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How to Submit Blog’s Sitemap to Bing Webmaster?

We already know about submitting blogger to Google Webmaster tools, but there are many friends who still don’t about submitting a sitemap to which is also a major search engine after Google. Bing has recently changed its a interface to completely a new one, therefore, this video tutorial was created to let you know about this new development. You can learn in Urdu & Hindi languages that how to submit your site to Bing’s new webmaster tools and how to submit sitemap.

blogger sitemap

Watch below video to learn this thing in Urdu & Hindi, however we’ll more talk below the video.

Bing webmaster new interface is great to use and easy to handle, this provides you a lot of resources. You can submit multiple sitemaps as well.

Bing search engine is number 2 search engine after Google, and Yahoo & Bing are now joined, you just need to submit your site/blog to only bing and Yahoo will automatically follow its servers.

After submitting your sitemap, few days later you can find all the data about your site such as top keywords, top pages, low pages, low keywords, search position etc.

Means, you can know about each and everything about your site that how it performs & displayed in Bing & Yahoo, this will definitely increase your visitors, and you’ll be able get visitors from bing as well. So this is very important in order to increase traffic.

We shouldn’t miss every single legal tip to increase our traffic. So best of luck and if you have questions then you can just leave them below the post, I reply to each comment posted here on this blog.

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