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How to Pass Upwork Readiness Quiz Test in Urdu? now ( is one of the best marketplaces for freelancers, where one can use his/her skills to a find a suitable job for themself. Thousands of jobs are posted every single day on odesk by international clients. To get jobs & projects easily from the clients on your profile must be looking professional & strong. In this regard, you can pass some odesk tests to increase your jobs quota as well as increase chances to be hired by clients.

The first thing to work on is to create a good looking profile, you can create your profile within few minutes, and after creating your account you must add all the accurate information related to yourself, skills, education, experience and already done projects. So when you add all this information to your profile, it says your profile is “90%” complete, and you can only apply for 2 jobs a week, after you applied for 2 jobs in a week, you can’t apply for more jobs, you’ll have to wait until the next week. So to overcome this issue and increase your Job quota, you need to pass some odesk tests as well as mark your profile as “100%” complete, so clients can select you more easily for their jobs.

odesk readiness test

What’s Odesk Readiness Quiz?

After you add all the information to Odesk, you must pass some tests in order to increase your job quota, and the first & basic test you have to pass is called “Odesk Readiness Quiz“, this basically includes some easy questions about itself, so if you have studied the PDF book “Odesk Manual for Freelancers” then you may easily answer these questions, but if you haven’t read that then it would be a little bit difficult for you to pass this test, because all the answeres for this Quiz are included in that book which you can download from a given LINK below:

Download the above book in PDF and read it from starting to end, it gives you each and every single bit of information about how to work on properly. From creating a profile to passing a test and from apply a job to an interview cover letter, everything is explained very awesomely by Odesk team themselves. And of course, you can find all the answers to pass the Odesk Readiness test by reading above book completely.

How to Pass Odesk Readiness Test pass?

If you are still unable to pass odesk readiness quiz test then here is a video tutorial in Urdu language which will give you the insight to easily pass the odesk readiness test and increase your job quota upto 20 Jobs per week. After you pass this test, your profile will be considered as “100%” complete, and you’ll be rewarded some increment in your job quota. Here is the video:

Ok, so after watching this video, you can easily pass Odesk readiness test, however, if you want to build a more stronger profile then always try to pass more skills tests of your choice, so you can increase job quota more.
I’ll be sharing more tips regarding in upcoming days which will help you to find work easily on, but remember; always beleive yourself and try to learn more and more. So you get success one day Inshallah.

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