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Speed up Blogger Blogs by Compressing CSS Images Urdu/Hindi

A speedy blog always rocks, whether it is search engine or a visitor, all they like fast loading sites. If your blog is not loading fast then it can harm your traffic as well as search engines ranking. Because Google has stated that site’s loading time obviously affect the ranking & SEO position of the site.

Therefore, always take a serious care of your blog speed & loading time. Take every step that is necessary for reducing the loading time of your blog. There are many steps you can take in order to make your blog more faster, and one of them is to work on CSS images which are used in your blog’s template. Usually free blogger templates are created by third party designers, they use images as CSS properties like background images, icons, buttons etc. They save these images either on different blogger servers or on their demo blogs. You actually need to find all those images which are used in your blog’s template, then just make a draft post and re-upload all those images to your own blog. You can easily replace the images links with the images you uploaded to your own blog. This way you can speed up your blogger blog and this post is specifically for covering this thing.

speed up your blog

This task is not very difficult, its easy as 1,2,3. Just go to your blogger blog’s template page and click Edit HTML, now find this tag <b:skin>….</b:skin>, this tag basically holds all of your blog’s CSS styles, so you can easily find any CSS property you want. What you need to do is; just find the CSS background images which looks something like this:

You will find a lot of background images similar like the above one, just copy the URL of the image and paste it inside a new browser window, you’ll see that image which is already being used, just save that image in your local computer, and then create a new post inside your blog in order to re-upload the images. Now copy the image URL directly from that draft post where you’ve uploaded the image and replace it with the existing URL of the image. Repeat the steps until you save all the images to your local computer and replace them.

Here is the video tutorial in Urdu language which can make you understand more easily:

By watching above tutorial you can easily understand this procedure, and this video is the first video from our sister site ( which is for video tutorials. Onwards, we’ll always upload our video tutorials to and will also share them with you here.
Note: By compressing I don’t mean that we are compressing the images into a ZIP folder or something like that, I just named it by myself. So this way we can save all the images into one single draft post and then wherever we need, we can use them freely.
By using above trick, we can reduce the blog loading time at least by 30%, I have experimented it myself on my blog, it took me just few minutes to upload all the images to my computer and then re-upload them to the draft post. But the result was indeed awesome. You can do it too and it’s recommended by me.
Don’t forget to check your blog’s speed before and after the implementations by using this handy Google Tool:
Thanks for reading and watching this post, just take few more seconds to share this post on social media, and let me know in comments if you have further questions.

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