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New PHP+MySQL Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

PHP stands for Hyper Text Pre-Processor which is an open source web development language used for creating dynamic websites and web applications. This language has been very popular over the past few years, and today, millions of websites on the web use PHP as their main back-end development language. However, there is (formally ASP) in the market which is also used massively, but unlike ASP which is a Microsoft product, PHP has support for OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and many other features including very good security options, and PHP is an open source web development language. This is a complete course for learning PHP & MySQL, MySQL is used as a database with PHP which is also a popular software used by thousands of companies today for storing text information.

Before going to watch this course, consider the following new tutorials:ย 


Before this new PHP course, we served you with a complete web development course in Urdu, a complete PHP and MySQL video training in Urdu and also we created a website using PHP in Urdu. We created a simple search engine in PHP as well. And we therefore will continue our efforts to make this website the best learning place for Urdu and Hindi users. Furthermore, you can use the search box in our website to find more tutorials related to web development and particularly PHP/MySQL, just write your keyword there and you’ll see all the tutorials/posts in front of you.

What will you learn in this complete course?

In this course, there are hundreds of PHP/MySQL video tutorials included in Urdu/Hindi, You’ll learn many new things from this course, I’ve tried my best to teach you PHP/MySQL from scratch. However, some of the key points you’ll learn in this course are as follow:

  • What’s PHP
  • What’s MySQL
  • All Basic PHP Commands
  • All Basic PHP Functions
  • All Global Variables
  • All Super Global Arrays
  • Creating a Student Registration Formย 
  • Creating a Basic Website
  • Creating a Complete Website & CMS
  • Creating an advanced Website & CMS (Malala Project)
  • Sending Emails
  • Uploading Websitesย to online web server
  • Much More…..

PHP & MySQL free tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Now I’ve sorted all the videos in a single playlist on YouTube, so you can watch them all in a single playlist, there are hundreds of video tutorials included in this playlist, you need to just watch one video & the another one will play automatically, if you are watching the videos from Pakistan then do use (ZenMate) which is a chrome extension, this is because the videos are hosted on YouTube, and YouTube is not opening in Pakistan, so you’ll need to use a VPN in order to watch these all awesome video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi.

I’ll be adding more videos to this playlist time by time, this complete course is absolutely free because we’ve created a new updated paid course on PHP & MySQLi which has all the latest functions & new learning. Therefore, we’ve uploaded this course for free so you can take benefit from it. If you want to buy our new updated course which is not more than a great gift, then please visit our Buy a DVD page, or you can directly visit the new course page & check out the outlien & description of the new course below:

As this is your own website, so if you have any questions or need any help then do not hesitate to contact me instantly using below comment form, I’ll be glad to help you out personally on my website. Please do not post irrelevant comments on this post, only post questions related to this post or related to PHP & MySQL, that will make sense for everybody and will be helpful to everyone. Wish you all the best!

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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  • Hi please can you help me i have to 200$ in PayPal. Tell me where I can invest and start making more money.

  • Nice tutorial ever. I love to learn from you specially if it is related to web development ๐Ÿ˜‰
    wali bro I have one query, aap ne DVD course kay start me kaha tha kay hum final project me PHP me pagination karen ge but I think aap final project me karna bhool gaye. please pagination ka ek tutorial bnayen jese hi aap ko time mile because its very very important and ye DVD me bhi nahi hai. or is kay alawa 2nd cheez blog me agar possible ho tu categories bhi bnaen. but keep pagination is in first priority. I will be thankful to you,..

    • Brother Haris, thank you for your comment after many days, and also I read your message on Facebook when you sent me a long message there, but unfortunately I didn’t remember that again to answer, because those questions needed long answers. However, now you questioned again, so I’m able to answer you here. Buddy, just wait for few days, the pagination is just a simple thing, I’ll soon create the tutorials for creating pagination in PHP and will let you know via Facebook. Don’t worry about anything regarding web development and PHP because I’m a lover of it same as you are. So we’ll together make things happen in the real world with our continually struggles and hard work. And brother honestly tell the readers/visitors of this post that how was our PHP+MySQL course which you got in DVDs. Was that more than your expectations or not? and was that worth purchasing or not? Thanks in advance for your patience and great comments again. You are one of the loyal readers of this blog so far.

