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Office #2, 1st Floor, Hotspot building, Main University road, Hassan Square, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan Phone:0341-2221498 Email:services.onlineustaad@gmail.com Web:www.onlineustaad.com
Phone: 0341-2221598 Email: services.onlineustaad@gmail.com
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We can boost up your business on the internet with organic traffic from search engines such as Google.com, we've a dedicated team to overcome all the SEO challenges for you. Read more →

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From a responsive web design project to a custom CMS, we know how to do it for you, your business grows on the internet when you get in touch with us, we have a team of professionals to make everything possible for you on the web. Read more →

These guys actually won my heart by doing such a great job for me, I now run my own business website myself without taking any professional training and it was only possible with onlineustaad.com's help. Thank you

Zainab Hashmi, DesiMomCooking.com

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  • 1 OCT
    Free SEO Tutorials:
    SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization) which means you can get thousands of visitors from search engines i.e Google.com and Bing.com, and we've already given a number of free tutorials in Urdu you can watch below: Oct 1, 2013 | SEO Tutorilas by Us
  • 1 Nov
    PHP & MySQL Web Development
    We are a team of professional web developers who know how to develop themes, CMS (Content Management System) and applications for your business, so here is our free stuff: NOV 1, 2013 | Free Web Developement Tutorials
  • 1 DEC
    Dreamweaver Tutorials in Urdu
    Dreamweaver is a great software to design websites and to create web applications, we are experts in this and have already created a number of websites using this tool, here is our series of free tutorials in DW. DEC 1, 2013 | Learn Dreamweaver in Urdu

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SEO We are in the market for last 4 years and we've been doing SEO for our own websites as well as clients' websites over the years. We don't claim anything, but yes, we try to do our best in order to be more creative in our profession. We don't say anything, but yes, our clients say and our previous work show that how we take every project very seriously in order to be more engaged with our customers. You can try us out for once and we'll not leave you along, This is our promise with you.
If you have a business or company, and you don't have a website then you are losing a huge online potential for your business. You must create your website today in order to be more successful in your business. We are here to help you out from A to Z in web designing, we can give you all the procedure for creating a website, for customizing a website and moreover, for marketing your website on the internet. This is all possible if you contact us and give us your web designing project. We're ready to work for you in this regard..
Every business or website needs to offer fresh and unique content to their visitors and subscribers in order to get a good ranking in search engines. We can do this job for you at a reasonable price, we can create content for your websites for a long time. We are having more than 3 years experience in creating content for different companies and websites. We write on all topics related to Information technology.
Do you want to create a video testimonial for your website or company online? if so then we are the best choice for you. We can create professional video testimonials, tutorials and introductory videos for your business and websites. We can record video testimonials in male's voices as well as female. Whatever you need from us regarding video creation, just let us know your requirements and we'll be doing our best for you. We can create video tutorails, introductions, presentations and testominials in Urdu, English and in Pashto.
We publisize your website on the internet within very short time, if you want to grow your business/website as quickly as possible then you may use all of our marketing services such as SEO, Google Adword, Facebook Compaigns, Social media compaigns and all other free and paid tools in order to bring thousands of customers towards your business within a short time. We can promote your business and websites using our mega websites, using our social media pages as well as we can show your website to millions of our visitors and subscribers.

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