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Top 12 Bloggers and Blogs in India

Bloggers have been making great money these days and also are getting good recognition around the world. Like any other country, India also has a great trend in youngsters towards blogging. Here is the list of top 12 bloggers of India; these bloggers are mentioned below with their bio data, pictures and a small piece of descriptions related to their blogs.

We’ve actually started a new series of top blogs and bloggers from around the world. And as all of us know that India has a Big name in Information technology. India has produced world class software engineers and programmers. And same goes in blogging, there are many popular bloggers & blogs out there belong to India. And thus, we’ve created the first list of top blogs & bloggers country wise starts from India.  Here we Go!

Top 12 Indian bloggers

One thing more, we’ll give you the information of each blog & blogger in the list, also we’ll give you approximate earning of each blogger. And mostly these bloggers are earning money with Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and Product Reviews. So you can take an Idea from it.

#1. of Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal of labnol

This blog is considered as the top blog in India mainly based on Technology. This blog, which was launched by an author Amir Agarwal back in 2004, publishes amazing tips, trick, news, updates and other stuff related to technology. The blog has been many times featured in top magazines and outlets such as Times of India and Hindustan Times.

Info & Est. Earning:

  • Author: Amir Agarwal
  • Monthly Income: 10000$ approx
  • Google PR: 6
  • Alexa Worldwide: 2627
  • Alexa India: 365
  • Site Linking In: 9689

#2. AmitBhawani.Com of Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani indian blogger

This blogger is considered as the 2nd most rated blogger in India. Just like labnol, blogs made by Amit Bhawani are also based on the theme of technology. This blogs gives the latest news and updates in the field of technology and was launched by Amit Bhawani in 2007.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Amit Bhawani
Monthly Income Approximately: $2200
Google PR: 4
Alexa Worldwide: 34,634
Alexa India: 5,099
Site Linking In: 1,1100

#3. of Prabhu Desai

prabhu desai indian blogger

This top blog in India gives the information about technology and also business related niches. Not only writing on these topics, the blogger also likes to write stuff related to stock market, finance and sometimes even politics.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author : Prabhu Desai
Monthly Income Approx: $800
Google PR: 5
Alexa Worldwide: 18,882
Alexa India: 1,279
Site Linking In: 1,458

#4. of Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas Tamada indian blogger

9lessons is also among the top blogs in India. This blog mainly focuses on the stuff related to web programming field, and publishes news related to web development, web designing, social media and programming etc.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Srinivas Tamada
Monthly Income Approx: $1000
Google PR: 4
Alexa Worldwide: 8,008
Alexa India: 1,239
Site Linking In: 1272

#5. NirmalTv.Com of Nirmal Balchandran


This blog is one of the top rated blogs in India. Nirmal Tv provides information and articles on technology advancements, Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 & 8), social networking tips, cell phones tricks and web and android applications. This blog was started in October 2005.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author : Nirmal Balachandran
Monthly Income:$1200 Approx
Google PR: 4
Alexa Worldwide: 26,203
Alexa India: 5,751
Site Linking In: 1,770

#6. of Rahul Banshal

Rahul Bansal Indian blogger

This blog is lead by two writers namely Mr. Aditya Kane and Mr. Sauravjit. It started at the end of 2006 and has written more than 1000 articles since then. This blogs gives news and stuff related to technology, gadgets and social networking.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Rahul Banshal
Google PR: 4
Monthly Income Approx: $1200
Alexa Worldwide: 23,908
Alexa India: 4,798
Site Linking In: 2,557

#7. of Raju PP

raju pp indian blogger

TechPP is another top blog that gives information related to technology. This blog is lead by one of the most talented blogger in the field of computer engineering. It also gives information related to technology tips and updates.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Raju PP
Monthly Income Approx: $1500
Google PR: 4
Alexa Worldwide: 18,707
Alexa India: 3,684
Site Linking In: 1,897

#8. ShoutMeLoud.Com of Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal indian blogger

This blogs contains different stuff compared to the rest. ShoutMeLoud mainly focuses on making money online, web tools, internet tools, business and marketing through internet. SEO, WordPress etc. It also provides latest tips and tricks related to blogger platform and WordPress.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Harsh Agrawal
Monthly Income Approx: $3000
Google PR: 4
Alexa Worldwide: 3461
Alexa India: 387
Site Linking In: 3234

#9. of Amir Agarwal

Srinivas Tamada indian blogger

This top rated blog is based on information related to buying and selling stuff. MouthShut helps its users in making informed shopping decisions by providing reviews on different businesses and brands from small scale business to large corporations.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Amir Agarwal
Monthly Income Approx:$2500
Google PR: 4
Alexa Worldwide: 3,644
Alexa India: 302
Site Linking In: 3,994

#10. of Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh Indian blogger

This fully technology based blog comes in the top 10 list because of its ratings. This blog was started by Mr. Jaspal Singh in 2009 and provides amazing news related to tips and tricks in the field of technology.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Jaspal Singh
Monthly Income Approx: $2000
Alexa Worldwide: 19,631
Google PR: 4
Alexa India: 5000
Site Linking In: 1,334

#11. of Imran Uddin

Imran-Uddin-indian-blogger is also one of the popular Indian blogs which is maintain by a Young Pro-Blogger Imran Uddin from India. The blog is mostly focusing on SEO, Making Money, Blogger Tips, Affiliate Marketing Tips and Web Designing tricks. This blog has a very good reputation across Indian and all over the world.

Info & Est. Earning: 

Author Name: Imran Uddin
Monthly Income Approx: $1000
Alexa Worldwide: 16,500
Google PR: 4
Alexa India: 15,50
Site Linking In: 978

#12. of Pradeep Kumar


HBB is among the top technology blogs in India and is awesomely managed by Pradeep Kumar, he started this blog few years ago and now it is having a very Good Alexa Ranking and online reputation. The blog is updated with new content every day about social media, making money, WordPress, SEO etc, and has a regular community of authors who write fresh articles for HBB.

Info & Est. Earning:

Author Name: Pradeep Kumar
Monthly Income Approx: $1000
Alexa Worldwide: 20,300
Google PR: 4
Alexa India: 4100
Site Linking In: 809

What Criteria we considered while creating this list?

We just considered the Alexa Rank, the monthly earning, the Google Page Rank and the authority of the blogs while creating this list, and this was just to let you know about the popular blogs and bloggers from India. However, there are many more great bloggers out there from India including female bloggers. But we hope we’ll include them in the future list of top 50 Indian bloggers. So we respect everyone who are not included in the list. They should always keep their spirit up.


We’ll create more such lists in near future, and the next list will be of top 10 Pakistani bloggers, so we hope you’ll wait for that great list of our Pakistani brothers.

Let us know if you already knew any of above mentioned blogs and bloggers from India and let us know your suggestions and more bloggers, so we can even update this list in the future. Thanks for reading this post. Sharing this list with your friends is also a great thing to do 🙂

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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