      • Thanks for your reply. If I not comment that not means I am not active. I read your every post whether It was on OnlineUstaad or in BBC. and Yes I am waiting for Pagination tutorial.
        I honestly said, DVD course of web development is awesome and very helpful. Every one who watched all videos of course can easily build dynamic website. there are a lot of projects and practical work. wali use simple language to explain complex things which is important because you can never learn these from any institute. and yeah price is nothing. Specially When I buy DVD in Ramadan package.

  • Ali

    such an nice work u done it wali 1 thin i would like to ask
    bro what’s different in your old course of web dev and in new one..??
    while im interested in web design and web dev as well but guide me if i want to leran about web dev then should where i have start my work.?? mean dose i should start my study from your old tut of web dev or this new one that u have uploaded a few hours ago.

    thanx for your work.
    GOD bless You.

    • you can start learning web designing and web development from my new video tutorials which I recently uploaded. While you may also consider purchasing our complete courses in DVDs, because the new videos are just example videos and we’ve these courses completely in DVDs. which are worth trying. IF you can afford then go for them by visiting Buy a DVD page on this website. Regards;

  • abbasizaibi

    Aslamualaikum Jumma Mubarak !

    Very Helpfull and intersting tutorials you have shared with us
    wali bro i have to say that you have uploaded lot of videos on your youtube channel and as well but now you have your own tutorial’s website so when will you upload Remaining videos???

    • W/salam and Kher mubarak brother.

      that’s great you found these tutorials great and useful. However, as in the article I’ve mentioned that this course is from our premium DVDs courses, and these videos are just the example videos, and the complete course we provide in DVDs which is a 120+ videos course. As you know we’ve shared a countless number of free tutorials on YouTube, and on and we’ll continue sharing free tutorials. But there are some courses which are in DVDs for users who want to learn the courses with advance level at their homes. So this course is a DVDs course.

      • abbasizaibi

        i know bro these are examples but you didnt got my point ๐Ÿ™
        am talking about those videos that you had uploaded on Youtube and ๐Ÿ™
        me yeh kehna chah rha tha k jo videos ap ne youtube aur pe upload ki hui hain me unka keh ra hoon ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I got you now brother, actually I didn’t have enough space in my old laptop that’s why I deleted the older videos after uploading. So if you can download those videos from YouTube I mean the old videos and can send me in DVDs that would be a great help from your side ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll then upload them to

          • abbasizaibi

            ok bro IN SHA ALLAH tonight i’ll download all of those videos than i’ll send to you ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thanks for that brother, but just let me tell you that which courses do you need to download, because I have some courses already so just download these courses which I don’t have in my computer and those are here:
            SEO all videos,
            Photoshop 7.0 all videos.
            HTML all videos old ones not new.
            CSS all videos old not new.
            PHP all old videos not this new.
            Corel Draw 11 all videos.
            power point all videos

  • Aoa. Wali bhai plz anwer this ques. how can i put adsense ad in middle of article like you. i have same theme ‘Fresh life’. plzz don’t ignor

    • w/salam,

      Brother use Quick Adsense plugin in WordPress for this purpose.

      • Thanks A Lot wali bhai. bhai mene health pe wesbsite bnai ha apke toturials k mutabiq but flhal no trafic sb trick lga chuka hun jo ap ne kahi. bhai plz aik dafa meri site visit kr len or btaen k kb tk google me rank mil jaye gi or mjhe kya krna chahye?

