What is Link Juice in SEO & How to Improve it?

Link juice has been one of the important SEO factors since the beginning of Search Engine Optimization. And it’s still important, if you don’t know about Link Juice yet then this guide is for you. Link Juice is refereed to the number of external and internal links pointing back to your website and it’s inner pages. In this article, I’ll discuss how can we improve link juice of our websites to increase search engine visibility.


Practical Examples of Link Juice

As mentioned above, link juice is basically the number of internal & external links pointing to your website’s home page or any other page within your site. So in this scenario, if you have 100 links on the internet pointing back to your website’s home page or any other page then those 100 websites are passing some type of link juice to your site.

To make it more clear, if a website has a domain authority of 60 and page rank 4, and that website has a link which is pointing to your website then you’ll get some high level link juice from that website. Meanwhile, if you have a link on a site having 30 domain authority & page rank 2 then you’ll get a bit low link juice. However, in all cases, you’ll get link juice from sites which are relevant to your website. Because in link juice, you can also get negative points when you link your site to irrelevant or low quality websites.

How to Improve External Link Juice?

Link juice can be improved by many ways. First of all, find relevant websites which has similar content like yours, and try to create a link with them, that will give you more positive link juice, and try to find websites which are high quality & high authority. If that’s not possible for you then just go to popular social networks such as FB, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest & Google+ and share your content there, they can also pass some link juice to your content. You can also use relevant discussion forums for this purpose by sharing your content there.

How to Improve Internal Link Juice?

Now the easiest way to improve link juice is to work within your site, you can dramatically improve the link juice by interlinking pages of your website to one another. And if you do this wisely then you’ll get more link juice than your thoughts. For example, if you link a popular page to a normal page within your website then that normal page will get so much link juice from the popular one (This is because the popular page already has very good link capacity or page authority). And sometimes, you need to link a poor page (Poor means which is not popular) to the home page, because your home page has much better link juice than any other page. So this is a door to door connection between pages on your website.

The last thing is that, you should make sure to create outbound or external links for your single pages as well, because most of the time people make a mistake by creating all the links pointing to the home page of their website which is not a great linking strategy. You should create at least 2 links for your single articles/pages on other places which can pass some link juice to your pages/articles, that will help you ranking in Google.

If you have any questions then please let me know via comment section below, I’ll be here to answer your specific questions regarding this post or any other matter related to this blog.

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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        • You did ask about popular and unpopular pages in your first comment, and I said, you are doing the right thing.

          To your question in second comment, mostly a link is always three or two clicks away from the home page. If you have categories on your website then a person can click on a category to reach the link of that post to reach it, so in this case it might be two clicks or three clicks away from home page. In other case, there is pagination, through which the link of single post is usually two or three clicks away.

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