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Best Methods to Increase your blog visitors from Social Media

So, having made a new website miniaturized it properly and placed some strategic links? Or wrote a new blog and now tired of waiting for people to notice it? Getting traffic on your blog or website is the main objective for anyone who owns that blog/website. If you don’t have traffic, that is, daily readers, then what is the purpose of having it in the first place?, all you want this and for free, right?. So if this is the case then we are here to help you out, we’ll be sharing some very simple and easy to understand tips with you for maximizing your website/blog traffic through social media. We’ve been using these tips ourselves for all of our blogs, and we’ll be glad to recommend these all methods to you via this blog. So have attention to below listed tips on this page and don’t forget to implement all of them on your own blogs.

social media tips

Catchy topics + Catchy content

The topic of your content mostly defines the quality of your work so the topic should be chosen very wisely having easily understandable words and should be related to your content. The topic should be defining your content in as few words as possible so it would be easy for search engines to classify your content.

Second important thing is what ever you are writing about, information should be accurate and precise. Small sentences should give as much information as possible. The first few lines of your content should be very interesting so as to encourage reader to continue reading and may be even share it with others.

Social Media networking sites

Create your account on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter etc,  now all you have to do is to create an eye catching profile. Fill it with related photos, videos, information, comments and most importantly friends.

The friends you make on a social networking sites shouldn’t necessarily be the people you know. To increase the traffic to your site or blog your target should be people having common interests and ideas, for example; if you have a blog related to blogging then add people to your friend list related to blogging and so on.

Networking with Others

You can have a membership with every social networking site on the web but that alone will not increase your website traffic. It is important that you add friends and then spend some time interacting with them. Comment, post, share links and information with your friends and followers lists. This will increase your popularity and the likelihood that your friends and followers will reciprocate and visit your site.

Another way of networking with others is to contact some fellow bloggers or people having similar sites as yours and ask them to promote your content on their page and do the same for them.

Create groups and pages

One of the ways of advertising your site or blog is to provide a platform to people sharing common interest for group discussions and sharing of ideas. Actively take part in those discussions and strategically refer them towards your site. Create pages defining your work. A trick to attract people to your content is to create a controversy because controversy always draws attention.

Adding Your Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Profile in Your site

This is one of the great things to do in order to get the interested people in your social list, simply add your Facebook profile to your website sidebar or about me page, also add Google+ & twitter accounts to your home page as well as about me page, so people who visit your website/blog will also be able to follow you on popular social networking sites. Now when you post a new post next time, all of them will see that post on social media and will visit the post.

Adding new life

One of the most important tool to gain traffic is, keep updating your profile keep adding new information, ideas, photos, videos, designs in this way people will be encouraged to visit your site again and again and most probably will encourage others to do so as well.

Sharing New Content is MUST

You must share your newly published content on all of your social profiles, if you are using WordPress then you can install a plugin which does the job for you automatically by submitting your new blog post to all of your social profiles. You can use Jetpack Plugin for this task. Moreover, if you are on blogger then do this task manually, but must share your new post on social media networks, at least on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Sharing your new content on StumbleUpon is also recommended. You can get 200 to 300 visitors in less than 2 hours for your new post.

Following the above steps will surely help you increase the traffic for your site without spending a fortune. All you need is good communication skills and a strategic mind.

Let me know if you have further questions or suggestions, you can post your ideas and views in comment section, I always try to respond to each comment when I see them :).

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