PK Rank: 15,000
  • Google Page Rank: 1
  • Alexa Backlinks: 405
  • Est. Monthly Earning: $500 to $1500

I hopefully can say that you’ve enjoyed this list and will give me your precious feedback to improve this list in the future. You can also suggest bloggers who might get listed here in the next update. 

What do you think?

We respect all hard working and young bloggers from Pakistan, bloggers who didn’t take place in this list, we’ll wish them a happy blogging journey ahead, and probably many young bloggers will take place in our upcoming list of “Top 20 Young Pakistani Bloggers”.  Kindly share your views about this great Pakistani people who represent a Peaceful, Beautiful and talented face of their country Pakistan. I’d say they are the greatest people in the country. Let me know your thoughts in comments and also mention other bloggers who are not included in this list while they are meeting the criteria. Happy Pakistani bloggers Day 🙂

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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  • Syed Balkhi should be listed in TOP 10 Pakistani Bloggers.

    • Faizan, while creating this list we had criteria for the bloggers, in which we included that the blogger must be living in Pakistan, therefore, as you might know Syed Balkhi is not living in Pakistan and is a US citizen. We that’s why didn’t include him in the list.

      • Yeah he is living in USA but he is born Pakistani. He is really an inspiration for new Bloggers and proud for whole Pakistan. So our new bloggers should know about that blogging star who is not only popular in Pakistan but also in whole blogging world.

        Well, Once again great work from your side.

        • Brother, if he lived in Pakistan, I’d definitely place him on the first position. But unfortunately he doesn’t live here.

  • Hi wali,
    Most of bloggers and people are waiting for this and now it is published. No doubt a great piece of hard work is behind this post but it is also a fact that most love it and most people don’t agree with it but according to my opinion this is a great post because most of them are hidden from my eye but you just mention them and now I am familiar with them. But really when I saw the earning of MBT. Its too much. Thanks for sharing the info about these bloggers as I acknowledge so many things about them.

    • Yes, they are awesome people who are representing a good face of Pakistan. I hope you’ve got something new today by reading this post.

  • Ìkram Ullah Khan Mahsood

    Dear Wali, Nice Post but one of the best blog is missing which is so called …..but Numbers Always starts from 0 so if i was at your place i will put on 0 I mean on First.

    • Thanks brother for your enthusiasm, but in last of the article I already have mentioned that we can’t include our blog or our name because this list is created by us. Therefore, it doesn’t look appropriate if we include our name. We are already mentioned on other blogs.

  • Sir this your great great hard work…These people are future web engineers of Pakistan..And You also Keep it up

    • Yes bro, they are really genius, therefore I included them in the list.

  • abbasizaibi

    “Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai” is a name that everyone knows. when i start learning first of all I was familiar with their name. i want to appreciate them but i can’t put into words. i am proud of him that he is first who invited for interview Govt fm.

    • Yes brother, Muhammad Mustafa is without doubts a great man and an inspiration for thousands of new bloggers around the globe.

      • abbasizaibi

        Yeah bro He is great person when i was in trouble i was asking about my problem on every blog no one answered me but He took me out from that trouble 🙂
        May ALLAH Bless him and everyone 🙂

  • Abdul Wali Bhaii


    Brother mein kabhi nai aa sakta aisi top list mein,Kyun ke Allah ny jo bhi Maqaam dia hy us py me khush hon but little sad my brother because my adsense did not give me good earnings. i m down my brother..May Allah Bless you here and hereafter Aameen…

    • W/salam,
      Zain brother if you did hard word then I hope you’ll take place in this list one day. There is nothing impossible in the world. These bloggers who are included in the list were also like me and you and they did hard work and learnt things continually, therefore today they are successful and inspiration for others. So never get disappointed bro.

      And for Adsense earning I’d say that it only depends on the visitors, placements of the ads and also the topic. So you can increase your visitors by posting more quality content everyday like we do. Regards;

      • abbasizaibi

        Don’t loss hope bro ALLAH is with us. you must do hardwork to get this position 🙂

  • Wow its nice bro keep it up and one day i and you will on the top of this list

    • Yes, we’ll be in the list soon.

  • waleed raza

    salaam bro ;
    INSHALLAH ; ma our aap bhe 1 din is list ma hoon gay ; agar list top 12 ki b ho to farq nahi parta ; GOD BLESS YOU MEE AND ALL OF US ..

    • W/salam,
      Brother hamare blog ko already bohat sare jagho par mention kia gya ha top Pakistani bloggers k list ma. aur chunke ya list ham ne banai ha tu ham khud ko shamil nahi kar sakte. By the way, aap kheryat se Quetta pohnchy? and is everything fine with you?

