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PPC Ads – Infolinks Introduces new Features (Review)

Infolinks is included among the top PPC (Pay Per Click) ad networks for several years. The company is growing every single day and has been working to improve the overall user experience for both advertisers and publishers. In the recent years, Infolinks made several changes to the ads which drawn a huge impact over publishers revenue and thus, Advertisers got more choices to spend their budget wisely. However, in today’s tutorial, we’ll particularly be discussing about increasing your revenue with Infolinks ads and thus, implementing the newly introduced inFold ad type. A case study shows that inFold ad have increased publishers revenue by 180% which means doubling the total revenue with the network in general. We’ll also discuss some pros & cons of Infolinks along with a video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi for easy understanding.


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How Does Infolinks Work?

As said in the title, Infolinks is a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network which publishers can use to generate revenue by inserting inText, inTag, InFrame and inFold ads in their websites/blogs, This is something similar to Google Adsense, but works a little different. The publisher account is free and everyone with a website/blog can use Infolinks for making money online. The more traffic a website/blog is receiving, the more will be earning with Infolinks.

Before reading the article further, you may like to watch the video in Urdu/Hindi to understand things practically, so first watch the video below and then continue reading the article.

Watch the Video Tutorial (YouTube)

Which kind of Ads infolinks provides?

Initially, Infolinks used to provide only inText ads which meant, the ads would appear in a targeted keyword or text, so hovering that text/keyword would produce a pop up which hold an ad. After that, it introduced the inTag ad unite which increased the publishers’ revenue, but the more important unit was the inFrame one which is a kind of vertical banner same like we see in Google Adsense. But few months back, They introduced the last popular unit called “inFold” which has increased the publishers revenue by 180% “a recent case study says”.

So here is the list of four Ad types Infolinks offers currently:

  1. inText Ads
  2. inTag Ads
  3. inFrame Ads
  4. inFold Ads

And below are the screenshots for each unit: 

The inText Ads look like this


The inTag ads look like this: 


The inFrame Ads Look like this (Left & right sides):


The New inFold ads look like this: 


After having an idea about this network, you can simply go to the website and join it right now if you haven’t applied for it before, make sure you have a website with good content it can display relevant ads:

After signing up, please make sure to add your websites/blogs to your account, each site/blog needs a separate approval in order for ads to be displayed on that site.

If you have got questions or have anything in mind to say then do not hesitate and just drop your comment below, we’ll be happy to reply with a relevant solution, and also share your experience with this network if you are already using it. Thanks

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