Thursday , 4 January 2018

Complete Quick Books Accounting in Urdu & Hindi

Accounting can be declared as BackBone of any business. The Quick books is the second popular software which is used to meet accounting tasks. I already published a complete video training playlist about Peachtree accounting in Urdu and now you will see a complete video tutorial of Quick Book in Urdu. Quick book is another major software for accounting, and this is also necessary to learn if you want to be working in business management. It’s very useful software for everyone who are intend to start their career in commerce or business management. Let’s get started to learn it Urdu.

quick book in urdu

Now here is the playlist for learning QB accounting in Urdu language, all videos are in a single playlist, so you can just play one video and the another one will be playing automatically.

Apart from Quick book there are many other software out there, which are also used for accounting purposes, and you should have a basic understanding of all of them, for example the three major accounting software you must know such as Peachtree (already published on this blog), Quick Book and Tally. So in our upcoming tutorial you’ll learn about Tally, we’ll publish a complete video course of Tally accounting which is an Indian accounting software.
Note: This course is created by Awais Kamran who is an accounting and has a website

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  • nice post wali bhai

  • Bhatti

    Great help for the community. Allah bless you.


  • abdullah

    Dear sir please show me how to print bank statements in Quick Book if you can shear the link in my email address thank you so much Allah Bless you

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    a.o.a sir im new user i saw ur web site its very good website im b comer i want complete video tutorials of peachtree,tally,erp,autocad, adobe photo shop & corel draw beacose i like these softwares pls upload all software tutorials

    • w/salam,
      You can watch computerized accounting tutorials on YouTube, because we are specializes in web designing, web development and online marketing.