Thursday , 4 January 2018

HTML Complete Video Training in Urdu & Hindi

HTML is the basic web language in which the basic structure of a website can be created easily. I have been posting video tutorials in Urdu about web designing on this blog,. but today I am publishing a complete video course of HTML, which is necessary to learn in order to become a web designer, HTML is the backbone of websites & even modern websites. You will learn all the necessary tags & elements of HTML. Since this is a very basic HTML course, so don’t expect something advanced from this course, However, if you want to learn anything advance in HTML then just click the “Web Designing” link the menu of this website, you’ll find a list of new advanced courses we’ve recently published, so you can take a lot of help from that. But if you want to learn the very basics of HTML then carry on reading this page and watch the tutorials.

html5 in urdu

The Basics of HTML in Urdu/Hindi

As I mentioned, this course is the most basic one on this website, so you’ll simply learn the introduction to this web language and some basic tags including creating a very basic HTML layout, However, if you are really interested to learn this language completely from basic to advance then I’ll suggest you to visit the following link for my updated course:

Now, below is the playlist of video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi, just start watching one video and the another one will play automatically because this is not a single video, this is a playlist. All videos in this playlist are hosted on YouTube, so you must open YouTube in order to watch this playlist. However, if you are not able to open YouTube then simply use “ZenMate” an extension for Chrome browser. Using this simple extension you can open any website if that’s blocked in your country.

Video Tutorials Playlist (YouTube)

Now after watching this basic HTML training, if you have got any question then let me know by commenting below, or you can email me if you have any specific question. But if you want to learn complete web designing or web development then do visit our Buy a DVD page where you can find all of our advanced courses which we’ve created according to the latest market trends. You’ll find the most valuable courses in our list. Along with the paid courses, we also provide you source/project files and lifetime support via email, which opens doors between you and use to continue cooperation with each other.

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Abdul Wali is a Web Developer, SEO Consultant and Online Instructor working online for last 6 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. You can contact him via Email or follow him on Facebook. Also add him on .

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