How to Buy Themes & Scripts Online in Urdu/Hindi


Many people out there use pirated themes and scripts which results in frustration and poor user experience. I’ve been asked so many times by my readers about such themes and scripts which have destroyed their blogs/sites, in response to this, I always advise my readers to purchase the theme/template/script from the actual owner, so they will never face a problem. Today, I …

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Best Web Hosting Review in Urdu/Hindi

best web hosting in urdu hindi

Web Hosting is one of the first things you need for your website and online business. I receive questions from people on daily basis who ask me about the best hosting provider. Therefore, I had to take some time, and I researched about the best web hosing on the internet. I’ve found two companies which I can say are the …

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How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing in Urdu/Hindi


Over the past few years, Facebook ads have become very important for small businesses. For a quick start up and engagement with potential customers, you need to utilize Facebook ads. You can use Facebook ads for increasing page likes, website clicks, post reach and so many other things related to social media marketing & particularly Facebook marketing. I’ve created a video series …

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Apply for Online Jobs on in Urdu/Hindi

upwork-in-urdu which is formally known as is now the leading online workplace for independent contractors, companies and freelancers. Work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, and can be delivered either independently or within a time-frame. I was requested by our readers to create a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi about upwork process. I have explained about setting …

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How to Change Payee Name & Country in Adsense Account?

As an Adsense publisher, until a few years ago, you could not change payee name and country in your Google Adsense account, but now it’s possible to change these both. The reason is; because Google has expanded the options and features in its Adsense program over the last years and months, so that publishers can utilize all the options available to …

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Use Domain Branded Email as Gmail – Urdu/Hindi Tutorial


I was using my personal email address as professional email to communicate with clients and my readers for last couple of years. But finally, I’ve changed it to a Branded Email Address, the new email address is ““, on which you can send your emails onwards. The great thing I’ve done with this email is that I’ll receive all the emails …

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Digital/Online Marketing in Urdu/Hindi


Marketing simply means promoting something, it might be online or offline. Marketing exists since centuries when people used to do trading in the ancient age. However, the modern traditional marketing approach took place in the early 19th century, and it existed for a long period of time until the 21st century knocked the doors and the new era of marketing …

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Make Money Online Ways in Urdu/Hindi 2015


In the recent weeks, I got so many messages on Facebook and emails from people asking about making money online on the internet. I have already published many posts and videos on this topic but this time I thought to create a new video especially for those who recently requested me. This video will show a quick overview of the ways …

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How to Make Your Website Responsive & Fast in Urdu/Hindi


The good news is that mobile users/searches have surpassed the desktop users/searches in 2015. This was one of the major indications Google used to mention in their past announcements. The next generation is the mobile generation, so one can think that 2016 will be the year of mobile traffic and searches. And therefore, we must think on how to improve …

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How to Install & Use CloudFlare CDN in Urdu/Hindi


CDN = Content Delivery Network which is now a days used by most of the popular websites on the web such as Facebook, and many other. CDN is actually a life saver application which provides many benefits. The main advantages of using a CDN are such as website speed, Website Security and saving resources. For last couple of days, I was …

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