Top 5 Methods to Receive Online Payments in Pakistan

There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of new people coming into online business every single month from Pakistan. The same is happening around the world, but in developing countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the growth is more rapid because of the damaged economy and financial crises. Mostly, people try to find internet the only way they can make their life better with, and thus, everyone wants to either start blogging, freelancing, online business or anything on the internet to make money online. But the problem is; most of the people don’t know how to get their Payments from online companies/people when they do/complete a project. And this is one of the major concerns people share with me every single day. Therefore, I’ve decided to write on this issue and to provide you some available options/methods to receive your payments online and then somehow withdraw it either in Pakistan or in any part of the world. So carry on reading.

online payment services

Top 5 Services to Receive Payments Online?

In this post, we are gonna discuss which services/methods you can use to receive your payment on the internet and then transfer to your bank or debit card. I’ll give you a list of top 5 services which you can use to receive your payments online, while there are many other methods out there which can also be used to receive your money. But the most famous are these 5 which I’m gonna share on this page.

Note: You must have a valid Bank Account, a Debit Card (Visa or Master), Mobile no and postal address in order to complete your registration and account over these websites/platforms I’m just going to share with you.


paypal online services

Paypal is without doubts the most secure and the most popular online transaction service, and the great thing is; Paypal is accepted by almost every merchant online. It supports more than 100 countries worldwide. You can easily receive, send and withdraw money if you are in a country which is supported by Paypal, but unfortunately, as a country Pakistan is not supported by Paypal, therefore, you can’t use it directly in Pakistan, but there are alternative ways to use it and one of those methods we’ve already published on this website here:

#2. Skrill/MoneyBookers

Skrill payment service

Skrill also called “moneybookers” is the second best method/service to receive/send/withdraw money/payments online from around the world. You just need to have a bank account, a debit card (usually your ATM Card) and a postal address on which you can receive any document send by Skrill. So if you have above facilities then you can easily use Skrill in Pakistan and by this method you can easily receive your money directly into your Bank account or your debit card. Skrill supports more than 150 countries around the world and thousands of online merchants. It is mostly used by overseas Pakistanis to send money to Pakistan. Here is the link to join:

#3. (AlertPay)

Payza transaction services

This is the third in my list, Payza formerly called “AlertPay” is also a well-known online service for transactions, sending money, receiving money and doing shopping online. To use Payza in Pakistan you can read one of our previous tutorials on this blog in which we’ve covered all the procedures from creating an account to withdrawing money. So you should read that in order to know more about it, here is the link to that tutorial:


Webmoney online

WebMoney is another service you can use for receiving money online, you can also send money to your friends around the world as well as you can buy things on the internet using WebMoney. All you need to do is; having a bank account with Standard Chartered, UBL or Askari Bank, and you will also be having a debit card (usually visa ATM card), so you can create an account and start using WebMoney services, however, it is not supported by every merchant, but somehow you can use it for sending money and receiving money from around the world. Here is the link to join Webmoney:


PerfectMoney online

PerfectMoney is another solution for you, it also supports Pakistan as a country, while you can send money to anyone on the internet, can receive money from anyone online and moreover, you can shop online whenever you want. You’ll have to add your bank account, visa card and some other information in order to create an account and start receiving payments. Here is the link to Join:

Payoneer as a Bonus

If any of the above methods don’t suit you, then don’t worry, here is one more alternative for receiving money directly into your “MasterCard“, Payoneer is one of the online services which provides you a “MasterCard” and you can use that MasterCard to receive money from more than 900 companies on the internet. While it also provides you a US based bank account which you can use to collect funds from online companies and later on you can withdraw your money using your payoneer “MasterCard” from selected ATMs in Pakistan i.e Faysal Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank and Askari Bank. First you’ll have to create an account with Payoneer then you’ll have to wait upto 25 days to receive your Payoneer MasterCard and after receiving the card you can then receive money and withdraw money from selected ATMs in Pakistan. Here is the link to join Payoneer:

Important Note: 

All of the above mentioned companies are free to join and they don’t take a single penny for creating an account, while whenever you send money to someone or receive money from someone, they will charge their normal transaction fee which may be vary by each service provider, while most of the time they charge you 1% to 3% fee depends upon the amount of the transaction.

