CSS Web Designing Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

css in urdu

As you may have noticed that now I am publishing complete tutorials at once. Today I am going to share complete CSS Video Training in Urdu language. CSS is totally a colorful language for styling websites and web pages. You can set a beautiful style for your website and then apply it on entire HTML document or a specified page.¬† …

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Blogger New Interface Complete Video Course in Urdu & Hindi

Blogger in Urdu

Few months back, Blogger changed the old interface to the new one forever. You can however, return to the old interface once again but it is not recommended for you because the future will be of New Interface. I earlier Published some video tutorials in Urdu about old Blogger interface but after¬† the changes in Blogger I received your queries …

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WordPress Complete Video Training in Urdu & Hindi

WordPres in Urdu

As you may know WordPress is a popular CMS system which is used by millions of web masters for creating self-hosted websites and blogs, this is the most popular and famous platform for creating websites and is built within PHP. You might also know that we recently moved from Blogger to WordPress due to a huge cruelty of blogger with …

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Complete Blogger SEO Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Blogger SEO in urdu

Hello World! In our SEO Video Tutorials Series in Urdu we had learned many things, and today it is another gift for you by Online Ustaad. Today We will learn complete Blogger SEO in Urdu language with video examples. I have recorded video tutorials in Urdu about optimizing your blog at blogger.om. I hope it will be very helpful for …

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Complete Ms Word 2007 Video Training in Urdu/Hindi

Ms Word in Urdu

Videos are much better than any text or image content in order to understand something practically. Therefore, we started this blog for making people understand, especially Urdu and Hindi users who despite trying don’t find helpful resources online. Having kept that in mind our main aim will be to provide you complete video courses of each software or program. In …

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