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SEO Keyword Density Video Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

Keyword Density in SEO is a very important component and everyone should be having awareness of it. I’ve created a video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi languages which can guide you that how you can measure your articles’ Keyword density in order to make it balanced for search engines. So that they can’t ban you for over optimization or something bad you’ve done to them. Let’s watch the video first and below the video I’ll guide you further.

SEO Keyword Density

Here is the video you can watch to learn Keyword Density:

Having watched the video tutorial I hope you’ve taken it seriously, but let me explain it to you in a little more details.

What is Keyword Density?

The keyword density is the percentage of words/keywords in your article, if you’ve written an article of 500 words then you can maximally use the keyword in the article 15 times, because 3% percent is the highest degree of keyword density, however, you should be trying to use 2%.

For example: if you have written an article about SEO Tips in 2013 then the SEO word is the main keyword along with the tips, so you can only use the word SEO 2% in your entire article, you can use word counter software or tools to count your total words and then find the keyword as well. This all is described in the video tutorial above, however here is a tool which can make the job easier for you, do use it:

This is a great tool for knowing that how much keyword density does your article have. So make it use for checking the density of your articles.

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