  • Xee

    Aoa. wali bhai aik swal ha. Sms site itna earn kese kr leti hain even na unke pas article hota ha or sara copy paste hota ha to unki itni ranking kese ban jati ha. mere area k aik larke ki sms sites hain unke PR 3 or acha khaasa kama rha ha. how>

    • w/salam, I think un ko Qismat se mil jata ha sab kuch ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Xee

        Hahaha Haan ye bat to ha ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Uzma

    Wali Bhai Blogger template designing ka course kab tak a rha hah?????? plz jaldi launch kre.

    • abbasizaibi

      @uzma layout wala to inhon ne upload kiya hua hai

  • Saad Hussain

    Asalam o Alaikum
    Wali Bahi Jab Bhi Ap koi new project annoanced karen to mujhe zaroor btaen. main ne ap ki ramzan offer ko avail kiya

  • ali

    bro u have just updated the php and my sql tut in this your web dev pakg not the other courses which are allreday included in this web development pakeg like javascript etc… right..??

  • abbasizaibi

    ok bro am gonna download all these videos when all videos will be downloaded i’ll send you sms on facebook ๐Ÿ™‚ and dont say thanks just smile ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s great dude, and I won’t say thanks because you have already received a lot of thanks from my side. And you are a true reader of this blog so we can only say wish you all the best for downloading all the videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • waleed raza

        hello zaib ; kya ya acha nahi ha k aap ya videos download kar k khud he upload kar do ; apna channel bana k ; mean DVDs send na karne paray ;;; whats your idea zaib/wali ?????

        • abbasizaibi

          @waleed bhai channel to mene wahan banaya hua hai tuts2learn pe ab dekho wali bhai kya kehte hain k upload karoon ya nai??
          mene photoshop and seo ki videos to download kar lin hain

          • OK brother Abbas, just upload my video tutorials directly to, but don’t upload them anywhere else on the internet, because mostly we report our videos uploaded by others due to the copyrights of our work. And also try to not upload others videos to because the actual owner of the video/content may report the video at any time. I hope you may easily got what I’m trying to saying. Thanks for downloading my videos and re-uploading.

        • Zain Noori

          wali bhai ap ki video say bohat kuch sikha ha ab kisi or ki video dikhny ko dil nai karta ap bolty bohat acha han or jahan par koi mistake ho jye to us waqt ap jo words use karty han tab bohat achy lagty han ap

  • waleed raza

    salaam WALI BrO ; nice tuts ; i already have all of these DVDs ; which is very fantastic ;

  • ali

    wali bro have u ad also these new videos of php and mysql in your web complete development package or not..??

  • Xee

    AOA.. wali bhai ap ne jo home page feature posts k thumbnails k niche adsense ad lgya ha wo kese lgaya ha? agr quick adsense k through lgya ha to ye options kon si ha?

  • abbasizaibi

    ok bro i got what you want to tell me and i’ll just upload on tuts2learn ๐Ÿ™‚ offcourse i’ll not upload other’s videos ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That sounds pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚ best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jatinder

    hello sir. i like to learn from u. thanks alot for ur video tutorials. please make a tutorial how to connect mysql yog with server . and how to synchronize local database with server database.

  • khuram

    As’salam u alaikum wali bhai kia ha,
    apky tutorials bohut alaa hain, aur khas tor pr apka smjany ka andaz bohut acha ha

    plz mari aik problem solve kr dain

    main aik admin.php kay nam say page bna rha hn jis say main webiste pr uploading kr skn, POST method say
    main chahta hn input filed kay samny aik drop down list ho jis main tmam pages kay name hn aur wahan say jis page ko select krn us page pr posting ho jay plzz ye btain k us list ko input filed say kasay link krna ha

  • Hello Sir, i am unable to download your videos who are not link from youtube, the first 10 videos i can download but further videos can you provide us in you tube so that we could download your important php tutorials videos

  • nomibucha100

    thanks bro this is very interesting and very informative article i really like it very much .New PHP+MySQL Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi (2013 Updated).i get very much information from it thanks for sharing it this is very helpful to all of us ….

