How I Made One Crore in One Year Just By Teaching Online

When I look back at the days in 2007 when I used to be a Biryani Seller at a bus stop in Baldia town Karachi who has never been a college or university, I feel like it’s a dream and I’m still imagining in the dream that someday, I’ll be doing something different. But luckily, it’s a fact now, the dream has already come true a few years ago, thanks to the internet & Google, but I have to share something special today. The reason I’m writing this post, and publishing it on my blog is that I Have Made One Crore in One Year Just by Teaching Online in 2015. Below, you’ll read and watch how I made one crore in one year, and if you are also interested in the struggles behind this one crore story then do read the rest of the article. One Crore is in PKR 😀


How I made one crore in one year?

By saying teaching online, it simply means selling courses online. And Yes, I’ve made one crore in one year in 2015 by selling my courses on the internet to thousands of students around the world, I have students from United States to Canada, from Germany to Netherlands and from Nepal to Nigeria. I have students from 172 countries who bought my courses in 2015. I used a few platforms to sale my courses in 2015 i.e,,, and

Udemy Earning Proof of 2015

I earned $50,000+ on in 2015 and also earned more than $13,000 on which is one of my favorite platforms for teaching online and making money with internet.

StackCommerce Earning Proof of 2015

I also made more than $14,000 on which is no longer existing because that was closed in October 2015 by their respective owner. And I made a few thousand dollars with which is another platform for teaching online. And I also sold thousands of my courses in BULK. So combined it makes One Crore PKR in 2015.

Now Watch this Important Video!

What are the Reasons Behind this?

There could be a lot of reasons which you’ll know by reading the whole article below, but a few reasons I can say are those; because I love teaching from the core of my heart, and therefore I’m successful in teaching. Despite the fact that I’m not formally educated myself, but since day one, I love teaching, and whatever I learn I try to share that with others. The other reasons could be that thousands of people have prayed for me and they sent me their best wishes, one more reason can be that I help the helpless and needy people who I know personally.

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How I Struggled Throughout My Life?

I started working at the age of 8 in order to earn money for my family, I did not get a chance to properly go to school due to the family situation, in my family no one ever got complete school education, and so my case was also the same (But I always wanted to get education because when I looked at the kids of my age going to school every single day, I used to feel very sad). In the beginning, I started selling toys and shopping bags first in Peshawar and then in Lahore during 1995 to 1999. When I was 12 years old in 2000, we moved to Karachi, and I started selling vegetables and fruits on the streets of Orangi Town in Karachi. Then I became a Biryani seller at a bus stop in Baldia Town Karachi. For consecutive 6 years, I worked as a Biryani seller in Karachi from 2001 to 2007.

I always wanted to get education, but I was never able to arrange it for me and no one helped me in getting education. Therefore, I used to buy Urdu News Papers everyday when I was selling Biryani, and through that and some practice I was able to first learn new things.

In 2007 which was my last year as a Biryani seller, There was a shopkeeper who was my friend, and his shop located just behind my (Rerhi=vendor), I always used to tell him that I would be a person who’ll be working in an office and will be speaking English and visiting countries, but he always used to laugh and said, I’ll never be able to do it, and he used to discourage me that I’m a Biryani seller and will be forever. But my mind was always thinking something else which was looking for an opportunity.

How Life Got Changed After 2007?

In July 2007, I bought a mobile shop by borrowing money from some of my friends, for the first time I used computer in that mobile shop and learned the basics from different people including the one from whom I bought the computer. Asif Iqbal became the first person who taught me installing windows, removing virus from computer and other basic tasks i.e downloading, uploading and basics of internet (Yahoo Messenger etc).

In My Mobile Shop in 2009

Now it was an opportunity for me in life to learn something and become something. So I never wanted to miss it. After learning the basics of computer, I went to a near by area in Orangi Town #5, and took admission in English language as well as C.I.T (Certificate in Information Technology).

