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Peachtree Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Accounting is a term which is used in Business, which is used in Banks. according to the old history of accounting it was done manually by the humans. But after computer invention scientist thought about computerized accounting and they made all the things easier for today’s humans. Now we can use easy tools to do accounting in our computers and we can easily make companies & other necessary forms in accounting software. There are several accounting software which are used for computerized accounting purposes such as Peachthree, Tally, Quick Book & Right One etc. A person of Commerce/accounting should learn at least three accounting software (Peachtree, Tally & Quick Book) to find a smart job in this field.

peachtree in Urdu

Learn PeachTree Computerized accounting in Urdu?

I am (Online Ustaad) not an accountant myself. Therefore I am recommending these video tutorials of Peachtree in Urdu which are created by one of our friends who has a website where you can completely learn accounting, because he is an accountant. I hope you will like this series of video courses.. I will also share Tally Tutorials in Urdu & Quick Book Video Tutorials in Urdu language.

Peachtree video tutorial  # 1
Peachtree video tutorial  # 2
Peachtree video tutorial  # 3
Peachtree video tutorial  # 4
Peachtree video tutorial  # 5
Peachtree video tutorial  # 6
Peachtree video tutorial  # 7
Peachtree video # 8
Peachtree video tutorial  # 9
Peachtree video tutorial  # 10
Peachtree video tutorial  # 11
Peachtree video tutorial  # 12
By watching above tutorials, you can simply learn complete Peachtree computerized account software, you’ll be able to use all of its important options by watching these tutorials. We’ll also publish other computerized accounting software such as Quick Book, Tally and Quick Point in Urdu language. You can also share this post with your friends so they can be benefited by these tutorials. Have a nice time and take care of your family and yourself.

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