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How to Build an Efficient SEO Strategy?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the internet marketing strategies that is very effective for your website and very important for your online business. Through good SEO strategies you can improve the rank of your website and keep your website in the first page of Google. However, it requires a lot of research and efforts to keep your website’s ranking up to date, you’ll need to do something extra in order to keep balance between your website content and the marketing techniques. However, we’ll be sharing some simple tips with you for boosting up your ranking in very short period of time by doing real efforts yourself. The tips being shared on this page are not that extraordinary, but these are in fact the core ones for your website’s SEO, which you must keep in mind before moving forward to do some advance things.


There are many SEO strategies that you can follow to increase the rank of your website in the eyes of Google and stays in the first page of Google search. Let’s discuss some of key points that will help you to make a powerful strategy for your website.

#1. Website Design

Design of your website matters a lot. Have a little attention towards design of your website. Make sure that your website attracts the people not create difficulty for customers of your website. Select a very eye-catching and decent color for your website to attract the users of your website from different communities. Everyone who visits your website must easily navigate to any part of your website, so they’ll not leave it, but will spend sometime. And it decrease the bounce rate.

#2. High Quality Content

After the design of your website let’s come to the content of your website. Content of your website is very important to rank up your website in Google. Content is the one that takes people towards your website and enforce them to stay on your website for a time. Always try to post the content which is very informative, unique and up to date.If you provide a good quality content on your website and ensure this in your every post than you might get subscriptions from your customers. This increases your website’s traffic tremendously. Higher the number of subscriber shows that you have a very powerful content on your website which users like the most. Google also consider this popularity of your website among the users to rank up your website. Make sure that content on your website must be SEO-enriched that serves a very useful purpose to readers of your website.Keep in mind that Google continuously changes and enhances its searching algorithms to get the high quality websites on its first page.

#3. HTML of your Website

HTML tags of your website helps Google to move through the content of your website efficiently and quickly. Google also ensure that either your website is relevant to your keywords or not by HTML tags of your website. HTML tags also organize the content of your website. It is very clear now that you should work hard on HTML tags of any page of your website, specially the most important tags i.e. HTML meta tags and heading tags.

#4. Relevant Keywords

Relevant keywords are those which are most appropriate and represent the topic of your website. Keywords are the word or term which user enters in Google search and then Google moves through different websites and fetches the websites having those  keywords and shows in the search result. Keywords are the ones which actually bring customers to your website from Google. Make sure that you use your targeted keywords within the name of web pages, meta tags, descriptions and headings of your website.

#5. Social Media is Important Today

After doing all above, I’d also suggest to not forget social media networks i.e Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, because by using these social networks you can not only drive tons of traffic towards your website, but also increase your search engines ranking. Force people to share your content over social media with their friends. The more people share your content, the more will be better your ranking. Give more importance to Google+ and increase your circles over there for better visibility in Google searches.

Let us know if you have got any questions regarding your SEO strategy or something related to your blog/website. We’ll be happy to answer your all questions only using below commenting system. Thanks for reading!

About the Author:

Ghulam e Mustafa is a well experienced in web design, development and SEO. He shared about making an effective SEO strategy, you can find him @ his website on

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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  • nice post brother, these are really best tips to build an efficient SEO strategy, you are really doing a great job day by day, keep it up…

    • Wali Bhai meri site per koi advertisement aa rahi ha main tu adds hi nhe lgye plzz tell me ye kaha sa aa rahey ha………..

      • ma ne apka blog check kia ha us par koi advertisement nahi arhi, ya apke browser ma masla ha, cookies delete kardo nahi ayenge phir.

  • Great Tips dude! 🙂

  • nice post sir …..mera bi ek question hai ……..ager koi mistak hai tu please reply me ……..thanks

    sir g main saudi arabia main hoon aur mri website hi “” abi main kam kr raha hoon app ki site ko visit krta hoon aur videos tutorials bi dekta hoon google webmaster tool . bing …….kia main es main google adsense ky appply kr sakta hoon yr kr doon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • you can try it if you think its the right time. But in case if they rejected your application then you must work hard to find out the reasons and then re-apply. wish you all the best.

  • Aslamualaikum! Thanks for sharing a great info
    bro i want to ask that should i give priority to building backlinks for new made blog or should i concentrate on On Page seo?

    • w/salam,
      you can first priority over on-page and then go for off-page, because on-page is more important than off-page now a days.