      • waleed raza

        yes everything fine ; and me also ;

  • well bro You have excellent rewriting skills. but zero research will. :p

    • Sorry I had to edit your name for this comment because that’s not appropriate for comment to use a product name instead always try to use your real name while commenting somewhere.

      Well, to be honest, I myself don’t re-write things, maybe my writers do, but I don’t. The guys I mentioned in this list are well-known for me and are connected with me for last 1 and half years. So there was even no need to research about them. 🙂

  • Thanks for the list and inspiring new bloggers to work hard.

    Sizlopedia by no doubt was a great resource, can you guide if they are still earning good without much – what is their revenue model?

  • I think Aamir atta at place of 3 in the top list.

    • Amir Atta has a blog which is a news blog and we took everything into consideration while creating this list, for example; how a blog is producing content for helping newbies and new bloggers, which kind of content they publish to help the community and the earning sources etc. Therefore, As Amir Atta bro’s blog is about telecommunication industry we ranked him at #9, because the others bloggers in the list have done more than Amir Atta bhai. But he is still respected for all including me 🙂 regardless this list.

  • AOA. wali bhai mene apni site apke tutorial k mutabiq bnai ha and jesa jesa aap ne kaha tha same wesa hi kya. now aap btaen next step kya hain? off page seo k liye. main daily comenting b krta hun dofolow blogs pe web directories me b post kra ha or content b ache post krta hun. but trafic ni aata. aap mjhe trafic k liye kuch tips btaen or ranking k liye. bhai plzz never ignor. ap ne pehle b mere msgs ka reply ni kra plzzzzzz

  • Xee

    Bro mera aik question ha. Sms ki jo websites hoti hain un me to sare copy content hote hain or na hi us me SEo or keywords ka kuch khyal rkha jata ha to wo itni zyada earning kese kr lete hain? meri city k boys ki sms sites hn like smschill or smstashan unki PR b 2,3 hai nd monthly income b kafi ha but hum jo content ka itna khyal rkhte hain hr chiz dekh dekh k post krte hain to hmari ranking itni kyun ni bnti or itne visitor kyun ni atay unke to hazaro visiters atay hain

  • Wow great work brother. I really impressive with Mustafa blog and his earning. but I want to say one thing here. in top ten list why you did not include your own blog. you have under 100k Alexa, 1/10 pr but I don’t know about your earning. and you live in pakistan. i think your earning is more than 500$ but you are not showing here kahi kisi ki nazar na lag jaye (Smile). Thanks brother for sharing great list.

    • You are right brother, but we can’t include our own blog or name because we’ve created this list and if we include ourselves then it won’t look a neutral list. so in order to create such lists one shouldn’t include their own name or blog. Hope brother you’ll understand this point.

  • your every post is good but this one is awesome 🙂 keep it up bro (y)

  • Dear abdul wali, I have a very sad news for all the people pf pakistan, the website “” has been hacked by a pakistani Hacker and it seems like the hacker has some personal problems with the Aamir Atta.

  • Great list Wali, one I’ll also be in this list in sha ALLAH.

    • You are welcome bro, We hopefully can say that one day you’ll also be in the list. continue your hard work, wish you all the best.

  • dear sir this article is really informative for me thanks a lot

  • Zahid Iftikhar

    Wali Bhi Thank you for this great job, you are doing. So far I have been receiving your emails while I remained dormant. This is my first reply. I have least knowledge how people earn by blogging. I m not very expert of computer. Pl guide if I could be one of the successful blogger. I am Assistant Professor of Physics and want to work in this area. Thank you.

  • sir mrei website per ek add laga howa he post oper aur neche ek tara ka hi he, sir ye pata kerna he ke ye kis company ka add he is add ki mene advisement ki hoyi ye chahta ho ke me is add ki direct company se add lo per pata nahi chal rah ke ye ki company ka add he,

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      Kindly post your question again on a post which is related to your question, and write your question again so that it may look more beautiful then the one you posted here. Thanks a lot for this kindness in advance. 🙂

  • Well the article is quite interesting and glad to see that you did research by yourself to refresh a list. But still you have missed dozen of bloggers from Pakistan and, the est. monthly earnings are also quite incorrect for many. Any way you did a nice effort and I can feel your name too in similar lists.:) Thank you!

    • brother, as we’ve stated at the end of the post that if you know any Pakistani blogger who can be fit in this list and meeting the criteria then you are welcome to recommend them in the comments, so we can Edit the list and include them as well. But You didn’t mention those dozens of bloggers who in your opinion are missing in this list. Will be happy if you provided anyone in the reply to this comment. But first kindly read the criteria for the bloggers at the starting of this post. Thanks

  • Syed Ismail Shah

    very informative brother….i really appreciated….now we are waitting for ur new post with title “how to opne online store” lol…..

