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How to Make Money PublicityClerks [Urdu Video Tutorial]

After we discussed “BuySellads in Urdu“, and a very similar alternative to is which was recently launched for the website owners and bloggers. This is a very simple and easy to use platform for making money with your unique content. The requirements for getting an approval from BSA is very hard these days and same goes for Adsense. But PublicityClerks (PC) is somehow accepting every website with little bit content and traffic. So if your blog was rejected by BSA and Adsense then you still have an oppurtunity available in the shape of which you can utilize to make some extra BUCKS out of your blog. is a direct banner ad network which works similarly as BuySellAds. You’ll first have to create an account with them and after creating your account, you’ll add each of your websites and send them to PC for separate approvals. Each of your website will be reviewed separately and if it was meeting their minimum criteria then you’ll get a status reply via Email within 3 working days.

PublicityClerks Ads

After your site has got an approval then you can easily insert the empty ad spots into your website, while your website will also be available to the advertisers on PublicityClerks website.

The Minimum Criteria For PublicityClerks?

In order for getting an approval from PC, you must have a website which is meeting their minimum criteria. While its not a big deal, you can get an approval with a very simple website receiving a few hundred visitors monthly. Here is the list of some:

  • Site must be in English
  • A TLD domain name i.e
  • Few hundred page views per day
  • Few articles/posts on site
  • No porn, no hacking, no illegal software/games etc

So the above few requirements are necessary for getting an approval with PC, moreover, you can add as many sites as you want to your PC account. Just submit each of your website separately for approval. They usually reply via email for the status of your website.

Now here is the video tutorial in Urdu language for learning this all procedure with easy steps in Urdu. It’s a few minutes video in which I’ve tried to point out every single thing related to PublicityClerks.

After watching the video shared above, you’ll easily come to know how to join this network. The more traffic you receive on your site, the more money you’ll earn.

Every single blogger wants to make money online, and therefore everybody is looking for alternatives. PublicityClerks is also a Good alternative for both Adsense and BuySellAds. But again, all depend on the traffic and content you have over your website, if the content is useful and receiving a reasonable amount of traffic then making money with that is more easier than anything else.

Now if you have any questions regarding this post or you want to add more suggestions to this post for the readers then kindly take few seconds and use below comment form to post your feedback. We’ll appreciate your feedback.


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  • thank u bro.. nyC.. (Y) .. I love the way of your teaching style.. very simple

    • thank you for being active here, I try to teach everything in simple words. 🙂

  • Awesome website to make money through blog. Mostly peoples does not know about publicity clerks. They always try to approve buysellads.

    • yes, its better to use PublicityClerks if you are not getting approval from BSA. it’s an alternative to BSA.

  • haris hassan

    awsum great nice work

  • Nice wali Bhai thank you very much for posting this…… keep it up!

  • Nice tutorial, But why you are not using for your this blog? Ant reason ?

    • I’m not using PublicityClerks on this blog, because this is a language specific website and I think PublicityClerks won’t work here. And moreover, the spaces are also already filled of ads.

  • Sir Please Uplode video tutorial on youtube !
    Camtasia Video all i am watching

    • I’ll soon upload these video tutorials to YouTube. don’t worry, stay tuned.

  • Nice Post Bro ! keep the great efforts up (Y)

  • Thanks wali bhai.
    wali bhai is mein jab apply krna hai kisi be site ke lie PC network pe tu us site pe agr kisi or network ke ads cahl rahe hn tu wo remove kr ke apply krna hai PC pe ya un ads ke sath be apply kr sakte hain ?? jase google adsense ko apply krte waqt kisi or network ke ads site pe nahi chalne chaie ?
    plz reply this .

  • usama hassan

    hi wali bro i want to know can i change the wording of any one else article and than write it own my own blog can i do this or it is also copyright

    • you can’t change any word of anyone else’s article, you have to write your own from start.

  • awesome information for me thanks alot sir for this information….

  • AsSalam O Alequm Wali Brother…
    May be this comment is not related with above post however I have an unsolve Query.
    What is Unique Content/material according to google?
    When i decide to write about a “specific topic” then search tell me taht Internet is full of that “specific topic”. Please aware me and solve this mystery for me.
    Thanks in Advance Brother.

  • Wali Bhai Ap ne ye to btaya nahi k earning ka kyaa difference BSA or Publicity Clerk me …Ctr ? Cpm ?

    • same in terms of make money. no CTR, no CPM, direct ad banners for 30 days on a fixed price.

  • Irshad

    Wali bro does this site support to ?

    • no dude, it doesn’t support .blogspot sub-domain, it only supports top level domains TLD.

  • sir ye Publicity Clerks website register nhi ho rhi khte ke app ka email verify! nhi he

  • Nice wali! But they are only accepting blogs with around 500-600 pageviews that might be a big target for some people

  • Manish Saini

    Sir please mujhe btao ki kya infolink payment krti hai please btao
    Ur jo jo site Payment krti h ek Do site bta do plss Google Ko Chod Ke Please I am W8 in of your msg Please

    • yes payment deti ha Infolinks. bhi deti ha.

  • Thanks for sharing such an informative post on make money online.

  • Dear Wali, i ‘ve apply to PC but no approval even after passing 3-working days.

  • faisal

    hello sir, mein na payoneer ka account banya hai. lakin wo 15 din sa review method step 2 par hai. is problem ka koi solution hai.

  • Dear we don’t have Paypal in Pakistan, so we can not earn with it!