Saturday , 29 September 2018

Top 5 SEO Friendly Blogger Templates in 2014

free blogger templates

Blogger is a platform which is still used by millions of people to create free blogs without spending a single penny. It also provides you a simple UI (User Interface) to manage your blog easily, no special programming skills are required to create & manage a blog on blogger. gives you free web hosting & a sub-domain (blogspot) all …

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Something About “” & Yourself!

Abdul Wali OnlineUstaad

Before starting this story, I’ll go back to 2009 when I for the first time came to know about “Making Money Online“, “Blogging”, “SEO” and these kind of terms, As a newbie, I was looking for knowledge in Urdu and was searching every single day to find something that could guide me a little bit to understand clearly about what …

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SEO Keyword Research – Top 6 Tools


With the passage of time, Google has made it quite tough for the blogs to get ranked better. So many rules and strategies have to keep in mind including proper use of keywords, well-engaged content, domain name, marketing, promotion as well as appropriate SEO. Without all these things, we can not even imagine of getting our blogs and websites ranked …

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How to learn English online in Urdu?

learn english in urdu

Learning English has become a necessity nowadays. Whether it is being taught at school level, college or university level, we all have to become perfect in this language. Why? The answer is quite simple because without English the survival of an individual in the tech and scientific world is quite impossible. If you are worried about how to learn English …

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How to use Facebook for Website Marketing?

facebook for marketing

Since the day facebook initiated its services, it became a perfect social media platform for the people to get in touch with their friends and family members around the globe. Now I can say this for sure that facebook is one of the strongest social networking websites and every day billions and trillions people make use of this social media …

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10 Killer tips to increase Blog Visitors in 2014


Generating more and more organic traffic towards a blog has become a necessity for survival in the World Wide Web. Many of us use to adopt the ways and tricks to increase blog visitors, so that we can enjoy huge earnings from adsense and affiliate marketing strategies. The urge to become dominating in the world of internet leads every blog …

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How to Pass Upwork Readiness Quiz Test in Urdu?

odesk readiness test now ( is one of the best marketplaces for freelancers, where one can use his/her skills to a find a suitable job for themself. Thousands of jobs are posted every single day on odesk by international clients. To get jobs & projects easily from the clients on your profile must be looking professional & strong. In this regard, you …

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Internet Online Business opportunities for Pakistanis

Online business in Pakistan

Doing online business is not so difficult even when you are living in a country like ours. It is true that online business opportunities are vastly available for the people living in USA, UK and other developed nations, just because the clients do not trust Asians a lot in terms of placing their orders or doing any business with. But …

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Best SEO Link Building methods in 2014


Link building is a must part of any SEO project. I must say ranking your website is incomplete without doing link building. your website’s link building is done in an appropriate way. If you are confused about what are the best SEO link building methods then not to worry, we would here give you an updated overview of the best …

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Top 10 Must to Learn SEO Tips for bloggers in 2014

top 10 seo tips for 2014

Survival of a blog depends upon how highly ranked it is. Getting high ranks in search engines is not a cup of tea. It requires proper use of keywords, link building and various other things which a blogger needs to be familiar with. Proper focus on writing as well as search engine optimization (SEO) is what can rank your blog …

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