How to Find Free Images For Blog Posts in Urdu/Hindi

When we have so many sources to get copyrights free images then why bother using copyrighted images that can create troubles for us in the future. Yes, we can use free images for any of our personal or commercial project without giving any credit or attribution to the original creator. Recently, I came across some users requesting me to explain the copyrights about images and particular the images they find in Google search. I took this opportunity to create a video tutorial on this topic in Urdu/Hindi, and explain as much as I can.


How Copyrights Free Images Work?

For any digital work i.e Video, Software, App, Photo, Film etc, the original creator decides how should their work be accessed by the public. Whether free or paid, and how much accessibility be given to the users. There are different type of licences and legal entities. The very common one is the Creative Common 0 or CC0 which means free use of that property by everyone for any purpose i.e personal or commercial.

There is also a Creative Common 2.0 licence which is only applicable to personal and noncommercial use, but if used in commercial work then credit/attribution to the original creator must be given. The example of that is And there are many other platforms out there on the internet who provide graphics with Creative Common 2.0.

How to Find Free Images for Blog Posts?

Now, I’ll give you a list of resources where you can find free high quality images for any of your project or blog post. You can use these images without giving credit or attribution to the original author, because these all images come with Creative Common 0 licence which means you are free to use them, modify them, and wherever you want. I’ll suggest you to watch the video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi first in order to know about these free sites.


The first and very famous website to find royalty free images for your own projects is “All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required”. I’m not saying this, it’s written on their website, therefore I used quotes.


Are you looking for high resolution images which are absolutely free to use? if so then is your best friend. With thousands and thousands of photo stock, the website is adding new photos to their gallery every single week, if not every single day. I mean, why would someone miss this whole package?.


You can get the idea from the URL itself, whoever has registered this domain name, he/she absolutely has some SEO problems. But that’s not our problem, our problem is finding free IMAGES which you can easily get by going to the URL I mentioned at #3, I mean the AKA


Another great addition is, a superb collection of free to use graphics and images. You can find any wallpaper according to your requirements by searching using their website mentioned above. There are different categories for finding images i.e nature, funny, artistic and so many other. But the amazing thing I found there is; you can even find photos in country wise order i.e USA, UK, Japan, China etc.

5) (PDA) is a great source for nature and high quality free images. You can find some really great images while keeping this website in your list. I’ll recommend you to even bookmark this site as it will help you in finding royalty free images for your new projects.


The first 5 websites I mentioned are with CC0 licence, that means you can use their images for free without even giving credit back, but is not a CC0 website, it’s CC2 = Creative Common 2.0. This simply means, you can find high quality beautiful images, but you must give credit back when you use their images in commercial projects. Just mention their website when you use images from in your blog post or any other project.

Bonus Point: 

Google is your best friend in everything. Yes, it’s your friend even in finding free images for your blog posts and other projects. Just open Google, search for your desired keyword, and then click “Images“, so you’ll see the images in result. And there you’ll see an option called “Search Tools” click that and you’ll see more options. Click the option “Usage Rights” and then click “Labled for reuse with modification”, and that’s all what you needed. Free images for your blog posts and projects.

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    • Hi, if you are using a template or theme then most of them are responsive by default because it’s the requirement of modern web interfaces. If you have a custom script or design then you can do it by using Bootstrap framework which is specifically for responsive designs. And if you want to do it the manual way then CSS3’s media queries are there to make your design responsive, and you can find a lot of tutorials on how to use css3 media queries to make a layout responsive, you just need a Google search for that. I hope this helps 🙂

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    • Some of above mentioned websites like Pixbay doesn’t require Attribution but other websites do.
      So be careful while using pictures.

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