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How to Identify a Scam Website in Pakistan?

Internet is without any doubt a great invention and has given a lot to the humanity in terms of providing free information and opportunities for everyone regardless religion, language, country and cast. But as every invention has two sides, the one which people positively use for better serving the humanity and the another one is using it for negative activities. And the same thing is happening with the internet since its invention. People use it for researching and publishing their stories, and also to buy any stuff online, companies use it for selling their products, for providing services and a lot more. While, there are a few number of people who use internet for bad activities such as making some people fool and getting money from them. There are hundreds and even thousands of scam websites which takes money from people for jobs or income and then don’t give that money back. Some scam websites offer online jobs and home-based work and when the users reach their withdrawal amount, they refuse to pay the payment, and don’t do a fair business with its customers.

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So in this article we’ll be addressing a very common issue called “Scam Websites” or it might also be called “Fraud websites”, I’ll give you some tips to identify whether a website is “Scam” or “real”. So after reading this article, its your turn to identify the website you are going to do a business with or a deal with. Alhamdullillah, I have common sense myself and have never been scammed by anyone on the internet. And I’ll share the same measures with you which I use for checking a website and its credibility.

How people are scammed on the internet?

I received many emails, SMS and comments from our readers and some people who were complaining that some sites or a site scammed them and didn’t refund their money back. They mostly complain about their own money which was taken from them by “Scam websites” in order to provide them benefits and income, but there was neither income nor the invested money was given back. My answer to all those brothers and sisters is; why didn’t you ask someone for the reality and credibility of that website before investing your money there?, if you quietly did everything yourself and then you came to know you’ve been plundered then why you are asking people to get your money back from them, but at the time you were blindly investing your money, you didn’t ask anyone.

How to Identify a Scam website?

So here I come with few indications that are given by the “Scam websites” themselves, which are common in each and every website who are doing bad business with people. Here is the list of those common indications which you must consider in order to identify whether the website is scam or not? and should you invest your money or not:

  • Mostly scam websites offer “Guarantee” on everything, even they offer you lifetime money back guarantee
  • Scam websites mostly don’t have the real owner or contact numbers on their websites
  • Scam websites mostly try to hide their country and office address
  • Scam websites are always designed with “colors” and “Shiny” words, so that one may be inspired by them easily
  • Most of the scam websites tell you a shortcut for getting success or making money online

The above are few indications which you can use to identify a scam website or a fraud company, but there are a lot more to be pointed out when making a decision about the reality of a website on the internet.

Some websites offer services like SEO, Web Designing, Web Development and making money online etc in Pakistan. So if you want to get any of their services then kindly first check their own ranking and reputation as well as their history in the market.

You can check anyone’s ranking using different tools such as, and many other tools. You should also check the projects they have already done and ask their customers for more satisfaction. If their customers told you about their services and customer support that would be an extra information for you before making any decision.

If anyone is just offering you services they have not expertise in then it might be harmful for you in the future. you might lose your money as well as precious time.

My message is particularly for Pakistani users who are mostly being affected by scam sites because they mostly don’t consider the factors which I mentioned above. So be aware and do a comprehensive research before you join any website that asks you for investment.

Last Thing: 

In USA and western countries even the governments are taking care of people and making them aware from losing their money. So you can take a look at this FBI’s page for increasing your knowledge more and more in order to be on safe side:

There are however some other websites which can help you to detect how a website is secure and reliable, so you may always use these websites to check more about the website you are going to do any business with:

Note: All the above information provided by us is just for common awareness about identifying the spamming and fraud websites, we have not mentioned any particular website or company, its just for general purpose to identify a website or company on the internet.

Let me know in comments if you have further questions or you want to add any suggestions to this post, so people may get more help from your suggestions. Thank You!

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