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Google Panda & Penguin Penality Checker & Recovery

Undoubtedly, organic SEO is in the hands of Google, Google is rolling out algorithmic updates every now and then, but when there is a major update such as Panda 4.1 or Penguin 3.0 then some webmasters/And/Or/bloggers get shocks after having seen a dramatic drop in their traffic suddenly after the update has been live. Many of my readers recently asked me about the latest Google Panda update (4.1) which affected many websites on individual page level, so the questions were about finding ways to know whether the website/blog has been hit by any of the Google’s Animals or not? and when the website/blog was hit?, and how to recover the site back to normal in case things have gone worst. I had these all questions in mind while I was creating a new Complete SEO 2015 Updated course in Urdu/Hindi, so I included step by step process about these Google algorithms, from Panda to Penguin and from Google Humming Bird to DMCA Pirate, I’ve explained and revealed everything in this one single course in Urdu. However, in today’s tutorial/video I’ll specifically explain to you knowing about which Google update has actually affected your website/blog and when it happened, and how to recover the traffic back.


What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is an algorithm which first released in 2011, and recently on 23 September 2014, its 27th updated rolled out. This is designed to detect websites having following factors:

So if Panda detected any of the above points in your site, it will give a penalty either side-wide or individually on page-level. However, you’ll see sudden drop in your traffic if you were caught by Panda.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin first came into being on 24 April 2012, and its latest version the Penguin 3.0 which rolled out on 23 October this year, it has been designed to detect sites/blogs having the following:

  • Unnatural Backlinks
  • Paid Backlinks
  • Keyword Stuffing (Over Optimization)
  • Irrelevant Backlinks
  • Bad Anchor Texts

So if it detected any of the above things in a website, it will give a penalty either side-wide or page-level according to the percentage of bad SEO practices.

How to Know About the Penalty?

Now, if you have been hit by any of these animals then you can simply go to your Google Analytic Account and can see the traffic graph, if there is a drop in the traffic, just note the date, now come to this page:

Here, you’ll find the history of Google algorithm updates, so if your traffic has dropped from next day the update or few days later of the update then simply understand that you’ve been hit by that specific Google update. Now you have time to work on the concerns areas of your website in order to bring your traffic back to normal.

Google Panda & Penguin Penalty Checkers

The above method was manually checking the penalty which is I think very easy, but if you want to use tools to check the penalties then you can use very simple tools to do so, visit the following site to check any Google algorithm penalty or Google sandbox:

And the another tool for specifically checking the Panda & Penguin penalties is the below one:

To use the above tool, You have to integrate your Google Analytic account to it, after you integrate your account, it will go through all of the traffic graph and will find whether there was a traffic drop when there was an update either Panda or Penguin.

How to Recover From Panda & Penguin?

If you were hit by any of these algorithms then you have to work hard and resolve the problems in your site as soon as possible, so in the next update, you’ll see much improvements in your traffic. Most of these penalties take place automatically, and rarely, you’ll be informed by Google, so better to work on the areas mentioned above, and you’ll get your traffic back. For Panda work on the content of your website, remove duplicate pages and add more fresh content to outdated posts. And for Penguin check for bad links / paid links or any links that are not relevant.

You can also watch below video in Urdu/Hindi to know about the factors which are involved in Panda and Penguin penalties, this video is on YouTube, so you need to open YouTube and then watch the below video.

After watching the video, I hope you’ve got all in this tutorial, but if you still have questions then don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comment section, I’ll be there to answer your questions. Meanwhile, you can check the New SEO 2015 Updated course in Urdu/Hindi which you can purchase in DVDs and this is all in one time complete SEO course.

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Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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