Let us know your questions in the comment section, also mention more online services if you know, so our readers can get benefits from it. Thank you for reading this long post. 🙂

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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  • I Always prefer Paypal as it easier and its Best for me !

    • Yes Aditya, it is the best option available, but the problem with it is; it doesn’t support Pakistan, therefore, we can’t use it directly in Pakistan.

      • chetan anand

        please sir make a video about all instruction,term and condition and how to transfer money from paypal to bank account,,,in HINDI pze pze pze pze pze,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        for all other user like out of pakistan

        • OK, will try to do it soon. Stay Tuned!

      • Kashif Mehmood

        i working and there is the payment method of paypal and

        ePrePayNow VISA Debit Card but i have Payoneer master card plz help me how i can with draw amount through payonee .


        i have created pay pal account but country mentioned is United Arab Emirates plz help me what i can do.

        Thanks and Regards

      • Jazeb

        Dear wali Khan.
        I got paypal account thrugh urs instruction. but now the confusion is that my given address which i gave to an online company and paypal address are not matched so company not released my payment. kindly instruct me that at one side my address from Pakistan and in paypal my address from USA. waiting for urs help.

      • hassan naseer

        Yara i applied for payoneer and i uploaded my national id card copy for verification but they refused becoz i think it was in urdu thats why……….what to do??????????

        • syed usama

          same here… I am also looking for this question

        • If you are facing problem with payoneer then use your passport, Driving Licence etc for your name verification and for address use your utility bill. Hope so you understand now…

      • muhammad Rafiullah

        Wali Khan bhi how are you hope you will be all right. Dear i am working in freelancer projects . I have an account in Askari Bank ….I want to withdraw money form freelancer to direct my bank account wihich is the best and safe way you recommend please guide me tnak you dear

  • gr8 info ; dear liberty-reserve and moneybookers k baray ma kya khayal ha ;;

    please dear send my data . thanks …

    • Hello bhai,
      MoneyBookers and Skrill is the same service with different names, while Libertyreserve has been closed a while ago. So it is no longer live.

  • salam.
    how we can load money to our Payoneer card within Pakistan ??
    what mathod we should use to load it.
    Hope to hear u soon.

    • muhammad bilal

      Answer of this Comment plz

  • Nice Information Bro Thanks For Sharing.

    • You are most welcome Mughees! Thumbs UP

  • Sir tell me how i can get adsense payment using payoneer debit card. 2. Can we transfer adsense payments to paypal or not??

    • You can’t get your Adsense payment using Payoneer card, and also Adsense doesn’t support Paypal as a Payment method. You can only receive your Adsense earning by Western Union or Check in Pakistan.

    • nk khan

      Hi dear, how to work on adsense please give me information.

  • Paypal is accepted by almost every merchant online, and the bad thing is that Pakistan is not accepted by Paypal.I am finding answer for this question for many years, that why Paypal doesn’t accept Pakistan?????

    • Not Pakistan but Paypal doesn’t accept Pakistan as a country because of many legal and laws problems, Paypal is a US based online service, so they look for each and everything while allowing their service in a particular country, for each country they have specific requirements, and thus, Pakistan is not included even in their supported countries due to some not implemented laws and rules which are mostly broken in Pakistan easily. I hope you’ll get an answer from this comment.

      • Humm Thanks! Bhai, again our government is not serious about this issue, I got the answer why paypal is not available in pakistan. and just can hope for better in future.

        • That’s great brother you got it now. in Pakistan we can only hope for better things to happen. 🙁

      • safwan

        yes bro maira bhi yehi question hai k paypal q nahi hai available Pakistan main kia wajha hai.

        aur main skrill say payza main money transfer karna chata hun lakin ho nahi pa rahi aap k paas koi method hai jis say main skrill say money payza main transfer kar sakun

  • nice wali bhai

  • These are great five method to receive online payment. PayPal is most secure way to receive payment. Thanks dear for sharing.

  • wali bhai which the option is to be selected in paypal account as Personal or Business??both r free??plzzz tell me..thnnxxx

    • Personal is ok for you.

    • pakistan main paypal nahi hai ham paypal account kase banainge aur than is se payoner ka kase transfer karinge

  • A/w,
    Wali bhai,

    i want to know if any user can submit post on my wordpress site, if duplicate content submit by user then automatically reject from my wordpress site.

    Any plugin for this or setting please reply soon. wtng!


