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This site is the only place on the web which provides all computer and internet courses free in Urdu language. If you have seen any other website like this then just let us know by commenting below the post. Today I will share a complete Graphics Designing Video course with you. You will be able to Learn Corel Draw 11, Corel Draw X4, Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop CS4, Macromedia Flash and Inpage 2009 in a single page. Have you ever seen a complete course on a single page? yes, you may have seen but in English not in Urdu. Below you will find playlist of each course. Just play one video and after finishing that play another one. and enjoy the Complete Graphics Designing course in Urdu language.
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1. Corel Draw 11 Video Course in Urdu

The first playlist is about Corel Draw 11. Corel Draw 11 is a very awesome software to make designs on victor graphics bases. Below is a playlist of 13 video tutorials in Urdu. You just need to play one video and the another one will automatically be played. You can also download this complete course.

2. Complete Photoshop 7.0 Video course in Urdu

Photoshop is my favourite software for all of my designing tasks. Whether I make a logo, edit a photo or simply design text, I always use Photoshop. And Photoshop 7.0 is the simplest version of Photoshop. Here is a video course of Photoshop in Urdu language. There are 14 video tutorials included in this course and you can completely learn Photoshop in Urdu language. You should also download this course to your computer.

3. Corel Draw X4 Complete Video Training in Urdu

After learning Corel Draw 11, you will be interested in the latest versions of Corel Draw as well. Corel Draw X4 is a latest version of Corel Draw suite and many features has added to this new version. So if you want to work professionally as a graphics designer then you must learn Corel Draw X4. Here is a complete video course of Corel Draw X4 in a single playlist in Urdu. You can download and watch this tutorial. Course contains 18 video tutorials.

4. Photoshop CS4 Complete Training in Urdu

After learning the basic Photoshop version 7.0, you may want to learn its newer version to improve your graphics designing skills. So here is a complete video training of Photoshop CS4 which is similar to CS5 and CS6. Here is a playlist of 16 video tutorials in Urdu language. You can watch complete course and download as well.

5. Learn Macromedia Flash Video Course in Urdu

After learning Corel Draw & Photoshop, you must have the basic concept of Macromedia Flash which is now Adobe Flash. Because it is used with other Graphics designing software. Flash is normally used to create animations. So you may sometimes need to add animations to a graphics projects, therefore you should learn Flash as well. Here is a complete video course of MX Flash in Urdu language. Which can be watched and downloaded too.

6. Learning Inpage Complete Video Training in Urdu

Finally after learning all the major software of Graphics designing. You should always think about learning Inpage which is an Urdu word processing software. If you are working in as a Graphics designer in Pakistan then learning inpage is very necessary for you. Because, Urdu is mostly used in Pakistan for graphics designing purposes. Whether you use Corel Draw or Photoshop you export text from inpage. You can export text from inpage to Corel draw or Photoshop very easily.
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