Between 2008 to 2009, I sold and bought several mobile shops, and also earned a decent amount of money, because the mobile business was at its highest peak at that time. However, I once badly failed in that business, how? because when I sold my last mobile shop in 2009, I had some Rs80,0000 which I spent by going to Peshawar and some other places, and when I came back home, I had only a few thousand rupees left. I also had to take care of my wife and my daughter at that time.

The last few months of 2009 were the hardest ever months, because I did not have a single rupee in my pocket to spend, I used to borrow Rs50 from one of the shopkeepers in our street to buy cigarettes and pay the bus fare. It lasted until December 2009 when I discovered how to make money on the internet.

What Happened After 2009?

During my Berozgari (Joblessness), I used to sit in one of my friend’s mobile shop, who was new to the field, so he always used to request me to sit with him, sometimes he used to go outside and I’d be sitting in his shop alone taking care of the operations. One day, I was checking the computer, and found a folder with the name How to Make Money Online?”, I opened that and read all the 8 to 9 pages which were in Urdu, it was about Google Adsense. I read it again and again and just got excited, the next few days, I was thinking about this thing. I was worried, I was in hurry, I was in troubles.

A few days later, I was passing through the Mosque in our street, and one of my cricket friends met me there outside the mosque, he said what are you doing these days? I replied, I’m doing nothing, and told him that I can do any business if I have some investment. He offered me Rs100,000 for business, but he said the profit will be 50/50, I instantly agreed, and a few days later, I bought an Internet Cafe with that money.

Internet Cafe in 2010 – Very weak health because of day and night work

I ran the internet cafe for almost 11 months, and lost half of the investment in that, the internet cafe itself was a complete failure in terms of profit. But the amazing thing was that I learned all the initial online things in that internet cafe because for the first time in my life, I had an internet connection which I could use for 24 hours whenever I wanted. And that was the turning point. I did not miss that chance, I searched, researched, again searched and then again researched and repeated this every single day on Google and on YouTube.

The Turning Point of My Life

That Internet Cafe changed my life, I had an internet connection and the AKA Google, I used to search every day to learn something new, in February 2010, I officially started blogging by creating a blog on on the topic of Cricket because I had a lot of knowledge about it. After a month, I got an Adsense account approved for that blogspot. I sold the internet cafe in 2010 and left myself with Rs50,000 in debits. I moved to my home with an internet connection, after a few months in July 2010, I got my first earning from Adsense which was $117 and Rs9,933. Before getting that payment, I was still not believing on online earning, but now it was true, so I moved on. I worked really hard in that internet cafe, sometimes I did not sleep for 3 days, because I wanted to learn almost everything available online. I read thousands of articles during that time.

Next month, I got $136, another month I got a payment of $160 and finally I reached to $1000 dollar a month with Google Adsense, I came out of debits and now started saving money. But I started investing most of the money in myself by taking English classes online and offline, because I knew, English is the most important thing in online earning as well as for communication with people. Furthermore, I started taking SEO classes from so-called GURUS in Karachi who were charging very high fees, but some good trainers were also there such as Sir Dilawar Ali. I continuously studied English for almost a year, and also did a few more computer courses i.e Graphic Designing, and Web Development etc. But continued my blogging with niche blogs on different topics such as Cricket and Pashto.

How I Became Popular on Internet?

Back in 2009/2010, my English was very weak, so I was always looking for information in Urdu on Google, but all the time I was disappointed with the result, because there were very few articles and videos in Urdu at that time. So I decided to start a website for Urdu users with video tutorials, but the problem was my weakness in English as well as other skills, so firstly I worked hard on improving my English and learning new computer courses, and then finally on 3rd December 2011 I registered and started publishing video tutorials on it in Urdu/Hindi. I blindly started creating video tutorials in Urdu on every topic I knew, I created complete courses on Photoshop, Ms Office, Word, Excel, HTML, CSS, Blogger, SEO and whatever I knew at that time. And within a few months, my blog and my YouTube channel became the most popular in Pakistan as well as India, because people were eager to find the information I was sharing. I got huge respect from people, and also increased my earning. Overtime, I improved my tutorials’ video and audio quality as well as the presentation skills.

onlineustaad-2011 first look in 2011.