  • A.O.A Wali bhai main fiverr pay kam kar rha hun, or fiverr k throgh Payoneer ka master card b receive kar chuka hun, $16 already fiverr me hain lekin min $20 limited hai tb ja k withdrawable hongy, main bs ye jan’na chahta hun k mujhay kisi bank account ki zrort to nahi hain withdraw k liye? kya mainkahen say b draw karwa sakta hun?

  • Thanks for share this post wali bhai,its really helpful and write every point with detail,keep it up brother.

  • I am using payza since 2010 and it is one of the best service available online. There are many companies who offer withdrawals in paypal only and the users like me avoid those just because of non-availability of paypal in Pakistan. You have shared a good post on it and atleast I have learned a lot from it. Good sharing

  • Thankss for this best information. Apnay bohat bari probem hamari solve kar dii thannkss again.


    Salam AbdulWali bhai please tell about posscode which is require in paypal account money transfer to payoneer .I also want to know that about social security number which is require in payoneer account.

  • Please tell me about Eprepaynow Visa Debit Card. I want my Payment on Now 3 days left for my card reach here. Today is 38th Day. My Eprepaynow Visa Card approved application date is 5th December 2013. Now 3 days left My card reach here. Please tell after 42 days card will must reach here?????????????????????


  • waqar

    Sir how much fee Skrill charge if we withdraw money here in Pakistan? Any Idea?

  • Asslam u Alaikum Sir Please Visual BAsic ka Full Course Upload Kren Please Mai Wait Krunga Please

  • Sir Can You Please Tell Me That How Can I Pay Go daddy for the domain registration.I Have Ubl Debit Card but I doesn’t work.

  • Sir One week ago I singup for Payoneer to get master card but unfortunately. I have no many skill to work as a freelancer now get result soon from odesk. the message i received from the payoneer is given below. but my purpose only was to get master card soon.. now what shoud I do for this problem.. can u help me in this trouble

    Dear Muhammad Irfan Abbas,

    We are happy to inform you that your application for a Payoneer account has been received and that you have just one more step left before we can review it.

    Once you have an available balance in your oDesk account to make a withdrawal, please go to your oDesk wallet and click “withdraw” to perform the withdrawal to your Payoneer account.

    Please contact us as soon as you submit a withdrawal so we can review your Payoneer account applications and send you your card.

  • Dia khan

    Dear sir! can skrill be used safely and legally for receiving money from india to pakistan or vice- versa?

    • yes dear, Skrill is safe and it supports Pakistan & india fully as countries.

      • Arslan Arif

        sir aap online typing jobs plz plz plz upload karin

    • Mohammad Luther

      In my experience you can receive and transfer payment via Skrill it’s safe

  • PerfectMoney is best for me 🙂
    Easly we can exchange also

    • safwan

      salam bhai kia hum perfect money use kar saktay hain pakistan q k main nay check kia hai k perfect money walon nay apni site change kar di hai .com say kisi aur par…Thanks.

  • This article was really needed because many users online have problem getting payments in Pakistan so this is a great article and great work by you Wali Bhai.

  • Fahad Smart

    Dear Wali,

    I have applied for payoneer since feb but i have not gotten payoneer card yet can i retry?

    • Yes You can

    • Mohammad Luther

      did you upload your picture id back in Feb ?

    • muhammad mubashar

      dear fahad if you have tried for first time and haven;t got it try again.otherwise if its second time.prefer express shipping.

      • Knowsherwan

        Dear M Mubashar. How to choose Express Shipping. It only asks for the mail address. Please send snap of express shipping option if possible. Thanks. Im adil

  • sir mera paypal account payoneer se linked hy par limited hy kia mn is se money receive ker sakta hun?

    • safwan

      salam bhai kia hum perfect money use kar saktay hain pakistan q k main nay check kia hai k perfect money walon nay apni site change kar di hai .com say kisi aur par

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  • w/salam, I think Paypal ma receive kar sakte hai.

  • sam

    My bank which is albaraka dont have visa logo card. Can i use it for skrill or any other online bank

    • Yes, you can use by attaching your bank account to Skrill, but master card or visa card is more better, actually your ATM card becomes your master or visa card.

      • safwan

        salam bhai mujhe aik problem aa rahi hai main skrill say money send karna chata hu payza main. skrill walay mujhe send nahi karnay daytay payza main . please help kar dain mairi..Thanks..

