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We require teachers who can record complete video courses on different topics related to information technology and this website. If you know any course from listed below then let us know,  we’ll provide you technical support while course creation and we’ll pay you a very good amount money for your course. However, if you want to join us then read the page till the end to understand the procedure properly.


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For which subjects we need teachers?

We need many teachers (Male/Female) who can create video courses using Camtasia Studio or any other screen recording software. However, we need teachers who can create courses over following subjects:

  • Web Development ( Frameworks, MVC, Joomla,, PHPCake, ZEND, Ajax, XML )
  • Mobile Apps, Android Apps & Facebook Apps
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premier, After Effects, Autocad, 3D max, Maya etc)
  • Computerized Accounting (Peachtree, Tally, QuickBook)

What will be benefits for you?

The first benefit is that; we’ll pay you a very good amount of money for your courses, we’ll determine the quality of your teaching style and the course you create for us, upon that criteria we’ll decide how much to pay for your course. We’ll pay you on per hour basis, for example if you create a course which’s duration is 10 hours then we’ll pay you for 10 hours. But how much to pay per hour, that will be decided after we check your teaching style & quality of the course you provide to us, we’ll do that before the course creation, you’ll send us some DEMO videos which we’ll check and will let you know that how much we can pay you per hour. but one thing we can say here that we may pay you from a range of Rs.1500 to Rs.4000 per hour upon the quality of the content.

Some other advantages/benefits you’ll get after joining us: 

  • You’ll be mentioned on our website
  • You’ll get bonuses & tips from us
  • We’ll provide you technical support for course creation

How to Join us as a teacher?

Now here is the final instruction for you on the basis of honesty and loyalty. Simply send us an email at: with your interest and subjects you have complete command on, mention your idea and passion. We’ll reply you with some instructions to create DEMO videos, after the DEMO videos, we’ll let you know whether you can work with us or not, We might give you suggestions to improve your teaching. If your DEMO videos were impressive then we’ll send you our logo and background which will be set on your desktop in order to create the complete course. But before that, we’ll make an agreement either digital or physical, which will clear our positions in terms of copyrights and future dealings of the business. Furthermore, we’ll give you per hour rate after watching your DEMO videos, so you’ll have clear idea before joining us.

You can fill a form below if you want to send us your ideas and want to become a teacher.

Course Criteria 

The courses must be with high quality video, you’ll need a very good microphone to record/create your courses using a screen recording software (Camtasia or any other), your voice must be clear from any disturbing noise. You’ll need to give a presentation about the course in the introductory lecture, and furthermore, you’ll have to cover the course within a limit of time, and at least one project must be created at the end of the course, more projects in single course is also a great idea.

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Last Updated: 3/9/2014