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How to get Credit card or VISA debit card in Pakistan

Today in the fast growing age of business it is very difficult to carry hard cash with you, for this reason almost all the banks in Pakistan are offering their services for the provision of credit as well as VISA debit cards and ATM (Automatic teller Machine) cards, which will give you cash on the go. All you need to go to the nearest ATM outlet and use it there by entering your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and get the cash in no time. It saves a lot of time and it is safe and secure also it provides you a mini statement to find out the remaining account balance and for your record also.

There is a little difference between a credit card and a VISA debit card. As the name suggest credit card is the one in which if you do not have cash in your account you can shop anywhere by the use of this card and pay later on up till the due date. Whereas VISA debit card is the one in which you have pre balance in your account and on the use of this card, the amount gets deducted from your bank balance and you shop. You can also use these cards for shopping online.

visa debit card

Where to go for Credit Or Visa Debit Card?

Different banks give different packages for the use of credit card and facilitate their customers, for example, you can do shopping at a mega store, purchase something online on the internet. It has some disadvantages too as if you get late to pay your credit card bill on time, you will be charged per day surcharge.

Now the question arise that how to get these cards? For this sake you have to visit the branch of the bank in which you have your account running and ask for the credit card or debit card form. The process is nearly similar. You can also request the customer service agent to come to you for this sake. Fill the form in which they will ask for your personal details, like your name, father’s name, your mailing and email address, your account number associated with the specific card you are going to apply, your signatures and some initial deposit (where necessary).

After the form is filled the agent will ask that you want to get the card either on the address which you had mentioned on the form or you have to manually collect from the respective branch of bank. After some days; the working period; as described by the officials of bank for the verification and inquiry of the details provided, you will be delivered with a letter and card with a PIN code secured. If this letter is not properly secured the first thing you need to do is to inform the bank and get that PIN code blocked or changed. After getting your card you need to activate it by calling the respective online customer service center and afterwards start using your card.

Which cards are best to use in Pakistan?

I’ve used Credit Card in Pakistan provided by Standard Chartered Bank as well as the Wiz Card Provided by United Bank Limited (UBL), also I’ve been using my ATM Card of UBL as a Wallet Visa Card for Online Shopping and for many other things. So I’ll suggest you that the ATM card works same as the Visa Card, you can withdraw your money from any ATM in Pakistan as well as in many other countries. While you can also buy domain, web hosting, themes and whatever you want to buy online, the UBL or SCB’s ATM is enough to do so. If you are using UBL for banking then after receiving your ATM Card just call on 111-825-888 and first of all activate your card, also tell the operator to activate your ATM card for Online usage. So they will update its activation and you’ll then be able to use your Card to withdraw your money from ATMs  and also to shop online. But For UBL ATMs (As I’m using it myself) you’ll need to activate a session for online purchasing and they will charge you Rs.100 for each session you activate. The session’s maximum time is 10 hours and you can purchase whatever you want online. For that session they will deduct Rs.100 from your UBL bank account. You can also select a fixed amount to be spend online on purchasing, for example if you need a web hosting and it costs you $40, so you can tell them to activate a session for 5000PKR , just purchase your thing and the amount will be deducted from your Bank Account. Don’t worry if you registered a session of 5000PKR and you purchased things of 4000PKR then the 1000PKR is always yours and goes back in your account.

Moreover, You can use your Visa Debit Card to Withdraw Paypal Money in Pakistan. And Payza Money may also be received in your Visa Debit Card or Credit Card. That’s everything is possible with your Card.

What do you think now?

This is very easy process especially the last paragraph of this article is something interesting, you can just use your UBL ATM card to do shopping online or whatsoever you want to buy online. Must give it a try. Also if you have further questions then use the comment form below to ask me your questions. I’ll be happy to answer every questions posted here.

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  • abbasizaibi

    Atm have it’s own Reputation and as well as it It has many advantages. we can buy domians,hosting plans, and many other Online Products via atm card.
    btw i want to know some thing about “UBL Omni” they are also providing us credit card so is it also work like ubl atm card??