  • Mudassir

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  • Narin Atsu

    There are also global services as 2Checkout, Paysera and ProPay available for taking card payments. I think they are worth having a look at, as they are safe services, tested by many users and can provide payment solutions for different types of products.

  • M.Daniyal Subhani

    i have my payoneer card, how can i add in webmoney. please tell me step by step. . Thank you

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    • islamabad awan

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      • why not

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  • Saif Suleman

    Assalam u alaikum brother!

    I want to know if Skrill is better than Payza for use in Pakistan? Which one offer their services with lower fees? Kindly guide me on this please. Thanks.

  • iftikhar shamsi


    I want some of # deposit to foreign bank account and then i received money their can i do this?

    • Did not understand your question!

    • Mohammad Luther

      Yes you can do that

  • Arham Ahmad

    Hi! I was signing up for skrill, and I saw that skrill asks our currency, and Pakistani currency PKR was not listed, so what should I do?

  • Masood Alam

    nice Post Like it 🙂
    for Blogger peoples.

  • Ahsan sheikh

    Can you answeerd my question When i use to Direct Bank Transfer/Local Funds Transfer for withdraw so $ Automatically change into Pkr ???

    • in most cases, it’ll automatically change because you have PKR account.

  • bari khatri

    Sir abdul wali mera payoneer master card active hai par me jahan b card number dy raha hun to wo wrong bol raha hai … plzzz help me …

    • Mohammad Luther

      did you deposit funds in your Payoneer account ? and what was the payment method did you use to deposit payment in your Payoneer account ?

      • Applicationz developaz

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        • Mohammad Luther

          Hi, i am not a professional one but you can email me your credentials. let me see what can i do for you.

  • mohsin tahir

    Bhai dailymontion say paisy kama ne ka tareka bata den plz

  • mohsin tahir

    Maine bhut video dekhe hain par aun sub k 6 months porane hain abb aus tarha k dailymontion nahi aap sahi tareqa bata den publisher account ka aur official account ka

  • suhaib

    Assalam o alaikum
    sir i applied for payonner master card back in januray. they said that it would arrive between 3 to 10 february. but i have not recieved any card yet. i dont know what to do? please help in this matter….

  • suhaib

    Assalam o alaikum
    sir i applied for payonner master card back in
    januray. they said that it would arrive between 3 to 10 february. but i
    have not recieved any card yet. i dont know what to do? please help in
    this matter bro Abdul Wali….

    • Enan Samuel

      Make sure your billing address is of Pakistan where you are living. And you can contact payoneer from Contact us and join their live chat session and ask them why haven’t you received card

  • Enan Samuel

    I got my payoneer card in 5 days but unfortunately its not working with paypal. Now I am going to try web money

  • Muzammel Raza

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  • Taimoor Ali

    Dear Abdul Wali,

    I have Bank Al Habib Account in Pakistan and I intend to work with freelance, Please describe me how can I receive payment from freelance in my Pakistan bank account I don’t have any Visa or Credit card and freelance ask me to insert Visa or Credit card (any) in his application form please help me in this regards


  • Abdurehman Yousaf

    Aoa Brother Wali!

    In Pakistan we have connected our paypal account through payoneer account and getting payments from my udemy courses through paypal and then transfer to my payoneer mastercard.But now paypal is not accepting payoneer virtual bank account anymore.Is their any alternative to get payments from my udemy courses ?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Rizwan Khan

    how can i Receive Payments Online Skrill and Payza..?
    koi guide kry ga ?

  • nice one thanks for sharing

  • very nice topic

  • janga manga

    I am in the process of building my website for Online selling. I have registered on Payoneer & Payza. I already hv Master Card & Visa Card. Do I need a Login & Registration Form and a Payment Form for Buyers ?

  • Can I use Auction Essistance PayPal accounts to receive money in my home country Pakistan?

  • The page is about ways to receive payments in Pakistan, and begins with Paypal? Am I the only one who finds something wrong with this?

  • Hamza Saleem

    Can i buy hosting and ssl certificates with web money?

  • Samreen S

    I wanna ask that Paypal is not available in Pakistan So how can we link a Payoneer & skrill account to paypal account
    that we can use paypal service legally in Pakistan.