  • Slam arz hy.
    Wali bhai how are you?
    I am your big fan.
    bhai is pag ki video #33 or #35 men problem aa rhi hy.wo load ni ho rhi.pls is ka link theek kren.thaanks.

  • moinuddin waheed

    assalamuwalaikum warahmatullah wabarkatahu….brother wali khan hope u will be in better stands…… i am indian and i have downloaded some of your videos that are really helpful for me………what more courses are there in the package that i can buy and yes what is the price of that course..
    with best regards…wassalam
    yours faithful reader
    moinuddin waheed

  • u are great person………..KEEP IT UP……………………………………….
    ALLAH APKO SAHAT DA……………………..SADA Happy rahooo….


  • Saqib Zaheer

    salam A.wali bahi Allah ap ko boht hi jazaye kahiar de ka ap ne hamare liye boht hi aasan kar dia Allah ap ki mehnat ko qubool farmaye me 1 madrassa ka student hn me inshaAllah ap ki in vedio se boht kuch sekh kr madrassa k liye 1 website creat kronga muje is k liye ap ki help chahi ho gi ….

  • sajid

    sir kaise ho?
    sir please ek vdo upload kar dy pagination ki…pagination kaise karte hain….please

    • I’ll do it soon brother, because pagination is very necessary for PHP based websites.

  • Naveed

    Dear Wali Bhai Sahib,
    As Salaamu Alaikum.
    I am ready to teach ASP.Net. I have already sent you a mail at I am waiting for your reply

    • hello brother, w/salam, kindly call me on mobile at 03412221598 but before call first kindly sms me so I can attend the call and then we’ll decide where to start from and what to do. Thank You!

      • Shahbaz

        Wali Sahib

        Please contact me through my mail,,

    • Hi Naveed,
      Please email me again at:

  • Tarun

    how can i become a php developer

    • Hi,
      You can become a PHP developer by learning it.

  • sir i loved your tutorials, i am working as a php developer from last 3 months, now i am eager to learn Ajax, JQuery, WordPress & Joomla. If you can provide me the complete videos of these courses, I am ready to buy it. Pls mail me the details to, thanks

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment, do visit us most often, we’ve a lot to share!

  • dear abdulwali mere pas ya videos q show nahi ho rahin na hi links open ho raha php k

    • apke pass ya video ic lye show nahi ho rahi hogi k apke pass Flash player install nahi hoga, ap chrome browser use kre tu phir I think show hojayegi.

      • Thanks Bro Sb Show Ho rahi Han Or ap ne boht ashe se php samhjai hia is k liy ap ka jitna sukria Ada karon kam hia again thanks.

  • manish

    Great Tutorials ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks .. Mr. Wali Khan

  • Where’s The Project Video Tutorials??

    • durgesh singh

      sir i am from india what is your exact contact number i want to buy your complete php,js,project,etc tutorial dvd please response me. your contact number which is mentioned by you on your web is responding please check your contact number please tell me appropriate number so that i can contact you through phone….

      thanking you!

      • Hello Singh brother,
        I’ve already sent you email kindly check your inbox, or you can always contact me via email at “” so I’ll be able to reply you with all details. Thanks

  • Syed Ayaz

    aslam o alikm wali excellent tutorials hn aap ke. or mje foreign key use krne h mene tables to relate kr deye han but wo php code se update nai ho rahe.
    Syed Ayaz

    • w/salam,
      Thank you bro, ma ne aik new course banaya ha php/mysqli ka us ma sab shamil ha.

  • zeeshan ahmed

    kindly tell me the amount of DVD of php and sgl course

    • brother, the price for PHP & MySQL dvds is only 4000PKR.

      • zeeshan ahmed

        bahi kitni dvds hain .yeah price bhot ziada hy koi discount ho sakta hy students kaliay??

