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How to get Credit card or VISA debit card in Pakistan

Today in the fast growing age of business it is very difficult to carry hard cash with you, for this reason almost all the banks in Pakistan are offering their services for the provision of credit as well as VISA debit cards and ATM (Automatic teller Machine) cards, which will give you cash on the go. All you need to go to the nearest ATM outlet and use it there by entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and get the cash in no time. It saves a lot of time and it is safe and secure also it provides you a mini statement to find out the remaining account balance and for your record also.

There is a little difference between a credit card and a VISA debit card. As the name suggest credit card is the one in which if you do not have cash in your account you can shop anywhere by the use of this card and pay later on up till the due date. Whereas VISA debit card is the one in which you have pre balance in your account and on the use of this card, the amount gets deducted from your bank balance and you shop. You can also use these cards for shopping online.

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Where to go for Credit Or Visa Debit Card?

Different banks give different packages for the use of credit card and facilitate their customers, for example, you can do shopping at a mega store, purchase something online on the internet. It has some disadvantages too as if you get late to pay your credit card bill on time, you will be charged per day surcharge.

Now the question arise that how to get these cards? For this sake you have to visit the branch of the bank in which you have your account running and ask for the credit card or debit card form. The process is nearly similar. You can also request the customer service agent to come to you for this sake. Fill the form in which they will ask for your personal details, like your name, father’s name, your mailing and email address, your account number associated with the specific card you are going to apply, your signatures and some initial deposit (where necessary).

After the form is filled the agent will ask that you want to get the card either on the address which you had mentioned on the form or you have to manually collect from the respective branch of bank. After some days; the working period; as described by the officials of bank for the verification and inquiry of the details provided, you will be delivered with a letter and card with a PIN code secured. If this letter is not properly secured the first thing you need to do is to inform the bank and get that PIN code blocked or changed. After getting your card you need to activate it by calling the respective online customer service center and afterwards start using your card.

Which cards are best to use in Pakistan?

I’ve used Credit Card in Pakistan provided by Standard Chartered Bank as well as the Wiz Card Provided by United Bank Limited (UBL), also I’ve been using my ATM Card of UBL as a Wallet Visa Card for Online Shopping and for many other things. So I’ll suggest you that the ATM card works same as the Visa Card, you can withdraw your money from any ATM in Pakistan as well as in many other countries. While you can also buy domain, web hosting, themes and whatever you want to buy online, the UBL or SCB’s ATM is enough to do so. If you are using UBL for banking then after receiving your ATM Card just call on 111-825-888 and first of all activate your card, also tell the operator to activate your ATM card for Online usage. So they will update its activation and you’ll then be able to use your Card to withdraw your money from ATMs  and also to shop online. But For UBL ATMs (As I’m using it myself) you’ll need to activate a session for online purchasing and they will charge you Rs.100 for each session you activate. The session’s maximum time is 10 hours and you can purchase whatever you want online. For that session they will deduct Rs.100 from your UBL bank account. You can also select a fixed amount to be spend online on purchasing, for example if you need a web hosting and it costs you $40, so you can tell them to activate a session for 5000PKR , just purchase your thing and the amount will be deducted from your Bank Account. Don’t worry if you registered a session of 5000PKR and you purchased things of 4000PKR then the 1000PKR is always yours and goes back in your account.

Moreover, You can use your Visa Debit Card to Withdraw Paypal Money in Pakistan. And Payza Money may also be received in your Visa Debit Card or Credit Card. That’s everything is possible with your Card.

What do you think now?

This is very easy process especially the last paragraph of this article is something interesting, you can just use your UBL ATM card to do shopping online or whatsoever you want to buy online. Must give it a try. Also if you have further questions then use the comment form below to ask me your questions. I’ll be happy to answer every questions posted here.

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