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How to Improve Page Rank of your Website?

Just yesterday we were shocked by Google when we saw a new Pagerank Update in December 2013. This was a shock because Google had not updated its Page Rank toolbar since February 2013 (as usually it get updated after every 3 months), and its now been 10 months we didn’t see any updates from Google. But it just happened yesterday on 5th December. Everyone () is now feeling relaxed after having this update seen, because many of the pros and experts were even saying that there will be no PR update in 2014, this included Mr. Matt Cutts who is the Head of Google Web Spam ( But now the fact has been disclosed by Google itself that Page Rank still exists and will be in the future. So now we should work hard to improve our site/blog’s page rank before next PR update which might be probably after three months in March 2014. So here via this post, I’ll discuss some particular tips with you regarding improving PR of your site.


These are few tips that will help you in improving your site’s Page Rank over the next 3 months before next PR update, so you may start working over your site off-page SEO in order to be having a good PR next time. The tips are ordinary which you might have already read on other sites, but I’ll try to put something extra on it, so you can easily understand it and apply it over your sites right now.

#1. Write Quality & Unique Content

This may not sound good to you, but undoubtedly quality and unique content can improve your PageRank rapidly, this is because Google gives priority to quality content and its authors, if you remember .Edu sites which have great PRs without having enough backlinks, and backlinks are considered the backbone for getting a high pagerank. So then why the .Edu sites get high PR from Google, also I’ve seen authors who have just written great content and without a single backlink they got PR3 and PR4 from Google just because their content/articles were up to the mark. Moreover, your quality content might be shared by others and also linked by others, so you get free backlinks for your content from everywhere.

#2. Start Guest Posting Today

This is a genuine method for improving your PR on early basis, you need to write quality content for other websites in your niche, this way you’ll get one or two backlinks for your site from every blog where you’ve guest posted. Guest posting is a job something like you are cooking eggs for someone else, but in return you are given some respect in terms of one or two backlinks which may help you in upcoming Google PR update, you should find the websites/blogs related to your topic and request them if you can write for them. In the starting try to write for PR2 blogs and then try to write for PR3,PR4 and PR5 blogs/sites. So your every guest post will bring a lot of visitors back to your site as well as a permanent backlink for improving your PR.

#3. Blog Comments & Social Media

You can’t be lazy, you must at least take out 30 minutes everyday to go to your favorite blogs and comment there, you need to at least leave 20 comments daily on different websites which are related to your topic, so this way you’ll get some positive links which will help you improving your own PR over next Google Update. Moreover, try to at least create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Digg and These all social networking sites are free to join and you can just add your site/blog’s URL in your profile over there. This way you are creating some great backlinks forever. Don’t be late, just go for it.

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#4. Don’t be selfish, Help someone on Forums & get response

If you try, there are many helpful forums around the web, where you can find threads on every topic, so you can join and you must join these forums in order to create backlinks for your site. Not only you will improve your PR but you’ll also help people there. And of course, you’ll learn something new over each forum you join. Every comment or reply you leave over these forums, you’ll get a backlink for your own site. So this is not a bad deal, go for it. Just write in Google a keyword like this “Best forums to join“.

#5. Create something and see a BOOST

This is something like a secret, you probably have visited a website spelled “” which is a resource for free blogger templates, and if you check it on then you’ll be surprised to see that this site is having 12000 backlinks, which is a huge amount. However, the free templates shared by Btemplates are not mostly created by themselves, but despite that they have thousands of free backlinks from different sources. So if you create a simple blogger template or a beautiful blogger widget then you can easily get hundred and even thousands of backlinks. You can simply convert WordPress themes to Blogger or you can just create a simple blogger widget which can attract people, you just need to add your blog/site’s link in the footer of that template/widget and every person uses that will give you a free backlink from their site. And this way you’ll create more backlinks in very short time. I’ve seen even kids are doing this and getting thousands of links.

Also keep this in mind

This is the last tip for improving your PR over next G-Update, you should always interlink your older posts with the new ones you write every single day or anytime you do. Just find some keywords in your recent post, and interlink them with relevant posts you already published on your site/blog, this is actually called interlinking. So by using this way you can also improve your Page rank and if you want to improve the PR of your blog’s Home Page more rapidly then just use your home page link most often in posts with relevant keywords and see the boost in next Google PR update.

We got PR2 this time, but Inshallah we’ll get either PR3 or PR4 in upcoming Google PR update, so stay tuned for more tips and share your experience and what did you get over this page rank update from Google? share your views in the comments. Thanks anyway, for reading this long post.

About Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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