Thursday , 4 January 2018

EiD MubaraK to All of YoU!

The Holy Month Ramazan ends with a Gift “Eid“. Another Month Of Ramazan came and went. Now everyone is ready to celebrate the Eid ul Fitr which is a Gift by God “Allah S.W.T”. In this holy month of Ramazan Muslims all over the world did fasting for a whole month of Ramazan. And Now when the new Month “Shawal” is beginning, the first day of this new month is actually the first day of “Eid ul Fitr” which is the most foremost festivals for Muslims. In Islam, Ramazan is a holy month when Muslims do worship Allah S.W.T more than any other month of Islamic Calender. This month brings blessings to every home of Muslims according to Islamic teachings, Muslims can wash their sins by doing Worship and Good with others in this Holy Month. And the end of this month is a Gift “Eid” by Allah.

Today is Eid Day in Pakistan and India, and I want to wish you and your family a very very happy and prosperous Eid Mubarak. May This Eid Brings a lot of smiles on your face and happiness in your life.

Here is a Simple Eid Card For You:ย 

Eid Mubarak 2013

What Muslims do on Eid days?

Muslims share their happiness & joys with their family members and friends. Muslims prepare different kind of dishes on Eid day and invite their friends and relative to have the great time together. Almost everyone gets happy on Eid day. And people try to excuse one another. Everyone tries to be happy and smile all the time during Eid ul Fitr.

How should you Celebrate Eid Day?

Eid will actually be containing 3 days, the first day people meet their family, friends and relatives for wishing ย them Eid Mubarak, and the second day, they went to see relatives living far and away. And on the third day of Eid ul Fitr people try to go outside for picnic, outing or something like that. This is the common concept of celebrating Eid days.

You should also think to do this on Eid day!

Remember, this day is not just for making yourself happy, this day is to see and make happy those people who have not been able to celebrate Eid day, who have no one in the world except “Allah S.W.T”. Who have not even been able to buy clothes and shoes for themselves or their children. So just find helpless people around you, and meet them once in those three Eid days, and if you can, then help them a little by providing them some “Eidi” or providing them a pair of clothes or amount which they can use to buy things to celebrate this Day with happiness. Believe this will change your life and you’ll feel a real joy.

I’ll try to find needy people around me and will spend few hours with them to make their Eid day joyful. I’ll also try to help them as far as I can and I already have done this before Eid day. And the Same I want from you. May Allah Gives you power to help those helpless people who actually really need your help. Ameen.

We had given a Ramazan Offer on our DVDs courses in this Holy Month, and we’ll keep our efforts up after this Eid, Inshallah, Thanks to all those who got the DVDs courses in Ramazan Offer. The offer has been extended to 15th August because of Pakistan’s independence Day. So You can still get those all courses in the same Ramazan Package.

Again Wish you a Very Happy Eid Mubarak!ย 

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