Friday , 14 September 2018

Tally Accounting Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

My recent post was just about Quick Book Computerized Accounting and now I am publishing the another tutorial on Tally Accounting in Urdu. Tally is also a simple and useful software of accounting and you can learn it easily in Urdu. This software was created by Indian programmers and it has a great help for Indian business as well as world accounting. If you have not yet watched the Peachtree Tutorial in Urdu and Quick Book Tutorial in Urdu then first watch them and then back to this page, because you must have the basic concept of these three software to become a skillful accountant. So the tally software can be learned easily by following video tutorials on this page.

The most important thing in tally is, it is very simple accounting software,  the simplicity of this software is actually the beauty of this software.

Tally in Urdu

Here is a complete video training series for learning Tally in Urdu & Hindi languages, the videos are in a single playlist, so you’ll only need to play one video and the another one will play automatically when the first one is finished.

So having learned Tally, You’ve become an accountant, and accounting is the backbone of any business now a days, accounting is very necessary for business related students and people.
You can share this course with all of your friends who want to learn accounting in shape of video tutorials. Also I’ll publish all these three tutorials together in a single post. So stay tuned.

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