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Make Money Online Ways in Urdu/Hindi 2015

In the recent weeks, I got so many messages on Facebook and emails from people asking about making money online on the internet. I have already published many posts and videos on this topic but this time I thought to create a new video especially for those who recently requested me. This video will show a quick overview of the ways you can use to make money online in 2015. Still there are thousands of people, who don’t believe on earning via internet, therefore I created this video to increase their hopes and reduce their doubts. Throughout this article, I’ll mention the real and authentic ways to make money online which I’ve personally during last 5 years.


Why it’s important to make money online today?

This is important because of financial problems, this is important due to shortage of jobs. There are many other reasons which make online work more feasible for everyone such as it gives financial freedom, it gives time freedom and a lot more. The dream of something in this life may become true by working online, because in real life jobs we have to work more and we get less in return, but in online world, if you worked hard, you’ll get more outcome for your time and believe me it’s an amazing fun!

Can I really make money on the internet?

Yes, you can make money on the internet and this is 100% true and correct. There are thousands of ways to earn money online, which I can’t cover in this single post, but a guy has covered 500+ ways to make money online in one single article which you can read. However, I’ll be mentioning a few real ways which I’ve used myself and have earned a lot over the past few years, you can use these ways too with dedication and hard work. Because without dedication, research, engagement and hard work, you can not easily make money on the internet. See some of the real ways below.

Making Money via Blogging

Blogging is the first method which you can start very easily, because you don’t need to invest too much in this. You just have to buy a web hosting & domain name from a company and it should not cost you more than $50 USD, you can use WordPress CMS to create your blog on a topic in which you have knowledge, you can write on that topic daily or weekly according to your schedule, you can share your blog posts on social media with your friends and fellows. After sometimes (Probably 4 months), your blog posts will get ranked in search engines and you’ll receive traffic/visitors from both social media and search engines.

Now you can convert these visitors into money by displaying ads, you can use some well-known PPC Networks for making money with your blog posts such as Google Adsense,, Infolinks and BuySellAds. The more visitors you have on your blog, the more will be earning. You can also earn money from paid posts which companies offer you when your blog has a good amount of visitors.

Making Money via Freelancing

If you have a skill or skills then you can utilize it online to make money, you can take projects from freelancing websites such as (now,,, and However, there are many websites out there which you can use for freelance work. Freelance work is same as offline job, but in offline job, you have to go physically to an office and spend time there, but in freelance work you can do all the tasks from home or from anywhere in the world. You just need to be connected with internet.

Making Money by Online Business

If you have money in hands and you want to make it double or triple then you can go for online business as well, here you’ll have to invest your money in different opportunities such as product launching, offering services, selling goods, selling physical or digital products and many more. You can even start a web designing or web development company online within a few hours. Just hire people from freelancing websites and they will do the rest for you, because you pay them. You can sell almost anything online, and the online payment methods are growing day by day. (Watch the video for more details on this).

Make Money by Teaching Online

OK, so if any of the above methods don’t suit you then you can still make money if you are a teacher, you can start teaching on YouTube, and this is the easiest method to make money, because you have to invest nothing in this. You can start from YouTube because it’s very easy to upload videos to YouTube and get instant views to your videos. You can display Google Ads on your videos to make money out of it. Use Camtasia Studio to create tutorials.

After YouTube, you can also start teaching on, and you can teach on too, the real fun of teaching is online and I myself do it for last 4 years on the internet.

Making Money By Writing Articles

Here is another easy method to make money online, if you are just good at English and can write articles then believe me you still can make at least $500 a month by writing articles for websites, blogs, companies and even you can offer your article writing services on If you just go to or and check the article writing category then you’ll see a lot of jobs posted by the clients. You can also find a lot of Facebook groups for article writers, where you can instantly get article writing jobs.

After watching the video tutorial, I hope you’ll get more ideas about online work. At the end of the day, there are many more ways to make money on the internet, but you have to just take it seriously and take action today, if you just read the article and watch the video, and you don’t take action then you’ll not make money. If you have any question then do ask that in the comment section below, I’ll reply to that personally. Happy Earning!

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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  • YouTube is really not that easy way to make money Right now. Specially in pakistan. I guess youtube channels makes more difference.. For instance channels such as pranks, social experiements are working great these days. However you definitely have to see the limitation of youtube in pakistan right now.

    Freelancer is surely the best way to earn online. But, for this you need a skill. Never waste time if you can’t do the work. Most famous on freelancer is Graphic and web designing. For this I guess abdul wali has already great tutorials for you all so make sure you follow them and then continue. Tip: Start with the logo contest and increase your creativity.

    Great suggestion for online business. One Think I like to add as you said you can hire freelancer. I will suggest to hire the fiverr employee to work for you on latest project. It is really easy way to start your own website but promoting it is one big problem. However you can use facebook advertisment for that. Use $50 Campagin trick which you can use. Just set the $5 daily budget and do choose india and pakistan on hit list. Ask me if you want to know more!

    Blogging is really a steady slow process. But, no one can reach the benefits if you passed your first 6 months or 1 year. You definitely need a patience in it.

    Best of luck guys and best wishes for your online money making jouney!

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Saqib,
      Thanks for your valuable insights on this post, the readers will surely get help from your insights.

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  • lalit upreti

    I am working as a sales manager in a web development and digital marketing company but i donnt have any deep technical knowledge can you suggest me the best way to earn money online.

    • brother, the above mentioned methods to make money online are the best ways.

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    • you welcome dude, and glad to now you liked my tutorials!

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    • Bilal Malik, please try to logout from your Google account and then clear your browsing history, after that check it again. and then let me know what happens.

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    • Hi Zeeshan, You can secure your WordPress website by adding following plugins: 1) iTheme Security, 2) LoginLockDown 3) Disqus commenting system

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    • Yes, I’ll keep it up, thanks for liking!

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        • Ap new adsense account create kar sakte ha, lekin us site par dubara ads nahi laga sakte jis par adsense disable hoa ha.

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    • Yes, Adsense k sath koi bhi ad network use kar sakte ho ba shart e k us k design same na ho.

  • Sir, suggest me good & affordable webhosting company as I have found a coupon of godaddy which provide hosting in $1/month. Please suggest that godaddy is good OR any other?

    • Yes, Godaddy is a very good web hosting company, and you can also go for

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    • w/salam, yes ham kar sakte ha, lekin Pakistan se thora difficult hota ha.

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    • which query? PHP query is one and you can create new variables for that.

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