Apply for Online Jobs on in Urdu/Hindi which is formally known as is now the leading online workplace for independent contractors, companies and freelancers. Work can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, and can be delivered either independently or within a time-frame. I was requested by our readers to create a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi about upwork process. I have explained about setting up your profile on upwork and then applying for jobs. Watch the videos below in Urdu/Hindi.


How Upwork Works?

As narrated above, it’s a marketplace for both companies/clients & freelancers, the client posts jobs related to anything which can be done online, and the freelancers around the world apply to these jobs. The client starts interviewing the freelancers, and within a few hours they hire some freelancers, and the work begins. Upon completing the job or by reaching a milestone, the freelancer is paid for the work he/she has done so far.

Upwork takes 10% fee for each & every job that’s transacted on

Upwork is simple & easy to use, recently merged with Odesk in the shape of, Elance was the main competitor of Odesk which also had millions of freelancers & clients, but now both the companies have merged, and the new name is upwork.

Watch below tutorials in Urdu/Hindi to learn setting up your successful profile on and then bidding projects as well as writing a cover letter for jobs.

Watch Upwork tutorial in Urdu part (1)

Watch Upwork tutorial in Urdu part (2)
After watching the above tutorials in Urdu, I hope you’ve got the important points which are necessary in order to be a successful freelancer on
Important Tips/Requirements Before Joining Upwork: 
  • You must be good at English
  • You must have strong skills in which you are expert
  • Read the Upwork Manual, which will teach you the basics of Upwork
  • You must complete your profile on upwork before applying for jobs
  • Do pass some basic tests on upwork for credibility
  • Always act like a professional when writing proposals for jobs
  • Never try to beg for jobs or request for jobs
  • Deliver the best work possible and client will return to you soon
  • Never create multiple accounts on upwork – one account is enough
  • Try to start with small projects for building trust
  • Try to offer your skills to friends/family in the starting

How Much Money Can I Earn on Upwork? 

You can earn money as much as you work, if you are an individual freelancer, you can earn $100 to $5000 monthly according to your skills, experience & feedback from clients. However, if you manage a company on upwork, you can even make $50,000 a month with your team. But honestly, there is no exact prediction on how much you can earn on Upwork, but again, all depends on the skills, experience & feedback. 

If you have any questions related to this post or anything related to make money then you can ask that in the comment section below, I’ll be there to answer your questions as soon as possible. Happy Earning!

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