How am I Consistent in Online Earning?

The reason I’m making money online without any break since 2010 is that I work and take care of my work every single day, I try to engage with people on daily basis. And the other reason is; I felt in the starting that Adsense is not a permanent way to make money online, so I had to make other plans for making money online consistently. Because you can’t put all eggs in one basket. Therefore, I discovered a lot of new ways to make money online, and today I even can’t find time to work on all of them, I need at least 100 hours in one day, because in these 24 hours I can’t do what I want. At the end of the day, this is a continue struggle, and I’ll have to struggle more in order to keep my earning updated. I’m eager to learn more and to share more.

What I Did with Online Earning?

When I was a Biryani Seller, I never thought of going outside Pakistan, but it was my dream though, so in last 4 years, I traveled different countries i.e Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, UAE, USA and Qatar. I also bought a house for my family in Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi. I improved standard of life of everyone close to me and around me. I also spent money on getting online education which is my important asset in life. I helped many people with the money I earned online, and I’ll always be humble to them and to everyone else.

In Abu Dhabi 2013

Visit the About Me Page to see my recent photos.

Note: This article will be edited in the future for more updates, so it’ll be a complete one. And I also want to mention some people who are inspirations for me in life and I also learned a lot from them. At the moment I don’t remember all of the names, but I’ll mention a few which I remember right now.

  • A special thanks to Sir Shahid Khan Afridi
  • Bundle of thanks to Sir Rehan Allahwala
  • Thanks to Sir Naveed Ahmed Siddique from UAE
  • A huge respect and thanks to Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
  • Huge respect for Muhammad Idrees and Muhammd Yousaf Bhai of IBT
  • Thanks to Tabish Javed & Faraz Ahmed
  • Thanks to Saad Ahmed Khan – Social Media Expert
  • Thanks to Jamal Saleem from Lahore
  • Thanks to Muhammad Ismail from Peshawar
  • A special tribute to Sir Hijab Ul Ghafoor
  • Thanks to Asif Iqbal from Gulshan e Ghazi
  • Thanks to Sir Nasir Zaman
  • Thanks to Bakhtiar Ahmed of Al-Khalid Academy
  • Thanks to Zaib Khan my best buddy
  • Thanks to Muhammad Arif Qureshi (My Friend)
  • Thanks to Harsh Agarwal of India
  • Thanks to Sir Amjad Pervez (My English Teacher)


And finally, it was all your continue support and love which insisted me to write this post and all other things I’ve done so far. I’ll always be valuing your feedback and commentst. Please let me know your thoughts on my story, and how can I improve my life and this blog. Also, I’ll always be at your service if you ever need my help or want to meet me in person then I’ll be there for you. Thanks reading and sharing this post.

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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    • Thank you very much brother for your motivation and great wishes. Best of luck for your successful journey ahead!

      • Aamir Afzal

        Thanks. Actually I’m going through a tough phase of my life write now but your story has rekindled a spark of motivation in me. So I’m just trying harder now to settle down onto something productive which actually can stabilize my monetary condition and has growth too.

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    Aasalam o alikum Abdul bhai yar aap kamal ho really mai aaj say 5,6 year pehly mjy bht shok tha online earning ka but bht talash kar ky bhi koi khas guide nahi mili thi . tu maine chor dia tha phr aaaj kal dobara pata chala hai es k bary mai aap ki kafi videos dehki hain maine sub kamal ki hain but mj say ab ye nahi fasla ho raha hai ky mai kaha say start karob kasy karon jis say mai 100$ tak per month earn kar sakon plz plz aap guide kar do koi platform bata dain caz aap nay itni lambi list di hai ky dil kerta hai her ak jaga say earning start kar li jay but samaj nahi aa rhi mera ye 1st time comment hai aap ky page par
    ALLAH aap ki umer aur rizk mai Barkat Ata karain Ameen

    • w/salam, thanks brother for your feedback, jo starting ma 50 tak tareqe bataye gay ha us guide ma wo sab se best ha.