    • We are so happy that you appreciated this work and found it informative. And I’ll soon write a new post how to open an Online store and LOL2. 🙂

  • Awesome! I am very happy to see many Pakistanis making standout in blogging world successfully.

    I am also running a web development blog – and we share original content, we develop our own plugins, templates and design stuff and release for free.

    Hope you guys like it 🙂 and I will make into this list in the coming days.

    • Thanks for stopping by here, and I hopefully can say that one day you’ll be definitely in this list. Keep your hard work and passion up.

  • Bro Mere Adsence Ke ads mobile mai show nahi ho rahe hai Please aap batao kya problem hai Ads pc mai to show ho rahe but mobile ke kisi bhi browser mai show nahi hote ?

    • Brother, do you think the above post is about Adsense? I mentioned you before that you may ask your questions but on a relevant post. Not here. This is a discussion only about top 10 pakistani bloggers.

  • I know but aap first page wale post ka hi reply dete ho mene pahale bhi notice kiya hai. Its Ok agar aapko batana hota to kab ka bata dete.

    • abbasizaibi

      nai bhai ap inki website me adsense k topic ki koi post pe jayen aur yehi question pouchen apko jawab mil jaye ga 🙂

  • hello sir nice post i want to ask you that if google remove our blog then how to recover my blog plz tell me

  • For motivation purpose now I think we need to categoris top 10 list on the basis of different niche; that will promote bloggers and blogging in Pakistan. If you take these 10 bloggers as mentioned in your post they have been doing blogging for the last 4 to 5 years while from 2011 a huge rise has been witnessed in blogosphere of Pakistan and from them promising strugglers should be mentioned regardless of their income stream because of being new to this field. What do you think?

    • You are quite right from your perspective, But finding good bloggers in all categories is not an easy task.. I would rather say, we can create lists based on the age and gender such as top 20 young bloggers in Pakistan, top 10 female bloggers in Pakistan, also top city wise like top bloggers from Lahore, from Karachi, from Islamabad, from Peshawar and from any other popular city. While your suggestion is also appreciated. 🙂

      • i want to ask you that if google remove our blog then how to recover my blog plz tell me

      • younas

        salam bhai ma b blog banana chata hon i have an exelent skills in computer english and communication i am b.a


  • zohaib jahan

    wao great , i’m happy k Pakistan k loag kisi sy kam nhi, pehly sirf sunta tha ab yaqeen b aa gya, GOD bless all of them.
    wesy me muhammad niaz .com (alexa pk rank 414) ka naam expect kr raha tha…. i’m a sad why he is missing…

    • that’s nice brother you liked the list of Pakistani bloggers. Well, Muhammadniaz is publishing software and games illegally on his blog, and he is not a professional blogger like the ones we’ve listed above. So therefore, we didn’t consider him for this list due to sharing illegal cracking software/games and his blog doesn’t look professional.

      • Kamran

        tuj si to bohut best hai

  • very very nice post wali bhai. when i start blogging i get first lecture by you therefore according to my opinion is in no.2. no.1 pakistani blogger is mustafa ahmed zai.

    • That’s nice to hear you liked this post, And thanks for such a nice approach about us, well, we’re doing our best to bring the result driven tutorilas and resources in front of our visitors and loyal readers like you. Stay tuned.

  • oh great these all are such awesome bloggers specially first and 6th…

  • insha Allah After one year i’ll in top ten

  • O really nice post dear Wali Khan. It is first time I came to know that Mustafa Amedzai is from Pakistan and you can’t imagine how happy I am on hearing this good news.

  • Maria

    Great idea, I really appreciate your work. I recommend a blog “” This blog is only one years old. Its admin is a Pakistani – Kashmiri boy Ejaz Khan. You must check, Hope it will be in top 20

  • what about your blog position sir

  • zahid

    Wali bhai as you post, number 1 blogger if from buysellads. i want to know why you are not on buysellads? Are you try it or not?

  • komal

    sir ,
    for this is it necessary to learn some course??

    • Adil

      Nope… nothing special course is compulsory in this regard. All of the mentioned bloggers are just experienced, they spend many years for blogging and in learning the topics like blogging, SEO, Adsense, increasing rank, marketing, social marketing etc..

  • you should give me tips about my blog which’s link is to my name in this comment.

  • Adnan

    Dear Wali Bhai I wana to learn Blogging and blog kasay banatay hai plz let me know if u have totorial in ur website plzzz mujay complete blog banana hai

  • Joanna

    What a great content you have on your website. It’s really interesting.

  • Ammar Ali of allbloggingtips is also a great young blogger from Pakistan.

  • Where is my name hehe

  • After reading this post, this is clear to me you’ve ranked bloggers as per their income instead of alexa ranking or backlinks.
    Any way this is a good effort.

