Saturday , 29 September 2018

Joomla Free Video Training in Urdu & Hindi

Joomla in Urdu

Joomla is a very easy CMS system to use for website designing, and to create website in a short period of time. Joomla is open an source CMS system and its source code or software can be freely download from Joomla’s website. Before this post, I published an introduction about Joomla in Urdu language, and due to shortage of time …

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Learn SEO Meta Tags in Urdu

SEO is becoming the popular searched term on the internet and especially people search for increasing blog/site visitors. But SEO has unlimited options to use and also to use correctly. Google Mama always advises the webmasters to read their webmaster tools quality guidelines and terms. Ok, lets come to the topic. Today I am would tell you about SEO Meta …

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Complete Video Tutorials of Inpage 2009 in Urdu

Inpage 2009 in urdu

Hello Guys! I hope you are enjoying the happiest moments of Your life! I promised you in my previous posts that I would share all computer courses completely in Urdu, so today I am publishing a complete course of Inpage 2009 in Urdu, I have created 14 video tutorials for you which will guide you step by step that how …

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Checking Existing Email in Database via PHP in Urdu

PHP mySQL Tutorials

As you might know that PHP is a server side scripting language which means that it needs a server for execution, in the same server we also use MySQL as a database for storing text data. And MySQL is mostly used with PHP, so you can insert any text data into MySQL database using PHP, you can also view that …

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How to Make Complete website in PHP & MySQL in Urdu

php website in urdu

Creating complete website in PHP had been one of my own dream, but now the time has come when I’m creating complete websites using only PHP codes, and that’s why I’ll be publishing some great web development stuff on this blog in near future. I previously published a series of tutorials in which we learn complete CMS & Website in …

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How to SEO Optimize images in Urdu?

optimize images in urdu

Internet is full of SEO tips and tricks and webmasters regularly read updated articles to learn more about this topic. There are dozens of components in SEO which should be separately looked into. Tips are the best way to even increase your blog traffic. So you can take advantage of others’ tips and you should also share SEO tips on …

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Never Copy Content From other websites

do not copy

This is actually a topic which is concerned the most now a days, everyone¬†forbid¬†others to not copy anyone’s content. This is because it is a time killing and time wasting practice. There are many reasons why you must not copy anyone’s content. Come on guys, it is not 2002, it is 2013 where everything is like a mirror, you can’t …

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How to Submit Blog’s Sitemap to Bing Webmaster?

blogger sitemap

We already know about submitting blogger to Google Webmaster tools, but there are many friends who still don’t about submitting a sitemap to which is also a major search engine after Google. Bing has recently changed its a interface to completely a new one, therefore, this video tutorial was created to let you know about this new development. You …

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Earn Money with Your Blog using Advertisements in Urdu

earn with ppc ads

The phrase making money online is not rare now, and is no longer a mystery. This phrase is among the words which are searched the most now a days. A rapid growth has been seen in the new users of internet for the sake of money, now hundreds of people join the internet not only for connecting with people but …

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CSS3 Box Shadow Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

CSS3 box shadow

In previous tutorial we learned about CSS3 Rounded Borders, but here is a another simple tutorial in which you’ll learn about box shadow in CSS, box shadow is a new property, which can add a beautiful shadow to a box model. You can easily implement it on any platform. So the video tutorial will practically guide you how to use …

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