Joomla Free Video Training in Urdu & Hindi

Joomla is a very easy CMS system to use for website designing, and to create website in a short period of time. Joomla is open an source CMS system and its source code or software can be freely download from Joomla’s website. Before this post, I published an introduction about Joomla in Urdu language, and due to shortage of time I still did not make a complete video training about Joomla. But one of our friends has made these videos in Urdu and I found them helpful & useful. I hope you will also like these video Tutorials on Joomla in Urdu. But these are not my tutorials, these are created by someone else, and I’m just sharing with you for your benefit, if you liked these tutorials then kindly give respect & feedback to the owner mentioned in the videos.

Joomla in Urdu

What are the special tools of Joomla in Urdu?

First of all you can install Joomla easily on your web sever or you can check it out by using a local server like WAMP Server or XAMP server and test your files offline before publishing them at www. After installing Joomla you will be given a Password & User Name for using Joomla account, and you will use that while signing in to your Joomla website’s admin panel. After signing to your website’s admin panel you can create categories, menus, sections, write articles, can install new templates and much more with latest version of Joomla.

Complete Joomla Video Tutorials in Urdu

Video tutorials above are awesome to learn Joomla web development completely. You’ll be able to install Joomla, use Joomla’s dashboard and make settings as you want, also you’ll be able to manage your joomla site by watching these tutorials. We are working hard to make more tutorials on Joomla  and publish on this blog, also you’ll see a lot of web development stuff regarding PHP, WordPress, JavaScript in Urdu & Hindi languages very soon on this blog.
We hope you’ll share our content with your friends and will ask  your questions in comment section if you have.

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