    • Thank you brother for your comment, but brother we’ve ranked these bloggers upon their creativity, their great personalities, their support for the community and most importantly their Alexa Rank is also a factor, we’ve moreover looked after their Page Rank and credibility. So you can’t say that only income is the reason we considered while creating this list. 🙂 hope you understood now.

  • hey wali thats very informative info you have provided. i am a frequent reader of ur articles

  • Thanks for publishing such informative stuff. Generally Pakistanis do little research and thus are reluctant to promote their talent and abilities. But in this way, if we publish what our talented people have accomplished, we can not only earn reputation but it also serves as a means of providing opportunities to the people who have potential for growth in the same field(s).

  • God Bless you Brother Wali Khan sir

  • Hello Wali brother. in future I will be also in top 10 bloggers. pray for me.

  • Amazing people here.. Good Keep it up.

  • Great search work. Pakistani bloggers have done remarkable job and they are also inspiring new bloggers.

  • Great search work. keep it up! brother

  • Definitely one of the best and inspiring article.

  • These are the great people. They did great job in blogging. I hope that my name will be there soon. 🙂

    • You might be the next great person among them, keep hard working 🙂

  • These is another blogger Ejaz ahmad khan. who is earning more than 1500 USD per month through his blog. You did not include him in this list.

    • let’s keep the topic of the list to only technology related bloggers, so we can hope it’s the best list of top 10 bloggers. Anyhow, thanks for your suggestion.

  • nice top ten listed bloggers. You should research more about this before compiling a list 🙂

    • We have done some research, and we are doing more research, this is an open list of bloggers, so we can change it anytime. Don’t worry 🙂

  • Wali bhai mein ab tak copy paste sy kafi earn kar chuka hoon, aur kar bhi raha hoon. start mein to mein bhi yahi soch kar aya tha k lalach nhn sirf kaam, but ab sirf paisa kamana hy mery zehn mein chahy wo spamming sy ho ya real.
    1 bat hy k mustakil nhn hy copy paste ka tareeka, google jab pakar ly bs phir 0.
    kia mein copy paste jari rakhoon ya nhn ?

    aapki rae ka muntazir.

    • copy/paste k haq ma tu ma nahi hon, q k ya bilkul aisa ha jaise banda kahi se chori kare. Tu ic lye saaf suthra kam thek ha.

  • Muhammad Ammar is not in the list….surprise

    • yes, there must be some surprises. All lists should not be the same. This is a unique list 🙂

  • Hello
    Abdul Wali.. Thats really strange of you that you didnt included some real top bloggers like Saad Hamid and Umar Majeed in the list and included some least known bloggers.

    No doubt Mohammad Ahmed of MBT is on top but i think Saad Hamid and Umar Majeed should have been included in the list… Its really unfair of you to ignore both of them 🙁

    • Dear Sajjid,
      Saad Hamid was included in the earlier list of this post, we have removed him and included Mohammad Ismail because Saad Hamid’s blog or his recent work is no longer meeting the criteria. So you can understand it. And for Umar Majeed I have to know, because I heard his name first time. So let me check his work and after that i can edit the list anytime if there are more bloggers who deserve. thanks for your feedback.

      • Sure would wait what you can do…. Well and i am sorry for saad hamid… I will be looking for your feedback regarding Umar

  • Wali bahi thanks for including me in this list and posts like these motivate us to produce more helpful content for our readers. But in my personal view Amir Atta bahi should be included in top. Never the less it’s your blog and you have full right to produce results based on your criteria. Once again it’s a great honor for me that a blogger like you appropriating my work.

    • You are welcome dear Mohsin,
      with due respect to Amir Atta, as I mentioned in the post that is this list is not only based on Earning or ranking of the blog, but also how the blogger is related to their subject, how they are helping people in real, how they are engaged with their readers, and putting all these things, I consider Ammir Atta bhai after you in the list. Everyone respects him, but again I would say that this list is mainly focused on the people who have helped and are helping people in real. Amir Atta bhai’s blog is mainly based on news. I hope you got my point. And congrats to you for taking place in the list. You can work hard to even rank more on this list.

  • Why ahmed awais is not on top? 😮 he is a pro blogger i know lol 😀

    • Ahmed Awais will be soon on the top. Thanks for your feedback@

  • As you mentioned Ali Qayyum for, its wrong because almost a year ago this website sold to someone else and now ali having website and he is one of the blogger who didn’t share any tip to anyone else because he thinking may be someone else can beat him earning if he shared all blogging tips so you people should prominent those who have helping hand and your website name also claimed as online ustaad.


    • Thank you very much dude for informing us about Ali Qayyum, we’ll soon update the list. Thanks again.

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