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How to Index your site in Search Engines (Urdu & Hindi)

Having built a site, the next part is to publish it online. But the most important part is to index that site in search engines like Google, Bing etc. Indexing a site in a fast way is very easy and simple process if your site has unique and original content then. Many people say on different places that they have indexed their sites in just 2 hours or within 24 hours; but I think there is a simple way to index your site in search engines within a week or earlier. Because search engines especially Google filters the content before indexing and then indexes. So it may take a little time to index your content by search engines. To index the site quickly just watch video tutorial below in Urdu and learn the tips.

index site fast

Submitting Site to Search Engines in Urdu

This video tutorial is about indexing your site in Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and it is completely in Urdu language. You will learn how to index a site in search engines in possible quick ways. By doing so, You will have to submit your site to all major search engines & to some social network & to some famous websites. By watching video tutorial in Urdu, you will get some help of SEO and site indexing.

Having watched above video tutorial, I hope you’d come to know about indexing a site faster in search engines. However, continuously posting new content may further increase the visibility of your site in search engines.
So make it sure you first publish 3 to 5 posts on your site/blog and then go and apply the explained methods in the video, and after that you’ll see, your site will be indexed within few days in all search engines. But again, updating your site will surely increase the visitors further.
If you got questions then kindly write your question below the post. Have a Nice Day!

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