      • Thank you so much for your kind suggestion, Now i will give priority to on page.
        Thanks again

  • Dear Abdul Wali, Main jab koi post apni site per share karti hoon ho aour 2 ya 3 hours kay baad google search engine main check karti hoon to meri post end per hoti hay aour kam az kam 5 ya 10 site owners jo ka poora ka poora article meri site say chori kar letay hain un ki post top per aa jati hain. Is ka kia solution batain plz plz.

    • ic ka ya solution ha k ap un tamam logon ko report kare Google ko ic address par: and this is a big shit for all who copy others content.

  • Is ka yahi matlab hua na keh Jaisay Pakistan main jo shirf aadmi ko koi poochta nahin aour chorron dakuon kay saath sub hotay hain. Lagta hay Google bhi choroon kay saath mil gia hay.

    • what do you mean Sister by posting this comment?

    • Ansar Ul Haq

      lolz. it makes me laugh. in other words ” Kutti choroon k saath mil gayee hay”….
      by the way google takes strict actions on copied contents as i heard.

  • nice post wali bahi

  • Hi Abdul Wali,
    Agree with the techniques mentioned by @Ghulam e Mustafa in this informative guide. Quality of content and design always matters a lot. These days you should need to be active on all social media platforms to gain more exposure (traffic) from them towards your blog.

    • Hi Aqib Shahzad Sir,
      You were seen here after a long time, so be active here as well 🙂 and yeah its true.

  • Aslam O Alaikum
    ya mara blog hay
    i required help from you
    is ka title her page par same he rahta hay may nay ap ke site say cdoin le the par wo set nahi rahi plz reply

    • w/salam, ap kindly blog setting ma SEO preferences ko again check kare and thek trah se Meta Description and header tags enable kare. Then it will be corrected by yourself.

  • Sam

    Dear Wali Khan,
    Hope you are doing well ! May Allah help you for your wonderful efforts for sharing your SEO Ideas and strategics. Since from the last hummingbird update many websites ranking has been fluctuated and drastically dropped in SERP.and i have been doing lots of R&D but unable to get clear strategic about latest seo techniques. Do you think link building is dead.
    My Question are follows.
    1.Do you want me stop submitting DS,Social Bookmarking,Article Submissions etc.,
    2.How to do New SEO for better ranking in SERP.
    3.My Niche is health related categories……all the keywords ranking has been dropped with the old seo link building process…
    How to regain all the keywords in top10 positions, please help and guide regards latest seo techniques…


    With Regards

  • AOA …Wali bahi ap ki website say kafi help milti hai hn humay ap ka bohat thanks . wali bahi ager website pah new free movies ko upload kar diya jaen to koi masla to nai banta, is k alwa free software b? plz reply me thx

  • Bro Tell me about like zombio site… they give PR 6 dofollow backlinks

  • Dear Wali bahi Aslam-O-Alekum how ru ? I hope you v.well Please my question is some days ago i applied adsense account at this website but adsense replied my your account denied reson is :


    – Site does not comply with Google policies


    Further detail:

    Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because we feel that your site does not comply with Google AdSense policies or webmaster quality guidelines. It's our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.
    Please wali bhai tell me what is mean it? and tell me solution about please reply me thanks.

  • Wali Bhai i really need your help because i create one blog with .blogspot subdomain…
    but now i moved on custom domain but i delete my old blogspot site from google web master tool and i add my new domain blog in webmaster tool last 3 days but google not index my site what am i do pls help me..

  • I have an AdSense account that was approved about a year ago and so far I haven’t had any problems.
    But this week I’ve had received twice an email with this message: “Your AdSense upgrade request has been denied”. According the email, the reason for the email is this: “Site does not comply with Google policies”.
    If the site is being up and working with AdSense for several months why all of a sudden I receive this? By the way I haven’t applied for anything else from google.
    Is there somebody that can take a look on my site and see what the problem is? I do not see what the problem is.
    Thanks in advance.
    The site is: “”

  • Aslam o alaikum
    Bahi ab dakho
    may nay pahlay ap ke post “top 10 seo tips” say coding le the wo herr blog kay leya thek nahi hay ab may nay wo remove ke hay ab maray blog ka title thek ho gay
    Thank you for repling

  • Wali bhai
    I need some help . CPC rate is getting lower and lower. traffic is good but i am not able to understand why CPC is getting down. can you help me to look out my blog ?

  • Shakir Khan

    I want to do guest blogging for your website onlineustaad