    • Yes ATM Card is a great facility these days for bloggers, and as far as UBL OMNI is concerned, they provide you an ATM card not a credit card. So it may be used to withdraw your money from the ATM machines, but it may not be used for online purchases or something like that, because a Bank account is almost required. Anyway you have enough info about these services.

      • Umair

        Hi, The UBL WIZ card is not working on GOOGLE for buying the developer account. Only authorization is working and 70 rupees deducted from the account but then it rejected the payment of 25 dollars. What kind of service is this? I called the UBL help center they tell me that it can not be done..

  • Waleed Raza

    This is a great and helpfull info for beginers but i already have UBL Atm+Debit Card

    • If you already have UBL’s ATM card then you can use that to make online purchases and all the necessary things you need to do.

  • Ali

    Very Informative Post Wali Bhai Thanks.

    • Its great to hear you found this information great, we hope you’ll continue your visits to this website.

  • Nyc info for those who want to get a credit card in Pakistan.

  • Engr Wasim

    Kia HBL ka ATM card Use kar saktey hai Online shipping k lye?

    • Ap HBL k help line par call kar k un se maloom kar sakte hai. Ma ne khud HBL ATM use nahi kia ha, lekin Standard Chartered and UBL ATM cards se easily online shopping hoti ha kesi bhi chez ki. Aur ma ne Khud UBL ATM se 2 din pehle kaafi chezen online purchase ki thi. That’s simple.

      • Engr Wasim

        Thanx a lot..This is one of the most helpful article, because i searched a lot of sites and waste time for help but nothing. Now, as i better know.. this article is so comprehensive and gave me a way to solve my problem. [ as you know that i have contacted you on FB to solve my problem].

        • You are welcome, I hope now your problem will be solved forever, because you can transfer funds from your ATM card to any online service such as Paypal, Payza and even Payoneer. Wish you all the best.

  • Sir How To Make adsense Account 2013 Plz Batey

  • Ali

    Hope that you will be fine.
    Bro I found it very informative and bro do tell me about the al-habib bank …
    Bro is there any way to to convert your limited account of windows xp into the administrator while being on the limited account!!!!
    I have tried my level best to do so….. but system error 5 comes into the play!!!!!!
    Waiting for your kind reply…

  • zahoorkhan

    sir gee how can i withdrwa my money by payza

    • wait bro, we are just publishing a tutorial on your question today.

  • Nice Bro it’s very nice.

    Bro i have already Payoneer Mastercard but can i connect with payza?

    • I think Payza should work fine for Payoneer Master Cards.

  • Ali

    Wali bro what about my question ….. system error 5!!!!

  • Shakeel

    Kya Baki banks bhi harr session kay 100 Rs charge krte hen ? Inn mei se koi free nhi hai ?

    • Baqi bank ka tu mujhe idea nahi ha k wo kitna charge karte hai, lekin ma khud UBL use karta hon, jo Rs.100 per session k charge karte hai.

  • this is amazing tutorial. I am also using payooneer master card. this is great. yes agree with you through this method we can easily withdraw money from PayPal in Pakistan.

    • brother i have also payoneer card i need money to add but how plz

  • Murtaza Shabir

    Sir Plz Tutorial Babnein Is Kay Baray Mein

  • Omer


    Bro i am under 18 and i have read that Under 18 can also get UBL WIZ Card! I was searching and read Comments of Different people on this post

    Well According to them, it is expensive and cost us too much (Means UBL put additional charges)
    is it right ? If no Then can u please tell me more about it 🙂

  • Laiba

    Bhai mery pas payoneer master card b hy
    Or paypal account b lekin unverified
    ab verification k liye to wo manhoos paypal me kuch charges b hen..jab’k payoneer account bilkul khali hy…kya karun…simple simple sa bta dain 🙂 bari mehrbani 🙂

  • Murtaza

    Aslam Alaikum Sir!

    Sir Please Is Article Ka Video Tutotial Banein Please


  • syeda

    Can you please help me in getting a Credit card or loan ?

    I dont have bank statement. Though salary slips are available.