        • new course of PHP/MySQLi has been released, you can buy that.

      • zeeshan ahmed

        Bhai total course kitni dvd’s mein hai

        or students key liye koi discount hai we want to buy it

        • course 3 dvds ma hai, and the price is 4000PKR fixed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jaula

    assalamu alykum brother i have watched your Complete CMS & Website with Admin Panel in PHP & MySQL videoz infact am very pleased i learnt alot from the videos and i urge u to keep on it your reward will be from ALLAH in shaa Allah,but unfortunetly the part 22 was not clear so could u sent me a link that will enable me to download?
    thakx alot wishing u best of luck.

    • W/salam,
      Thank you very much, you can download the videos now easily!

  • Excellent work wali bhai apke is kam ka ajr siraf Allah he de sakta he bht aala kam kar rhy hain ap.

    • Apka bohat shukaria appreciation k lye!

  • well done job wali bhai i got lot of knowlegd from way of your plate form

  • Zameer

    I think the ad on the top of this is vulgar please remove it.

    • brother, we are not responsible for the ads, because they are automatically displayed by third party website.

  • Rizwan

    brother aap chrome browser ko ad blocker ke extension da do add nae ayn ga phr.

    • ap zenmate use kare sab thek hojayega.

  • Rizwan

    wali bahi flash player install ha lakin phr b videos show ni ho rae han plz koi method bta dan.

    • Hi Rizwan,
      please abi page ko visit kare ma ne update kar dia ha.

  • Vikas Sethi

    Hello Wali,

    I’m from India and learning web development and you are doing Great
    job and Is there anything mentioned about, how to create E commerce
    websites in WordPress or how we can learn Magento from beginning,
    Can you please suggest us about that….

  • Afteb Alam

    I m Your Fan I Alsow purchese your many dvd …but sir main ek prob. face karraha hoon plz is prob. ko agar aPP HAL NIKAL de to bahut meherwani hogi….mai ek php page banana chahatahoon jaha ek user login page ho aour mati user page logine kare aour usika page khule admin ke tourpe ….hum kaise link kare alag alag page
    ek login page pe..

    • If you got any issue related to our DVDs courses then you may always let us know via email at “” we’ll be at your service ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Kashif

    Sir muje aik project mila hai jis mai aik shop ka record save karna database mai … so is liye main ne php or mysql ka intikhab kiya lakin ab mai confuse ho k kahn se start karo… kia ap step by step aik simple web ka tutorial upload kar dain jis mai php,mysql se aik easy web ban jaye plz ager aisa koi tutorial hai to plz share the link
    thank plz reply me

    • w/salam,
      Kashif bhai, ap hamara new PHP/MySQLi ka course purchase kar sakte ha, us se apka problem solve hojayega.

  • Kashif

    Whereโ€™s The Project Video Tutorials??

    • visit the page now, you’ll find all the projects.

  • Khadija

    sir apne tutorial main kuch project create kny ka kha h pr wo videos main ni hn na hi session create hn plz sir session ki video upload kr dy nd apne baki projects ki videos kb upload kry gy โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ reply

  • mustafa

    heloo wali bahi plz tell us the complete web develpment pkg, i mean how many language r included..?? HTML5.. CSS3 JAVA SCRIPT Jecury etc..?? nd the price of complete Web development pkg in now days plz reply fast i wanna buy.

    • Hello Mustafa,
      Complete Web Development k lye ap kindly HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP/MySQLi k courses purchase kar len. In tamam courses k price ap Buy a DVD page par dekh sakte ha, ic ma discount bhi hojayega agr ap lena chaho tu.

  • Shakeel Ahmed

    sir u r working great.your videos are very helpful for the people who are new in this field.

    • w/salam,
      Thanks brother for your kind words.

  • AoA
    Sir ye cores pura nahi ha me baqi videos kahan se dekhon??

