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Promote Blogger Post Title to H2 for Better SEO?

Blogger is full of treasures and advantages. We need to explore the hidden options. Last time I talked about Optimizing Blogger Labels, Archives & Comment Links and today I am gonna tell you in a video tutorial in Urdu that how to promote headings in Blogger and drive more traffic from search engines. As you already know, how important the headings are. Headings are the most important part of an article and they should be used correctly and wisely. In Blogger, by default heading 1 (h1) has given to blog title. While the H2 has been set for widget titles and the data & timing appearing right at the top of your blog’s post body. and the H3 is set for every post title. That is a default setting by blogger itself but, we can change it any time we want. We will change the H3 to H2 and H3 to H2. Because the post titles are the most important line in a web page through search engines’ spiders eyes and we should care of it. Post titles must be given H2 instead of H3 or H4. So in this post we will learn how to do this.

Blogger SEO in urdu

How to change Blog title from H3 to H2 in Urdu?

Below video tutorial is completely in Urdu language and I will keep posting video tutorials on SEO and blogger in the future. to promote Blog headings just do this following:

  • Go to your Blog Dashboard
  • Edit HTML Template
  • Press: CTRL+F to find H3
  • Just Replace H2 with all the H3 tags you see.
  • You’re Done!
Now here is the video tutorial for doing this

Need Help
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