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How to Speed Up Your WordPress site in Urdu & Hindi

Yesterday, I published a post covering; how to secure your WordPress site in Urdu, In video tutorials I gave you some tips to make your site more secure. Now here are some tips about the performance of WP site. By watching today’s tutorials you can increase the performance and user interactivity of your WP sites. These tutorials actually teach you how to speed up your WP site using some great plugins. You can reduce the loading time of your WP site by 50%. Just let’s starting how to do it with our useful tips and tactics with Urdu video tutorials in hands.

wordpress speed up tips

Speeding Up your WP sites using W3 total Cache Plugin

This plugin is one of the greatest plugin which is used by millions of WordPress users these days. This is a framework developed for reducing the loading time of your website. This actually caches the pages, objects, photos and database queries when a visitor first time visits your site, later on, when the visitor comes back, the W3 plugin load the already cached pages,images and other data. So this saves the server time for loading the files again and again. After installing this plugin, you’ll see a 50% decreasement in your loading time, means your site will be loading faster.

Optimizing or compressing images for reducing loading time

for compressing or reducing the size of the images you can first use a photo editing software such as Photoshop, just open the image/photo in Photoshop and save it as for “Web & devices” so it will reduce 50% of the size of the image. This way you’ll save a lot of memory of the server. Also the image will be loaded faster in the browser. Moreover, you can use a plugin called “” which compresses your WordPress site’s images when they are uploaded into the posts or into the library. This plugin can also compress the images which are already uploaded before installation of this plugin.

Now here are the video tutorials which will practically show you to use these plugins and better your WP Site’s performance within very few minutes:

Video Tutorial for Using W3 Total Cache Plugin in Urdu

Video Tutorial for Optimizing Images & Plugin
So having watched these video tutorials, I hopefully can say, you’ll now be managing your WordPress sites more awesomely. Sharing this post is also a reward for you and us. And do as your questions in comment section, so we can further guide you. Take Care and stay blessed.

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