  • gurrya

    Sir mery pass “Bank of pujab” ka credit card ha or “Bank AL habib” ka debit card,
    kya in main se kisi card ki help say online “infolinks” ki job kr skti hoo?

    • w/salam, yes dear you can receive your Infolinks earning in your bank, or you may also use to receive infolinks payment easily.

      • faizan

        wali bhai mje ye btai ma internet par online kam job krta hu mje compny ne paise bhjne ha wo khte ha ap 3 option k zarye hm se paymnt wasool kr skte ha bank transfer(electronic fund transfer) 2.cheque debit card mera bank al habib ma current account b ha pls mje is k bare ma bta de ur urdu ma btai thank u.

  • Tariq

    Dear Wali,

    Very informative, thanks for writing such a nice article.

    I’ve a UBL visa debit card. While entring the card details for online shopping (web hosting from USA) the message “Failed to authorize. Do not honor” display. As I activated my session fro UBL. Whats wrong with iy?

    • Your session might have been expired, in such cases as you mentioned you must contact UBL help center for further help and information regarding the issue, they’ll assist you in this regard.

  • ibrar

    i have an account in mcb..i am woearning money from internet .i am going to get first time money ..can i get money in my bank account by that websit..i have an unverified payza account ..

    • you can not get that money into your bank, by the way, which methods the platform supports for Payment from where you are going to take your payment?

  • faiyaz ahmed

    sir, how can i get my online earning money in Pakistan? Actually the website required debt card for sending money and this time i do not have any debt card, if i make UBL debt card issue then may i able to transfer online money to my UBL debt card . pls inform me . i hope to you. thanks
    i think your article is very informative but i can’t understand the solution of my problem.

  • Labeeb

    I recently tried using my Debit Card using CCBILL to buy a video online for the second time. But I got the same error saying my card was blocked. Have you tried buying any video online using your Visa Debit card? I have the Allied Bank one.

    • Hi, I’ve been using UBL’s Debit card which is working fine for me, I’ve purchased hosting, themes and many other stuff online with my debit card, while I’m not sure about online videos, because I haven’t yet purchased them. However, it must be working fine for everything where debit cards are accepted. You should contact ABL help line to resolve this issue for you.

  • sir plz tell me how to receive adsense money directly my bank account

  • Sunny

    Dear Bhai,
    How are you,
    I need ur Help, Yaar keya ma apna skrill money booker account varify kar sakta hon UBL visa dabit card saayyyy, Bank Alfalah k visa badit card sa nahee hota. please tell me. How can i varify my skrill account, any best way

  • Hi dear wali,

    I want to know about that how i can purchase my order online from USA in pakistan. actually i want to buy an OGIO bag from a USA shop called motosport. I have Summit bank visa card which has not facility to pay the order. please tell me the suitable visa card of any pakistani bank by which I can purchase my order easily. thanks and waiting for your reply.

    • I think you can purchase anything online using UBL Wiz Card, which doesn’t require any bank account in UBL, you can get it directly from any UBL pranchase. That will work same as Visa Card for online shopping.

  • wali bhai main ne inforlinks ki tip ap ke tutorial se sikhen thi main ne apne blog par ads laga bhi deye hain lekin main pese kese nikalon na mere pass payoner account hai na paypal acooynt haan mcb account hai us se nikal sakte hain tu plz us ka tarika batan mujhey intzaar rahe ga aap ke awnsar ka.

    thanx sir.

  • main somw vists par last 3 month se kam kar raha hun mery some visits account mian 560$ han main is mony ko cashout karwana chata hun par yahan par mony cash out 3 way se ki ja sakti hay ist master card jo mery pass ni hay 2nd eprypay ka card banwana pard raha hay jis ki omount 50500 hay in pakistan main in 3rd paypal accont paypal to pakistan main spot ni karta so help me main apni mony kis tarhan cashout karwaon

  • Thanks dude for this info now I have got UBL WIZ Internet Card.