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    • You welcome brother Aamir, Ameen and thanks!

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        plzzz replay kar ka bta dana

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    please help
    this is my email ID

    • Hi, Google ads are automatically inserted into YouTube videos, you just need to enable monetization and then the rest is done automatically.

      • Wasif Mehmood

        thankyou brother

  • brother – when you were Newbie (:

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    Salam Wali Bhai .. I am your biggest fan . you are my true inspiration brother .I want to ask you a question that if you didn’t know any thing about computer before so how you start blogging in 2009 ?? how you make so many websites dear ?? can you please tell me that in pakistan paypal is not working how can we make paypal account in pakistan ??
    I have tried your post method to create it and successfully link my us bank account to paypal and then after some days 2 little amounts received from my paypal account to payoneer bank account .. .then suddenly i received a mail from paypal that they unlink my bank information as transaction not done …. plzz guide me how get payment from paypal ?

    • w/salam,
      Brother, I started learning computer in 2008 as mentioned in the post then I learned about internet and blogging etc in 2009 and I started blogging in 2010 and then continue it till today. That method for Paypal is not working anymore in Pakistan, because Paypal doesn’t accept Payoneer bank details anymore. So the only option left is you can simply use someone else’s Paypal who lives outside Pakistan in a country where Paypal works i.e UAE, Malaysia, Japan, UK/US etc.

      • Rizwan Jamal

        Thanks Sir but using someone’s else paypal account who lives outside the country , i will have to transfer my money to their paypal account/Email . So he/she first make transaction and then transfer me in pakistan through any transfer money service like money transfer etc … am I right ?? is this not an annoying process ?? how can someone agree for do it for me from outside the country ??

        • You welcome, by someone else’s Paypal, I meant who might be your close relative or friend, and who you can trust, that’s the only legal way you can use Paypal in Pakistan. If you don’t have a friend or relative then use Payoneer which is available in Pakistan, and in most of the cases that will also work for online transactions.

  • Taimur Baig

    Abdul bayi i appriciate ur effort ap ye btayen k paypal available he pakistan me…?

    • Hi bro, Paypal doesn’t support Pakistan as a country, so you’ll have to use someone else’s Paypal who lives outside Pakistan.

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    Aasalam o alikum bhai mera ak sawal hai blog ky bary mai aap nay kaha tha ky pakistan mai approval milny mai 3 month lag jaty hain ager mera bhai jo out of pakistan rehta hai wo waha par account bana ley aur phr mai wo account use karon tu kya jaldi approval mil jay ge ??

    • w/salam, yes, wahan par ho sakta ha jaldi mil jaye, lekin website/blog par content original aur acha hona chahye, aur kuch visitors bhi honi chahye phir mil jayega.

  • Proud abdul wali SIR allah ap ko hamesha kamyab kraykeu ke jo shaks dosron ke liya rozgar ke tarikey batata hai khuda khuda usi per meharban ho jata hai

    • Thank you very much brother for your great words. I’ll keep my efforts up. Inshallah

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    Abdul Wali sir I am only 13 years old and only because of you now i know how to blogging and earn online. I remember almost in 2013 I see your youtube video how to approve google adsense and then I see your blog after that I read very useful things which help me alot

    • Hi Danial bro, I really respect and value your views, and I hope you’ll become a successful person in your life ahead. best of luck!

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    • w/salam,

      Apka bohat shukaria brother, Allah apko khush rakhen hamare sath!

