Google’s New Hummingbird Search Algorithm

Have you noticed recently that up to 90% massive drop down in Google Search Traffic Worldwide? If you are a blogger then definitely yes, because most of the bloggers noticed it and posted it everywhere on the internet. Why this has suddenly happened to every blogger & webmaster? find out the answers in this post.

That’s all happening just because of new update made by Google to its search algorithm. Google’s new algorithm is named as “Hummingbird“. Google has become much better at offering up direct answers to questions asked by end user that’s because Google recently flipped the switch on a new search algorithm which will focus on parsing searches as complex queries.

google Hummingbird algorithm

“Hummingbird” a new Search Algorithm:

“Hummingbird” is actually the logical step made by Google towards separating the best material from the Internet. Now Google will put less emphasis on matching keywords so search results will be more emphasis on understanding what a user is most likely hoping to obtain. The ways through which Google crawls the World Wide Web will be remained same as it was in past, but the search results will be determined to best suit the user experience.

What Google want to achieve?

Google actually wants to keep pace with the evolution of Worldwide Internet usage. Search queries got more complex so, traditional keyword based system is not showing what a user is most likely expecting to obtain that’s why there is need to match concepts and meanings instead of keywords. So Google makes an effort to match the meaning of queries instead of matching keywords.

Benefits of Hummingbird Algorithm:

1. Search Engine can parse full query more quickly.

2. Google will be able to identify and rank content it has indexed with relevant queries.

3. Search Engine can compile voice-based queries more accurately.

4. Google will only return relevant search results. Irrelevant results will be discarded.

5. Search Results would be determined to best suit the user experience.

Drawbacks of Hummingbird Algorithm:

1. Google becomes more powerful. So webmaster will totally dependent upon Google.

2. Small blogs having great content usually get penalized.

3. Large website in the corporate world mostly gets more exposure.

4. It is harder to get profit from your own original content.

Future of Internet marketing (SEO):

As I mention earlier in the post that according to new “Hummingbird” algorithm Google will put less emphasis on matching keywords so search results will be more emphasis on understanding what a user is most likely hoping to obtain. So bloggers should take advantage of all the marketing initiative which focuses on staying ahead of the competition. One who gives priority to the needs of their visitors and create content to satisfy user requirement will definitely see the biggest successes in the future. So it’s time to prioritize user requirements instead of prioritizing the search engine crawler. Google itself set a great example in new “Hummingbird” search algorithm update was actually an attempt by Google to better serve the needs of their users.

Final Advice to Bloggers / Online Business:

Finally I advise every blogger / online business that plan to stay ahead of the competition should focus on better serving their user instead of focusing search engines. The Simple Fundament is that:

“Give Priority to Users, so User Give Priority to You”

Dear Readers above were some general information about Google’s new search algorithm “Hummingbird”. Any Query Related to above post will be highly appreciated. You may ask your questions in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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  • They will continue improving user experience. So, be cautious while you work on your new web project.

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  • Like other bloggers i also got penalized in my opinion hummingbird is not good. The search terms don’t work correctly when i search in google about any keyword google gives irrelevant results. I hate hummingbird!

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  • with the application of Google’s new algorithm “Hummingbird” some people get worried due to down ranking in the search results and they look for get recovered. Those people who has good contents and relevant backlinks attain top position. I noticed some people talking about keywords as useless because Hummingbird is considering whole queries. But with the help of your posts so many misconception are resolved and its sounds helpful for people doing blogging like me 🙂

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