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How to Invest in Crypto-currency or Digital Currency in Urdu/Hindi

There is a craze in Pakistan for investing in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Digital assets such as crypto currencies have attained the interest of many investors around the world. Therefore, I thought to create a video tutorial on this topic in Urdu and to share my experience and basic analysis with you, which might help you better understand the environment before investing in it. let’s have a look.


Before we start (Disclaimer)

First of all, it’s not a technical guide. it’s just a guide for the normal guy from the normal guy. which means, if somehow you decided to invest in Bitcoin or any other coin then I’m going to share my personal experience and research with you throughout this post and the video tutorial at the bottom in Urdu/Hindi. please invest at your own risk, and I’ll not be responsible for any loss or gains.

Like any other business, there is a risk of losing money associated with Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies and also there is a huge chance of earning money. if I’m myself going to invest in Bitcoin or Alt coins (alternative coins) then I’ll only invest 10% of my assets in it, I’ll not invest all of my money in it, because I’ll always try to play the game as long as I can afford it.

How to Invest in Bitcoin?

As of today 22-11-2017, Bitcoin’s value is $8300 (USD). that means, if you want to invest in Bitcoin for big returns then you should have a big investment in hands. for example, if you have $10,000 to $100,000 in your hands, then I’ll suggest to go for Bitcoins. for smaller investments such as less than $1000, I recommend investing in alternative coins (ALT coins), these coins are the ones which came into being after Bitcoin.

For detailed information on how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum, please read my this article and the video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi.

How to Invest in Alternative Coins?

Alternative coins or alt coins are those crypto-currencies which came into market after bitcoin’s success. some of the prominent alt coins are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Ripple and Dash. the complete list of alt coins can be found on this website:

On the mentioned website above, you can check the details of each coin i.e total market capitalization, number of coins, rate of that coin, 24 hours transactions and much more. you can also click on the particular coin to see the chart for that coin for last few months. the growth and decline in price as well as market capitalization can be seen in the chart.

Furthermore, you should also research about that particular coin in which you are interested to invest. just copy the name of the coin and paste it in Google with a search term like this “Bitcoin prediction 2018” or “Ethereum predictions 2018” or “Zcash Predictions 2018” and it’ll give you a list of forums and opinions about that. Use your common sense to understand which coin has high potential for return on investment. it requires some basic knowledge and understanding before investing.

Where to Buy & Store Coins?

Buying Bitcoin is easy, and available on many platforms. it’s also very easy to store Bitcoins on a number of platforms. but alt coins are not easy to buy and store like bitcoins. but I’ll give you solution for both the coins.

If you want to buy Bitcoin with credit card then simply go to below website called and you’ll be able to buy Bitcoin quickly, but first you need to upload your documents in order to verify your account.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

For buying bitcoin or any alt coin, you need to go to below website called where you can easily buy and exchange bitcoins and other coins. but the best way to buy alt coins is that you first buy bitcoin or ethereum and then exhcange it on with other coins which charge a minimal fee. please click the below link to join

And finally, watch the video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi in order to understand the whole procedure practically where I’ve done a transaction on and also have explained everything in details. if you liked this tutorial then please share it with your friends.

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