  • alina

    Mere pas UBL ka travellers visa card he.kya mjhe usk onlinr use se pehle koi regiatration form fil krna prega? Nd secnd q. Agr men online shopping krun to verification msg ksi type ka bhi,account khulwate wqt jo registration nmbr ya email dia tha,usp jaega?

  • valeed

    hey i have UBL Wiz card I want to deposit money in online company 24option. I mean i have to deposit money in binary broker SO is it posssible? Does it available for Foreign transactions? Plz reply me ASAP

  • UBL Wiz Internet is best among all of them.

  • what happens when i use UBL Debit card.. read my true story..
    یوبی ایل ڈیبٹ کارڈ صرف نام کا ہی کارڈ ہے۔ ۔ آن لائن میں نے بھی استعمال کیا ایک جگہ نہیں 3 جگہ کیا۔ اور میرے ساتھ جو ہوا میں نے اس آرٹیکل میں لکھا ہے ۔ ۔ اس کو ضرور پڑھیں پھر کارڈ بنوانے کا سوچیے گا۔۔

    • sohail shah

      Dear sir mera name sohail shah hai or me pakistan Rawalpindi ka rehnai wala hu muje Saudiarabia ,mai 4 years ho gay hai mai 1bari company Saudi binladin mai job karta hu mai ab pakistan me apna comershal air conditioning plombring as a sub contrectinig kam karna chahta hu mai pehlay big sub contrectinig kar chuka hu Islamabad me an mai credit card banwana chahta hu ta k mai apna biznas stars kar saku ya phir muje koi behter way batay muje mexm 5 lec ki zarurat hai plz ap muje better advaiz dai mai zyda banking nhI janta hu , thanks

    • Waqas Shah

      Then how Ustad is saying that it works for domain purchasing etc?

  • hibah

    hi. im trying to shop online using silkbank visa debit/atm card, but it says transaction has been declined. i do not have a credit card n due to islamic reasons, donot wish to use it. do u think tats the problem? the site has options of credit/debit or paypal. what can i do?

    • yes, sometimes your debit card doesn’t work, you can use UBL’s Wiz Card for online shopping. or you can use Standard Chartered debit card which works fine.

  • zaid

    I have a stanchart debit card but when i try to buy something online it says card was decline , should i activate it for online use like UBL

    plz help

  • ali

    slm how are u?? brother mera project hai on online shoping … mai chahta hoo k mere website pai user jo b purchase kary es ka payment mere ubl account mai transfer ho jayee just like paypal .. or paypal pk mai posssible nhe hai.. plz send me the implemention of this in php form.. send me to my email.. thanks

  • shah wali shah

    AOA! wali bhai kia under 18 age ki k liye koi credit card hai in pakistan.

  • Zaeem Khaliq

    If I Write The Number Code Of ATM, It Will Work On Credit Card Option?

  • Chetan Malhi

    I need a internet wiz card for domain purchase, but the problem is that the domain registrar requires Name of card holder for payment process, which is not given on UBL wiz card.
    Kindly guide me what should I write in the field of “Card Holder’s Name” required by registrar.

  • said kareem

    hi wali bhai …i have a question that will u plz inform me that where is the card number on hbl visa card and where is the security code on it…

  • ahsan

    i have faysal bank debit card and i want to shop online but it was asking credit card no., ccv , expiry and name
    but idont know waht i ccv can u plz tell me

    • Junaid Ahmed Shaikh

      last 3 digits on back of your card are ccv numbers

  • mra nam arshad hy main ny face book ka page promot krwana hy paypal account nhi bin rha ar card bi nhi hy he. kya HBL ka card bnwa lo

  • saqlain

    if a person has Visa card,is he should activat it for shopping and money transfer as you said about 100 rupees for 10 hours.Is every bank has faclitated his accoutant for Visa card

  • abid

    ubl they r cheeterrrsss i activeted my internet section & purchased
    something on aliexprese they said payment is awiting i contact to ubl
    help line they said u r successfully paid the amount then i purchased
    app on goggle play error occured & my money is loss this wiz card is
    usless on online d”nt buy this & ubl are cheteres bullshit