    • w/salam,
      Aziz bhai ap pura course dvd ma purchase kar sakte ha. Buy a DVD page ko visit kare.

  • Wali brother i want to buy Your PHP Complete Tutorials with Complete Online Security Solutions, but i have notice your youtube downloaded tutorials have no search , find , edit, remove and Print buttons. If we buy your DVD Tutorials, then said me these thinks are included or not?
    i am waiting your reply.

    • Hi bro,
      I’ve created a new PHP/MySQLi course, you can buy that. please visit buy a dvd page. thanks

  • muzzamil

    kya ap like or dislike waly counter ka code day saktay hain mjy???

    • Konsy like/dislike ki bat kar rahe ha ap?

  • Areeb

    Sql ki last video jis mai search kertay hai user database sai…
    Us mai agar ghalat user dalo to sql error ara hai ..

    Agar user exist na ho to error generate kerai k user does not exist.
    please is ka code send ker dai jald az jald.. before 5th may cux i have to submit my assignment.

    • Really sorry to reply you late. but you can watch the new tutorials in this list which will give you a to z idea.

    ABDUL WALI SIR thanx for all tutorials ALLAH TALA ap k ilm me or izafa kre ap ne online tutorials upload kr k hm logo ki boht help ki hai. plz elseif ki condition ki video upload kr den or is k ilawa or b is trha ki conditions ho to us ki b video upload kr den or agr ap me # pe 1 msg kr den ge to boht mehrbani hogi q k me pas net connection nai hai m apne dost k ghr se comment kr raha ho.

  • this is my # 03442828002.

  • Wali bhai,i am your biggest fan.After having a great success in learning Seo from your course,i am eager to buy Php and Mysql course from you.I just have one confusion in my mind that,would i be able to become pro in this after learning it from your course and practicing myself,as i am below zero level


    • Hi Mubeen,
      Yes dear, you’ll learn many new things in a professional way after purchasing the new PHP/MySQLi course which I’ve created recently.

  • Shehroz Khan

    nice sir

  • there is no video !

    • visit the page now, you’ll find 105 video tutorials, videos are on youTube, so you can use ZenMate extention for chrome browser to watch all the videos. Thanks!

  • Syed Anwaar Gilani

    Asslamu Alaikum Sir aap ne bohat acha samjhaya hai kindly in ka source code send kar dain aap ne kaha tha k main kal source code send karun ga… Jazaka Allah… 0315-8455545

    • w/salam, apka shukaria, lekin agr apko source code chahye tu phir apko course DVD ma lena parega. please Buy a DVD page ko visit kare. Thanks!

  • Hi Raheela,
    Please visit the page now, all the videos are playing fine. videos YouTube par ha so apko ZenMate extension use karna parega phir YouTube open hojayega aur ya videos bhi chal paregi.

  • you are always welcome!

  • You welcome bro always!

    Ap mjhe email kar sakte ha agr koi specific problem ho tu.

  • W/salam,
    You can buy at from buy a dvd page on our website, price & other details are written there, the normal price is RS6000.

  • yes ap easily seekh sakte ha. is k lye education ki zarorat nahi ha.

  • Usman Aftab

    Assalam o Alikum
    Bhai Jan mai nay aap ka PHP + MySqli ka course complete kia hai
    Mai PHP mai inventory software ka project ka course krna chahta hon
    Kindly help me

    • w/salam,

      Filhal inventory software ka course hamare pass available nahi ha.

  • chatting website ap Ajax aur PHP k madad se bana sakte hai.

  • Danish Rashid

    thanks wali bahi aj he mena ap ki wo malala wale tutorials complete kre ……………… ALLAH ap ko ki mehnat or logon k lia asani peda krne ka dare sare sawab de………. Ameen

    • you welcome bro, and Malala project wale tutorials complete hai.

      • Danish Rashid

        g wo pure han ………….. and wali bro wo ager ap wordpress wale b free me upload kr den plzzzz…….in future insha ALLAH me ap se bad me koi tutorials purchase b kron ga filhal meri halat boht tight hy plzzzzzzzz

  • You welcome dude!