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    Wali Bhai main aap mukmal course dikha wordpress ka or uske baad main web site bnai magar ap jub main wordpress long hota hon to mujhe yeh error ata hai ”

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    • w/salam, Ya error tu mere nazr se kabi nahi guzra. Ap hosting wale se contact kare wo solve kar dengy ya issue.

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    Salaam Wali Bhae
    Wali Bhae aap ka jo WordPress ka tutorials hain woh up to date hain?
    And fiverr sa related mujhe training chahye thi

    • w/salam, Fiverr se related filhal mere pass tutorials nahi ha, lekin jald he ajayenge Inshallah. Thanks!

      • Haris Khan

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    It’s worth to be appreciated that your life change. It’s inspiring for all. God bless you.

    • Thanks brother for leaving your nice insight!

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    • Hi Bilal,

      I know you brother since the day one, and I really appreciate your connection with this blog and with me. Thank you very much for your support throughout these years. I was nothing without you guys.

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    • Thank you brother for your very nice feedback, and same to you!

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    • ap usi gmail account se jitne blogs banana chahye bana sakte hai. no problem.

      • Suleman Mani

        google adsense ky lia apply karna hai es lia poch raha tha ky Shukria Abdul bhai

        Wasy ye bat aap ki just tareef karny k lia nahi bol rha but jitna jaldi reply aap say milta hai itna maine kisi aur say nahi dehka hai

        • hmm, that’s great to hear bro, ma kosish karta hon k jald az jald reply karon.

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    Nice Piece of information and more than that its a motivation for those wanted to do something. Last year while I a was searching on the internet about how to make a paypal account if you are from pakistan. I found an article of your about making a paypal account that helped me a lot. On the basis of you article I have get to know about payoneer and connected successfully my payoneer with paypal but never used both these facilities yet.
    but you are a great hope and motivational symbol for us pakistanis that if there is a will nothing is impossible. One quote you wanted to share on this blog about the continuous changing was that you forgot at that time its ” NOTHING IS PERMANENT EXCEPT CHANGE” As I perceived you wanted to share this might be your were on a different wavelength and I didn’t translate you well.

    But its true that nothing is permanent except change.

    • Hi Qamar, Thanks for sharing your insight on this, it’s really a pleasure to see these motivational comments. Yes, I now remember it’s “nothing is permanent except change” thanks for that as well. Best of luck!

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    Abdul Wali bhai that’s very motivating.

    one thing which has been taunting me is how do I get all the money back here in Pak – paypal doesn’t offer services in Pak & I can’t approve my documents for a US bank account on payoneer :(. Is this possible that companies deposit the money in my Pak bank account? How

    • Hi Nauman, Payoneer will not work with Paypal anymore, so it’s suggested that you use only Payoneer master card for online transactions in Pakistan. Or if you have a close friend or relative outside Pakistan then you can ask them to open a Paypal account for you. Thanks!

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    • Hi Muskan, thanks for your beautifully written words on this!

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    • w/salam, thanks brother for your best wishes. Don’t be confused, just follow your dreams and your passion. And learn as much as you can.

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    • Thank you brother for your feedback and wish you best of luck too!

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    • Thanks brother for your feedback. and wish you all the best!

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    • That’s great to hear Ibraheem saab, I wish best of luck to your students and you!

      • Ibraheem Warriach

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    I have a simple question and hoping that you can assist, for payments on Udemy can we use 3rd party paypal account ?? Like I am using my cousin’s paypal for last 3 years to get payment from my clients. so can I use this account on Udemy too? my cousin is in US and I am in Pakistan…

    Looking forward to get assistance from you sir,

    BTW you and your blog are the reason I started working Online 🙂

    • Muhammad Yousuf

      yes, you can use but don’t inform udemy team. make sure before setting up account, give the same address on udemy address bar which address you mentioned in paypal address bar…

  • Kamran Khan

    I have a simple question and hoping that you can assist, for payments on Udemy can we use 3rd party paypal account ?? Like I am using my cousin’s paypal for last 3 years to get payment from my clients. so can I use this account on Udemy too? my cousin is in US and I am in Pakistan…

    Looking forward to get assistance from you sir,

    BTW you and your blog are the reason I started working Online 🙂

    • Yes, you can use someone else’s Paypal on Udemy to receive payments.