  • sadam hussain

    iam sadam hussain from jacobabad sindh pakistan that i want to make hbl debit card for online part time job so help me .
    jb many sara form fill kiya to wahan cvv2 required hai wo mughy samgh nhe aa raha main kya kron ya debit card bana lon us k bary m mughy kuch nhe pata

  • bahi mera pass ubl omni ka card hai tu kia main b online shoping kar sakta hon. agar nahi to konsi bank ka ho our account kis type ka hona chaiye agar ap urdu main samjain to kafi behtar ho ga thanks

  • mudassar

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  • Good post wali bhai, bhai UBL Wiz debit mastercard hasil karne k liye total kitne paison ki zarurat hoti hai plz tell me i will be thankful to you…

    • UBL Wizcard banane k lye sirf 1000rs k zarorat hoti ha.

      • Thank you so much wali bhai ap nay reply kiya allah apko aur apki site ko kamyab farmaye…

      • Wali bhai plz reply kardijiye

    • irtash

      Bhai ubl wiz card master card nai hota visacard hota hai.

  • Wali bhai mujhe hostgator say hosting purchase karni hai par hostgator k hosting sign up page par sirf credit cards aur paypal ki option arahi hai to kya main UBL ka Wiz Debit Visa card use kar sakta hun…

  • Muhammad Wahab

    sir me 1 student ho or mujhi master card cahiyi to meyi kya karo please tell me sir

  • Wali bhai mera yeh question hai k online apply kiya jay to kitny dino tak mil jata hai card.

  • ap sahi accurate address de den payoneer walo ko tu card ajayega, mera bhi 2 bar nahi aya tha, lekin third time agya tha.

  • Ji use ho sakta ha.

  • Wasim Abbas

    Woefully you can not use HBL ID debit card for e commerce i.e. online shopping. When you will enter Card details for checkout,pop up will display stating that invalid credentials.
    All you have to do is just visit your branch and ask them to replace your HBL ID VISA card with Master card. Master card will also be a debit card with newly designed chip based. But It will work across the globe for online shopping and there are no extra charges like many other banks deduct in Dollar Conversions.
    Only differnce is that you would have to pay Rs. 812 annually as your Master Card fee instead of Rs. 580 you are paying for HBL ID.

    Good Luck.

  • Wali bro, can you please update/new article as Meezan Webay, MCB lite etc. are also in market now. Second thing UBL has poor customer service, applied online as well as visiting atleast 6 LHR branches, all they “short of cards”. I’m still following this since Since Oct, 2015 but in vain… :@

  • qasim

    sir i don,t know how to get ubl wiz card online

  • Shahid Jameel (jimi)

    Dear Sir,
    I want to make investment in global companies kindly suggest me best funding services like payza , payoneer , payeer , perfect money etc. but I prefer Payeer is it good or not?

  • Shaheers

    i recently get a card for online shopping, if anybody need to buy anything online then i can help you, for that my no. is 03457568850

  • fmk

    Wali Sahb ap se ye pata krna ha payza me fund add r withdraw krne k liye Kon se bank ka Kon sa card use kr skte hn q k ubl wiz tu mere pas ha but payza us ko validate ni kr raha q k ubl wiz card pe name enter ni krte ubl bank wale. Sir is ka koi solution baten. Bundle of thanks

  • Usman Alvi

    Please do a review regarding HBL id card!

  • Choudhary Aitzaz

    sir kya UBL atm card ko google adwards ke liye istmal kya ja skta hai?

  • Syed

    HBL Debit VISA card se online software buy kar sakte hain kyu k online software Dollars me buy kar sakte hain or hamare pass Cars me Pakistan currency me rupees hote hain ??

  • Irfan

    Hellow Sir

    I have a UBL Wiz card and i want to used it in UBL netbanking online. What can i do for this . Give me advice i think you have better know about this.

  • Which one is best now??? Which works on Fiverr !

  • Waqas Shah

    How to pay $25 Android developer fee for submitting apps on Play store?

  • Waqas Shah

    Can we use the cards to withdraw money from PayPal other than Payoneer card like local credit or debit card?