  • Hun sok Eng

    Dear Brother,
    Could you send me navigation menu source code via
    I visit your website everyday. Thank you before hand

  • Annie Malik

    AOA im unable to install zenmate it says network failed. im connected but i dont know y it is not installing

    • w/salam,

      You can simply install it and then give your email, after that you can simply use it.

  • Muzammil Khowaja

    Assalam 0 Alikum Wali Sir. Ye Jo Apne Upload Kya Hai Kya Ye Complete Ha Warna Ap Ki Dvd Kahan Available Hain Mujhe Complete Chai Ha OR Sir Mane HTML CSS YE Dono Sikhe Hain Ye BAsic Ate Hain Lakeen Java NAhi Ata To Apne Kaha Ke Agar NAhi Ata TO KOei Baat Nahi To Is Ke Bina Bhi Main Ye Course Sekh Sakta Hon YA Nahi HTML Mujhe KAfi Ata Ha But CSS Thora Ata Ha…. Is Ke Bina Bhi MaiN Sekh Sakta Hoon Ya Nahi Please Replay Karna Thanks….

  • ragupathy

    wali bai pls send video link for pagination in php mysql

  • Said Akhtar

    Asalam O Alakom .
    PHP & MySQL free tutorials in Urdu/Hindi
    Video No 6 tal too mara kaam buhut kamyabee hy huwa hy.Likin 6 mean
    Post has been published nahee aaraha, our Images too post horahee hean laykin Phpmysql mean content post nahee ho rahy.Please help me .
    Mean aap sy DVd khareedna chahta huen par ghar ky Ikhrajaat sy saving he nahee ho rahee.Please help me.Thanks so lot.

  • yaseenamin

    Assalam o Alaikum sir menay apkay php k tutorials dekhay or unsay bohat kuch seekha raha ho but jub may data insert ki query chalata ho to query work to karti hai laikin jub bhi may page refesh krta ho to data automatic insert ho jata hai please iskay baray may thori info de dain thanks ….

    • dear @hafiz_yaseen:disqus form me required ka option lagao to ye masla haal ho jaye ga like this ye mashla khtm ho jaye ga

  • Gwns Solutions

    abdul bhai how we can integrate facebook comment box on my website


  • Maan

    Student Data

    Student’s Registration

    Student Name:

    School Name:

    Roll No:


    <input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit now"

    Serial No:

    Stunet Name:

    School Name:

    Roll No:










    $name = $_post['name'];

    $school = $_post['school'];

    $roll = $_post['roll'];

    $result = $_post['result'];

    $query = "insert into students (student_name,school_name,roll_no,result) values ('$name','$school','$roll','$result')";


    echo "Data Inserted”;




    Dear Sir,

    Mere data bases say tabel me say data nahi insert ho raha browser pay ye mera code ha kia ap kuch help kar sakty hain Wali bhai ?

    Abdul Rehman

  • @Developer

    You can’t do what you want, exactly.

    Fingerprints never exactly match. Even if you scan your own right index finger twice in a row, the scans won’t be the same. So “hashing the fingerprint” won’t work – two hashes of the same finger would be indistinguishable from two hashes of two different fingers (with a good, cryptographically strong hash).

    Fingerprint readers work by storing some key onboard, and letting that key out if and only if the fingerprint given is close enough to what they expect. The fingerprint itself is not used to get direct access to anything outside the reader.

    Sending the fingerprint as seen by the reader over the network is not acceptable – people are nervous about giving their prints to police. You think they’ll be OK giving them to you?

    Also not acceptable is having the reader say “finger 2 is OK”. This could be easily spoofed.

    Instead, have your user use X.509 (SSL) client certificates to access your site. They may, if they wish, control access to their private key via the fingerprint reader.

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    very help to me

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