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    Umeed hai k ap khairiyat se honge..

    Wali bhai is muasharay me mra zaati tajurba raha hai ke jinhon ne Online earn kiye aj tak kbi ksi se share ni kya k how to earn ? but Wali apki soch be misaal hai.

    Ap jo kam kr rhe han nihayat hi qabil e Fakhar hai.

    Jazak ALLAH

    Naik tammanao k sath Apka chota sa or gair emh fan 🙂

    Nadeem Sarwar

    • w/salam,

      thank you brother for your feedback and wish you all the best.

  • Dear Abdul Wali
    I am very impressed by your hardwork. Your life story is really eye opener for those who indulge into blame game and abuse Pakistan. You are truly a marvelous practical example of popular idiom that “Where there is a will there is a way”.

    I am really touched with your passion to teach and contribute goodness with others.

    God Bless You.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback and we’ll try our best to contribute more.

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    Wali Bhai i also wants to b a web developer.kindly guide me how i should take start…What should i do????

    • w/salam, brother please visit for web development and there are many tutorials on YouTube regarding web development, you can also join to find free web development courses.

  • Wow! It’s an inspiration for all of us who are new in this field. Thanks Wali bhai for sharing an inspirational and informative post.

    • You welcome brother, and thanks for stepping by here. I wish you success in life.

      • Wali bhai, You are an inspiration for me. I read your blog on daily basis. You are just amazing. Thanks for your reply. It worth so much for me!

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    • You welcome dude, and thanks for your feedback. wish you all the best.

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    • w/salam, brother I got this all knowledge from different institutes and from internet.

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    • That’s great to hear Junaid, wish you all the best brother!

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    • w/salam, thanks brother for your feedback on this!

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    • I’ll try my best to do it within a few weeks.

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    Lekin please wali bhai isse aage ki story b bayan karna. God Bless u.

    • thanks bro for your feedback, and wish you all the best for your success!

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    I have question. I don’t have Paypal account. Would you please tell me what method should be used if not having Paypal account? Otherwise it will be difficult to get paid from Udemy?

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    • Awesome Arsalam, ya 2 saal nahi 12 saal ma hoa ha sab. Urdu/pashto tu ma ne 2005 se 2008 k darmian seekhi thi jab ma biryani bhejtha tha, computer ma ne 2008 se learn karna start kia ha, aur internet/blogging etc 2010 start kia ha. tu ya total 12 saal hogai 2 saal nahi. Albata computer jab se ma ne seekhna start kia ha usko 8 saal hogai hai, aur 8 saal bohat bara arsa ha. apne comment par dubara ghor karo aur article ko carefully dubara read karo. logo ko bewaqoof na banao. 🙂

      • Aik bat aur, agar koi sahi tareqe se mehnat kare tu ya sab kuch 2 saal ma bhi seekh sakta ha. lekin unke pass normal education already honi chahye I mean basic school education honi chahye, tu 2 saal ma bhi ya internet/computer/web development etc ya sara kuch easily seekh sakte hai agar sahi aur regular mehnat kare tu.

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  • Ray Mughal

    I got a question that making me confuse during reading the whole article, that like Adsense, Udemy, and other online earning websites you work, they pay via PayPal (as you mentioned in the video as well) and PayPal service is not available in Pakistan so how did you overcame this problem Brother? How do you get paid where there is no PayPal in Pakistan? What payment methods did you use to earn money? and Wish you more success if every walk of your life Brother.

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