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How to Install Joomla Script Online (Urdu & Hindi)

While thinking about creating a website which is professional and good looking in Design, we must know about some famous frameworks online such as WordPress & Joomla etc. Whenever we purchase a web hosting from a company along with Domain name, we are then given an account called “Cpanel“… We use that account to manage our website, databases and other sections of our site like Root folder and emails accounts. The installation of any script on our Online web server is now very easy and almost all the web hosting service providers give you full control over your web server. You can install any script in seconds if needed. So today, I am sharing A video tutorial in Urdu in which we will learn how to Install Joomla CMS system online on a web server.

joomla in urdu

How to install & Use Joomla Online in Urdu?

As like always, you will be given complete guidance for Installing Joomla software in Urdu, I have simply explained it in Urdu and I have used my own domain name to make this tutorial and to make the things easier for you guys. I hope you will like this tutorial and will give me some comments & feedback. Also don’t forget to follow this site and to share this site with friends.

Online Joomla Installation Video Tutorial in Urdu

Before this tutorial we earlier published a complete Joomla training in Urdu, and now this tutorials is teaching you how to install Joomla Online, also in the future we’ll learn some advance tips such as customizing a Joomla template and creating custom template. Joomla is an important component of web development and somehow we need to keep this in mind in order to be a good web developer. sometimes a company may ask our expertise in Joomla, therefore we at least should have a basic understanding of this CMS platform.
If  got questions then ask me, I love to reply your questions and comments. Also sharing is caring.

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